Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Power Dumbbell Chest Presses

Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Power Dumbbell Chest Presses

What I’ll be demonstrating here is the Power
Dumbbell Chest Presses. You want to do this flat on the ground here, take two dumbbells,
put them on to the side of the body. What you want to do is power up, flex the chest,
come down all the way to the ground, flat against the surface, hold it for about one
to two seconds, power back up. Flex on top, down for about one to two seconds and power
back up. You want to continue this motion here for about eight to ten reps and about
three to four sets. So you see this is a power movement, it is good to try to use heavy weights
on this. This will help in building some thickness in the chest. Again, when then flat on the
ground, power it up. And that’s how you do Power Dumbbell Chest Presses.

45 thoughts on “Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Power Dumbbell Chest Presses

  1. can i get huge doing this ,i mean working with dumbell on a mat amog other exercises ,i already have a very good base,thank for your time god bless you

  2. getting big involves more than weight training… it also depends on what and how much you eat…. that being said these excersices are great for developing thickness of the chest…. a great workout involves focusing and targeting on specific muscles and a variety of positions for the same muscles. That will get U big…..

  3. These are floor presses with dbs. They limit ur range of motion because ur elbows hit the floor. However, these are good for ppl who are stuck in getting their weight past certain sticking point on bench press and for those with shoulder injuries cause ur elbows dont go far back. Also with the flexation at the top, it will sorta mock a fly except with a bench combo. Also going dbs are not a bad thing. This is also good if u have no weight lifting cages or good bench set ups. Nice exercise. Thx

  4. No, this will focus with smaller range of motion, on the chest and some triceps. Even the shoulders a little. You might want to also do dips, bent rows, upright rows, bicep curls, shoulder presses. That way you work your back and chest but also hit your arms, those will add muscle. So yes this will help build chest, not as good as regular bench press, but good enough. However, just doing these alone will not give you real big arms.

  5. seriously dont lift weight at 13, got a mate of mine, same as you 6 ft at 13 and got an entire weight set from is uncle. he starts lifting and working with weight, his build got massive, he could bicep curl 32 kg at 16 and weighed 16 stone, now were 17 and because he started lifting and building muscle at such a young age, he now has problems with some joints, his hips twisted and his shoulders, and has been in and out of hospital due to it all because he got too big, too fast, too young.

  6. how fast do you do them, and how heavy are you? try to do them for a two-count if they're too easy, or bring your hands closer together to where they're touching. If it's still too easy, then put your feet up on something. make sure your feet are closer together to begin with, 'cause it'll make sure more of the weight is against your upper body. make sure your chest barely touches the ground – make it touch the ground just to make sure you're going down far enough, and don't bend your butt

  7. no problem 🙂
    I have been doing pushups for about 2 months, and I'm noticing how it's cutting in now from my shoulders into the chest.
    I was going to start the close-grip pushups more often because I want to make sure the underside is cut too…
    so don't give up – just make sure you get your protein and keep upping that pushup count 😀
    stretch afterwards, too – it helps make a leaner(of fat), healthier, more oxygenated muscle – or you could end up with slumped shoulders from not stretching

  8. everything is 8 to 10 reps with this guy, but it really depends on how much weight you use and whether or not you want to bulk up or just get toned

  9. @kingtiger310 REPS are replications. for good results you shoud do 8-12 without interruption. this unit is called SET. after a set you make a pause for 30 seconds till one minute. than you make your next set. do two till 4 sets according to exercise.
    sorry for my bad english

  10. @KanonenMike257 ok, thank you very much for your help. i appreciate it. and dont worry your english is great. thanx again.

  11. This is not a power method! The concentric phase of the exercise has to be be at a explosive tempo for this to be a power exercise which was not demonstrated.

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