Women’s Upper Body Workout (CHEST, BACK, ARMS & SHOULDERS!!)

Women’s Upper Body Workout (CHEST, BACK, ARMS & SHOULDERS!!)

Hey, everybody! It’s trainer Susan with ATHLEANXX. Today we’re going to work on building better
upper body strength. All right, you guys. With this workout today we’re going to target
chest, back, and shoulders. Okay, here we go. We’re going to start with a press push. With this exercise you really want to think
about keeping your core as tight as possible. That back should be completely flat as you’re
raising and lowering. This exercise is all about the push. Okay, so we’re just going to start on the
ground, nice and relaxed. We’re going to have one leg ready to lift
up. So as I’m pushing my body up my leg is going
to raise with me. So as I’m pressing, my leg is raising and
lowering with me. Then we hit the other side. But notice that core. I’m not sagging in any way. I’m really concentrating on keeping my back. Everything should be lifting at the same time. And up. And down. This will really give you a good picture of
how strong your core is. Super great. Shoulders, back, everything. So remember, keeping that core nice and tight
on that press push. Number two: one leg push up kick ups. So with these what you’re going to do is you’re
just going to drop down to a pushup, one leg in the air. You’re going to drive one leg up, kick the
leg up, up to start. Drop down, push up, driving my leg in, kicking
toward the ceiling, and I’m standing. Really think about getting a good push to
try to get your feet up as high as you can. Once again we’re going to drop down, push
up, up to stand. You’re really going to feel that through your
shoulders, your chest, your core. Super good. Three: walkout V-pushup. We’re going to walk out all the way straight. We’re going to come up, we’re going to do
a pushup, but not at the bottom like most people normally do. You’re just going to hold for a second. Walk up. We’re going to do our pushup at the top. So we’re doing it backward. Most people do a pushup down there. Here we’re really hitting our shoulders. Just hold that for a second. Walk back up. Drop that head as close to the ground as you
can. Back up. And back to start. Okay, now we’re really going to specifically
hit our shoulders right now. I call these one leg Travolta’s. We’re just going to have a dumbbell in one
hand, we’re going to stand on one foot, our weight is going to go back through our heel. You’re just going to drop the dumbbell down,
bring it up next to you, and press to ceiling. And up. Think about keeping as close to your body
to protect your elbow. Really get that explosive pull up, press to
the ceiling. The stronger you get, the more weight you
can use. Great for balance, too. Of course, we always want to work both sides. I always bring my knee up because it engages
my core a little bit more. And you’re going to work on your balance. And up. All right, so that’s specifically targeting
our shoulders here. Now we’re going to really target our back
and chest. What’s good is we’re throwing some core in. I call these traveling renegades. A lot of times people just do a reengage in
one place. Sometimes I get huge, long boxes and make
people really travel. They only have this small, little box. I’ll put my hand on the box too, so you have
full range of motion. A lot of times if you’re on the ground you
can’t really get a full range. So elevating your body allows you to drop
the weight a bit. All right, so we’re just going to row. If you want to do multiple – like 10 to
12 – down, you’re just going to walk over, grab the other side. We’re not resting in between. You can walk back over. So depending on your level, let’s say you
want to do four rounds before you rest. That’s good. Try not to open your hip. Keep your hips flat. You’re just driving the elbows straight toward
the ceiling. All right, you guys. So we really worked on our chest and back
strength with those press pushes. With the others we’re really pushing with
our shoulders. So these are good indicators for how strong
your core is going to be, maybe where you need to work a little bit more. Some of these are tough, but just keep working
with them. They will get easier. If you need to do a two foot pushup instead
of one, that’s okay. That’s all right. We all need to start where we’re comfortable. Okay, you guys. I really hope you’ll put these in your workout. These are so good for building the strength. You will see results with these movements. I love these exercises. Hey, if you haven’t checked out ATHLEANXXforWomen.com,
make sure you do it. There’s so many good resources on that site. I cannot tell you the great workouts, nutritional
plans, everything to help you guys reach your goals. Hey, hit that like button, subscribe, leave
me comments, and I hope to see you guys soon.

11 thoughts on “Women’s Upper Body Workout (CHEST, BACK, ARMS & SHOULDERS!!)

  1. Have a question….i am doing 200 push ups 200 squats 200 sit ups 100 lunges and 100 dips a day……is it too much??? 🙂 Great workout by the way…..and you are just too perfect!!! <3

  2. I realize these workouts are supposed to be designed for women, but, as a guy who does quite a bit of various workouts, I can tell you that you don't have to be a woman to benefit from these workouts.

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