What’s Wrong With “Gym” Jordan?

What’s Wrong With “Gym” Jordan?

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two, David P.
this is something a lot of people contacted me about. What exactly is wrong with Congressman Jim
Jordan? Take a look at this. Hi, David has gone Michael from Missouri. I just got done watching these impeachment
inquiry videos. And what is wrong with Jim, the gymnasium,
Jordan? I mean, seriously, what, what’s, what’s wrong
with that guy? I think that someone needs to get him, I don’t
know, maybe a medical amount of [inaudible], something like that. The man seriously needs some help. He, he is unhinged and it’s interesting. So, first of all, if you don’t understand
the reference to Jim, Nate, Jim, gymnasium, Jordan, I’m not going to mention it here because
I’d rather this video not get demonetized and much like when you talk about a certain
person who was found dead under suspicious circumstances in the last few months, your
video is the monetized. If I told the gymnasium, gymnasium Jordan’s
story, the video would also be the monetized. So look up the gymnasium thing. Yeah, I see Jim Jordan as an unhinged, a player
on the Republican side who believes himself to be, and it is tricked a lot of people and
incisive and devastating questioner of the left of witnesses who are critical of Donald
Trump. And uh, his behavior is not just bizarre. It’s downright wacky. And you can see this in any number of recent
hearings. His physical appearance contributes to that. And I don’t know if that that’s should or
should not be considered, but his physical demeanor and appearance also just makes him
seem completely out of control. Um, and uh, fortunately he has a cult following
on the right, but he’s not really making much of an impact. This attempt to recently, at least in the
impeachment hearings, to try to derail the testimony, um, have have fortunately not worked. So continue keeping an eye on him, including
this week during the impeachment hearings. Remember on black Friday, we will be sending
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worker related to that person who died connected to Trump suspiciously like a few months ago. We will talk about that. We will talk about Trump pardoning to service
members accused of war crimes, and we will also talk about a very strange situation in
wa involving white castle and the suspension of three judges. All of those stories, and a possible upcoming
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100 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With “Gym” Jordan?

  1. He does act like someone who has used drugs for a long time. I hope this is not true. I would not wish drug addiction on anyone. I'd rather believe he is a person who needs to be on a mental health leave.

  2. Wow Americans are going to implode with Russian enablers now what I want to know is every senator is briefed that the Ukrainian stuff is a lie from Russia why do the Republicans keep pushing it what's the objective ….infrastructure Medicare…prescription drugs ….pre conditions…yet they voted Jordan to do what

  3. Jordan fights for Trump cause he's the last stand of white male conservate power and somewhere along the way he went crazy.

  4. He's a disgusting pig and simply insane. He's ignorant plain and simple. No wonder trump loves him. He has all the traits trump loves in a person. What a loser.

  5. What’s the deal with his stupid “uniform” of yellow tie and no jacket. Is this his “point of difference”?
    Republicans are just as weird as any other lunatic.

  6. Gym Jordan, Devon Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Orin Hatch, Tom Cotton, Little Randy-Paul, Mark Meadows, Ron Desantis, Chris Collins, and little Matt Pizza-Gaetz are the 10 loser Trump bootlicks.

  7. Well, he's from here in Ohio and is dug in like a tick just like steve chabot here in cincinnati. Those mother fuckers vote down ANYTHING that will benefit the middle and lower class as well as civil rights issues, lgbt issues, tax issues healthcare etc and the way they've gerrymandered the districts, you can't vote them out. Their voting records are public information.

  8. Jim Jordan uses a lot of words. If you read them back, very few of them add up to anything much. Lots of hollow talking to use up time. I think he thinks that as long as he’s saying words that people will mistake him for smart.

  9. I think he's on something. I think he's still getting heat in his hometown about that gymnasium incident. It's a hot topic on social media. I wouldn't be surprised if he was taking something to help him cope and it's having an adverse affect on him. Same with Trump.

