Weightlifting Training CAMP #5 / weightlifting by Torokhity

Weightlifting Training CAMP #5 / weightlifting by Torokhity

No matter how long we have been walking, soon or later we understand that we are hungry and we need to eat a lot that’s why we are going to eat our traditional food Now we have to sum up the results of the first week of CAMP absolutely different people come here somebody needs to improve techniques somebody needs to work over bigger lifts but most of people come here to build their confidence we follow our schedule at the end of the week we are going to have a rest, relax in a steam room and get ready for the next week We’ve had a steam bath, eaten some meat, now walking along the pedestrian bridge and showing sights of Kyiv from afar) and going to have some rest now. What can I say? Today 5 of 8 people got their best results, somebody improved their lift for 5 kg, 7 kg or even 10 kg. I have a pleasure to mention that people are happy and satisfied)) On such a positive note we finish our training session in clean & jerk and it is the last one during this CAMP

35 thoughts on “Weightlifting Training CAMP #5 / weightlifting by Torokhity

  1. If i´m from mexico 17 years old y hace 2 years traning crossfit and weightlifthing i reaaly want to go for a camp what a can do o where

  2. Oleksiy speaks good English even though it is not his native language. He is right lifting a lot of heavy weights builds up your confidence !

  3. Молодец Леха не зря ты бронзовый призер чемпионата мира 2011 года!!!!

  4. 6:54 расскажите, что за точки массируются/нажимаются ? Спасибо заранее 🙂

  5. "У Алексея Туринохтия был обнаружен в крови опасный стероид Торохтибол" :)))

  6. Почему нигде в интернет ресурсах нет видео, выступлений мужчин в категории свыше 105кг на олимпиаде в Лондоне 2012г?

  7. Алексей, как попасть на такого плана Кэмп ? Где можно найти информацию ?

  8. ياخوان ترجمة له بالانجليزي ابغى اعرس اتزوج بخته اذا اخته ماهي متزوجه ابي اشوف هي حرها قوي ولا لا

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