Workout at Urban Gym | Christian Nielsen | Vlog #3

Workout at Urban Gym | Christian Nielsen | Vlog #3

Oh – wrong channel. Why did you do that? this is going on YouTube you know that no you’re going to clean that up hey what’s up guys my name is Christian Nielsen and welcome tooo my kitchen? It’s only been what 10 days since the last video? That is by far the highest uploading rate I’ve ever had. Which is sad. Anyways – my buddy Frey is coming over in a few minutes, if he’s not late, which he always is -.- And then we’re going to eat some food and then we’re going to work out at a new gym that has just opened, called urban gym. It seems like a pretty cool concept, and I think it will be fitting our style of workouts a bit more than the other gyms. And I can’t wait to check out the place. Frey is texting me now – he’s here in 5 minutes he says. I swear, that guy is always late. I remember when we went to the same school, and every day he was late for class. Every single day, but I guess I shouldn’t talk. I’m really bad myself. If you’re wondering what i’m eating, it’s just the same I’ve showed you before: Oatmeal’s with banana and apples, and over here we have the classic banana/egg pancake recipe, which I also shared with you guys in one of the earlier vlogs. that’s him. As I said before, we’re gonna eat some more food now. We have this, and then we’re gonna head to the gym. Oh yeah. Now we’re on our way to the Urban Gym, and y’all remember Frey right, from the first vlog actually. So he’s been away in the meantime. What have you been up to? I’ve just been out and I’ll traveling. Having a gap year So where have you been travelling? Been to New Zealand, French Polynesia, Florida, Finland and Amsterdam So yeah, apparently there’s some confusion going, on about me training in the gym. I mentioned this in the last video as well, sometimes when I post a picture from the gym I get some almost angry comments from you guys. I remember one message was like “But Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis, what are you doing in the gym?? 🙁 I thought no excuses :'(” I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. You can do calisthenics as well in the gym.. So Urban gym is a new chain of fitness centers in Denmark’s pretty cool concept. They pretty much saved a lot of money by cutting away shower facilities and a (useless) receptionist, so it’s a lot cheaper to get membership. They said it was really good for calisthenics workouts as well. We’ll see. Oh, I forgot to say that we’re actually meeting a photographer over there, we’re going to make some promotional content for this new Urban Gym. Meanwhile we’re going to work out of course. Here we are the Urban Gym. So now we’re at urban gym and we’re going to try some different things. Workout. Just have some fun. That’s our photographers for the promotional content, that I talked about before. Sooo that was interesting. It’s the first time ever I tried something like that – modelling (lol) this news to me did But it’s pretty fun I guess Now we’re going to warm up, and then we’re going to work out. Let’s go All the fame stfu -.- So as you can see, they have everything. Pull up bars, these bars whatever they’re called They even got a basket court over there, we’re gonna check that out And – photographers Lots of them Basketball it’s pretty cool! Gonna do the rope challenge? What if you die? :0) Alright, so we finished the photoshoot, and we just worked out ourselves and now we’re done with that as well. We’re going downstairs switching clothes, and then we’re moving on Mr. slave Let’s go downstairs. I got the camera, and he’s got all the other stuff Seems fair They actually do have a proper Changing room? They actually also have a proper changing room not only that box Alright, alright, alright Looks pretty cool. Is it good? It’s very nice Has it been fun being a slave today? It’s been.. interesting To watch you being interesting 😉 Am I sexy like this? 😉 Very sexy All the girls want u Fancy doors. Alright, so now we’re done after a few hours of promotional work, and trying to get a small workout as well, even though we didn’t really catch any footage of that.. So now that we’re done here, we’re going to head over and get some food. But first we’re going to go to my place, and just drop all our stuff so we don’t have to carry that. Also if you want to join the Urban Gym, get membership, you can check out the code down below in the description and get some sweet discount 😉 And also there’s a competition so you can win 3 months free membership! We can really recommend this. We ran out of battery -.- But now we’re recharged and we’re ready to get some food. Ohh I’m so hungry I’m really hungry as well We also ate a bit right after the workout, just forgot to record it. Don’t know why that’s interesting lol. We would actually die if we didn’t eat. Really? Don’t starve – eat let’s get some food. mmm alright I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s actually snowing right now outside. It’s like the 19th March, and it’s freaking snowing. But, we’ve got a solution for that 😉 Is it weird two men sharing an umbrella? I don’t think it’s weird at all 😉 The worst kind of snow is when it’s not really snowing, but it’s just kind of raining.. So now we’re here at my favorite spot. I have been looking forward to this It’s a bit awkward vlogging in public, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it. Especially in Denmark. I think it’s a bit different in Denmark compared to USA for instance We have something called Janteloven (The law of Jante) we call it the end it “The law of Jante” It’s a law that says: don’t think you are anything special. So as soon as you walk down the street recording yourself, people will automatically assume that you think you’re better than everyone else, when obviously we’re just like doing what we think is fun. But people are really really quick to judge. We’re not Narcisists. No we’re not narcissists No, but we are eating chili. A lot of chili. That will be my pro tip but today, eat as much chili as you can. And I will live up to that. Show us how much you’re taking 😉 Also something i have to share with you guys Probably not that interesting, but i think it’s pretty good that you know it anyways. I’m changing channel name – again. Hopefully for the last time now. I’m changing it to my own name, Christian Nielsen. It’s definitely a good idea. I thought a lot about it, and this is what seems right to me It’s not to make it seem like it’s more about me If anything, now more than ever, it’s going to include a lot of new persons. I’m going to do collaborations with people, do some traveling, work out some funny places. And Frey is going to be here a lot more, so you better get used to him 😉 Unfortunately you have to get used to me, yes. So, I think the only right way to end this video, is to do what you always do. the tradition of tradition putting as much chili as possible, on the last bite. You go girl. *okay Chris* Okay that’s not that much. It’s already more than the rest of the durum This must be the biggest bite of chili you have ever taken! New record. You can do it Worth it. So leave a comment down below, if you like the video and like it if you like it, dislike it if you didn’t like it We’ll see you guys in the next video. Peace

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