  10. It's all an act. He has no conscience. He has no morals. All he does is yell for whoever wants to pay him to yell.

  11. Jacketless Gym Jordan behaves like a typical right wing evangelical Christian, he has shit for brains and blind faith while serving for the criminal cult of Donald Trump.

  12. It’s called brain damage …. the real problem is what’s wrong those who vote for this turd … for shame Ohio … for SHAAAMMME !!!

  13. Gym Jordan lost his dirty jockstrap. Adam Schiff found them in the public restroom. Didn't know who'd it's it so he flushed it.

  14. Gym Jordan is more corrupt than trump 🤑 and he is a little smarter than don-the-con 🤑 which is more immoral.
    I personally think he is hiding a guy or pedophile issue. Trump/Putin may have dirt on him🤔!

  15. better question, what isn't wrong with him… Napoleon complex, for starters… Was beaten up, by girls in grade school… tried hard to fit in, but never did…

  16. He looks the other way when the new district attorney now a judge received donations from developers exceeding the donations amount to be called donations “ in a pattern of giving “

  17. The police Stingray web servaliance system was jammed at the prison; the constitution was disabled by Trump
    So his total assets won’t be seized by
    Competing developers

  18. Jordan is the quintessential dumb person who dumb conservatives think is smart. Complete with 'gotcha'-style yell-questioning.

  19. Gym Jordan doesn't respond to anyone if the word DICK isn't in the conversation. mention DICK in the next conversation and gym jordan will respond with the quickness! .

  20. "GYM" Jordan 😂😂😂😂
    "Shifty" schiff
    "Nervous" Nancy
    "AgolfTwitler" Donald
    the "cow" nunez
    "Mascow" Mitch
    kellyanne "CONway"

    Somebody out there needs to make characters out of our current political line-up.

  21. Gym Jordan is a liar, who is not a good faith player in the process. He lies, and repeats those lies over and over again, spreads misinformation, and continues to spread debunked conspiracy theories. He is a despicable human being. He desperately panders to trump, when the reality is trump would throw him under the bus in a second, to save his own ass, if he had to.

  22. He is acting like he has some iron in the fire, such as Nunes does. He is shouting the loudest because he has something to cover up. He is some how involved in this scandal! We don’t know how but we will find out.

  23. It is hard to listen to Jordan, not exactly the brightest bulb in the pack. Now I see why he was a wrestling coach, that is about all he is good for.

  24. "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."  – upton sinclair

  25. I never realized he is about 4 foot tall?? What an oversized mouth on this Traitor POS!!! Gym Jordan is dump45 locker boy and Putin's puppet!! Justice is coming for him soon!! 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  26. Medically what's wrong with him is known as double anus syndrome.

    The anus is the opening where the gastrointestinal tract ends and exits the body. The anus starts at the bottom of the rectum, the last portion of the colon (large intestine). The anorectal line separates the anus from the rectum.

    Jim Jordan has a second functioning anus where a mouth would normally be. Ben Shapiro suffers from the same condition.

  27. Too bad that creepy "Gym" Jordan is from Ohio, where I also live. Even though I'm a long way from his congressional district, it's embarrassing to live in the same state as this incompetent whack job, who rode into office on a gerrymandered train.

  28. Anyone playing to the monstrous ego of Individual-1 always comes off as “ unhinged”. Probably because it is just an act, and they are not talented, skilled actors. Merely playing to a party of one. In addition, Gym Jordan is inherently monstrous, himself, so he does a really great nut job sycophant!

  29. Trump has validated every jackass in America. And the most vile ones have jumped on the bandwagon. When Trump basically said it's Ok to be an idiot, lot's of people stepped up to the plate. Jockstrap Jordan is just one of many.

  30. What is the point of this video? I mean, you give your opinion which i agree with completely; but you dont show any clips to support your case, which you could easily do without going into the Gym story.

  31. This guy should really be locked up especially in the how I don't know how they vote for him again when he's been accused by different people of knowing about raping kids are young adults

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