What is olympic weightlifting? | Olympic weightlifting technique | 1964 | ENG SUB

What is olympic weightlifting? | Olympic weightlifting technique | 1964 | ENG SUB

The strongest ones… Consultant: Győző Veres 2X weightlifting world champion. Olyimpic weightlifting is the most important additional sport of sports at nowadays. There are no durable results without muscle strength. Increasing muscle strength is the basic of high performance in many sports. Atheltes recognized how important this, so they practice olympic weightlifting movements during their basic phase of training cicle. For this… olympic weightlifters are the best examples whose training & competing from day by day to year by year and makes great results. Weightlifting in Hungary becames the most successful sport during the last few years. National records, world records, European & World Championship titles are representing how hard they training for it. Volition, diligence, talent with
knowledge with modern training system gave us outstanding performances. Our weightlifters are well-knowed in the whole world! They trained a lot of to reach the world level and to be winners. In this video we can see what is their secret for their succes and we can see how they are training for it. The place of a weightlifting competition is the platform. 4m X 4m, made of wood. The main equipment for olympic weightlifting is the barbell with weights. The bar is 220cm legth, maximum grip width is 120cm. Diameter is 28mm, outer ends are 50mm and rotatable. There you can put plates on it. The plates have different diameters and weight from 1,25kg to 20kg. Diameter of biggest plate is 45cm this define the height of the barbell from the platform. Collars secure the plates to the barbell to not slide during an attempt. The barbell can’t be bend and the weight of the plates have to be accurate. These are basic requirements. Competitions are hold in 7 bodyweight category. 1. Bantamweight up to 56kg, 2. Featherweight up to 60kg, 3. Lightweight up to 67kg, 4. Middleweight up to 75kg, 5. Light-heavyweight up to 82kg, 6. Middle-heavyweight up to 90kg, 7. Heavyweight over 90kg. An olympic weightlifting competition starts with the press. At the press, competitor has to grip the bar with two hand, put the bar to the chest with one movement and wait motionless for the sign of the jury. *clap* Then press the bar fluently over the head. Hold the weight for 1 second, and after the jury’s sign can put it down. Moving the sole and the heel is not allowed during the press, the knee has to be totally straight. Three white lights means a “good lift” | a good attempt. The attempt is irregular… if the competitor’s back bend too much; if he moves out from his basic standing position; if he rotates with the weight; if he helps with his leg (push press); if he bends his knees before the press; if his press isn’t fluent; and if his arms isn’t move parallelly. Performance in the press can develop with additional exercises; the most effective is the standing incline shoulder press. Dips are also good additional exercise; and the handstand push ups as well. The direction of the load is different at the second competing exercise; at the snatch. The weight have to be lifted by one movement with stretched arms during the snatch. Result is depend on mainly the strength of the waist, the back and the legs. There are two types of the snatch; the split snatch and the regural snatch. No lift: if the knee reach the floor during the snatch; and if the attempt ended up with press by the arms. Snatch additional exercises are based on the different phases of the the snatch’s movements. The power snatch; snatch high pull (with wide grip up to the collarbone); “standing good mornings”; shoulder circles with a bar; and jumps into the split position & bouncing. Competitors use mostly the split snatch technique. Because for the regural snatch needs good body proportions and really good joint flexibility. Third exercise is the clean and jerk. The most power is needed for this exercise. It has two main movements; pick up the barbell to the chest (clean) and the jerk. There are two types of the clean; the split clean and the regural clean. But the jerk is the same at each clean. No lift: if the elbow touches the knees during the clean; if the competitor dip twice before the jerk; and if the knee touches the platform. Additional exercises of the clean and jerk developes mainly the stregth of the legs and waist. Bouncing in the split position is good exercise for the split clean like as in the split snatch. Tall / high cleans and hang cleans are good to build the strength of the waist. Backsquats and front squats develop the regular / squat clean. Clean high pulls up to the shoulders. Let see now the three competition excersises after each other. Competitor has 3 attempts in every excersise (3 presses, 3 snatches, 3 clean and jerks). The results of each excersise give the total result of the competitor (the biggest good press, snatch and clean and jerk attempts). There is no lift if the competitor drops the bar behind himself. Sometimes doesn’t matter how prepared an athlete in physical and mental strength, or how much volition he has. We can dramatically see where is the limit of the human performance. This is one of the reasons why is needed to determine accurate the load of each training. The training is only a “tool”, not the goal! The load of a training can’t cause total exhaustion of the body. Additional exercises without weights are develop the smaller muscles and also help to get and to hold the developed speed, explosive speed and the springiness. Our weightlifters are strong and skillful. Watch Imre Földi (58kg) easily jumps with Károly Ecser (130kg)! Károly Ecser holds 300kg on his shoulders! We were looking for the secret of the hungarian weightlifters… But there is no secret, there are facts: diligence, volition and endeavor for the better and better performances. What they know, they reached by theirself! This is why they became famous athletes and high / world level weightlifters. They are the strongest ones, they are the Hercules of the present! Weightlifting reach bigger and better results on national and also international levels year by year. Let me introduce the most famous weightlifters of the recent days… Japanese Yoshinobu Miyake prepares for one of his snatch attempt… He is two times world champion, world record holder in the bantam and the featherweight (at this time). (Miyake has two olympic gold, one silver; 6x world champion title and 25 world record.) American Isaac Berger, two times world champion he won olympic gold in Melbourne (1956, 60kg). Marian Zieliński (POL, 67,5KG), two times world champion and world record holder. Hawaiian american Tommy Kono is one of the best weightlifter of all time. He is 6 times world champion and 2 times olympic champion. He was unbeatable in his weight category (82,5kg) for 10 years. Hungarian Győző Veres prepared for 10 years to became world champion… and he won the world titles in 1962 (Budapest) and in 1963 (Stockholm) at the 82,5kg category. Győző Veres multiple world record holder became the best hungarian athlete in 1963. English Louis Martin (90kg) arrived to the wolrd level of weightlifting 5 years before. His preparation for his attempts became well-knowed. He won 3 world champion titles and he is the best of his weight category. The soviet Yury Vlasov proved that he is the strongest man in the World at many competitions. He was the first man ever who clean and jerked over 200kg. Four people barely can bring this weight. But there is no stopping! Vlasov’s teammate; the full muscle covered Leonid Zhabotinsky (150kg bw.) set new world records in 1964. World record attempt with 213kg; this weight was never lifted before. Zhabotinsky made a new claen and jerk world record with this performance and it means a new world record also in the total with 560kg. He became the world’s strongest man! The end.

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