Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Close-Grip Barbell Curls

Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Close-Grip Barbell Curls

What I’ll be performing here is the close
grip barbell curl. Now what the close grip does is that it works the inner part of the
biceps. Your biceps have two parts to it, the long head and the short head. So it works
the short head, the inner part of the muscle. What you want to do is curl the bar, flex
the bicep and then control it while you’re bringing it down. The most important thing
is making sure you get a good flex on top to rush as much blood to the muscle as possible.
Give it a good pump. Your main goal is to pretty much tear down the muscle and then
give it this recovery time after a couple days so it can grow. So again make sure you
flex it, control it coming down. Make sure it’s the close grip so you can work the short
head of the bicep. You want to do about 3-4 sets and about 8-10 reps, and that’s how you
do the near grip barbell curl.

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  1. dont start weightlifting when you're 13 bro, you're going to stunt your growth. Start weight training when you have stopped growing in height… You dont want to be that midget that girls dont like talking to 🙂

  2. no mate , it dosnt stunt my and even if i did grow up to be small (which i wont) girls would still speak to me because im just ,,,, good with girls 🙂

  3. Great, detailed post. Like the bit that stresses the importance of rushing the blood at the top of the movement – thanks for the post.

  4. if you workout everyday your basically wasting your time and you wont see any improvement because when you workout your tearing your muscles down they build back up stronger when your resting.

  5. I'm going to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Is that too frequent? Weaker everyday??
    What different things can I do so I can alternate the workout everyday? Maybe work certain sections of upper body one day, then other sections the next?

  6. the closer you chose the grip for this exercise the more you hit the OUTER PART ( long head ) of the Bicep -.-

  7. This video almost tricked me, I had to doublecheck along the comments hehe. I knew for sure it works outer biceps, but anyway…
    Well, in all years of training I have changed my exercises and schemes
    way over 50 times. The latest I use and best so far (for me) is resting individual muscle 6 days. One ''muscle type'' everyday for 5 days then sixth day off, and so on.(a simple 6 days period).
    Here is a tip: You don't have to lock yourself with particular week days, feel free to break the system…

  8. sorry guyes but every clip i cheked from this guy has big mistakes in it. like he is doing it intentionally

  9. Well, not much strength-building going on here. He's breathing just fine and talking his way through the exercise. This is demanding little-to-no concentration for him.

  10. Is there anyone (besides the guy doing the video) that doesn't know that the closer your grip, you work the outer part of the biceps, and the further out you are, you are working the inner head? Simple science. Maybe "expertvillage" (hah) should do the tiniest bit of research before they post next time.

  11. And one more thing, for all you beginners, the bicep, despite its name (bi meaning 2) actually has three oarts to it. The outer head, the inner head, and the brachii. This is the smaller muscle that sits between the bicep and the tricep in the middle of your upper arm. Work this by using any hammer, or reverse curl grips.

  12. Look at his arms. They're disgustingly deformed. This means he doesn't lift right. Don't listen to him.

  13. jrpimpdog is correct. The exercise works the OUTside of the biceps. Not the inside. Electromyograph testing has confirmed that. Never listen to any "expert " advice this guy gives out. He is the village idiot at expertvillage.

  14. WAY to fail.. nice form the shoulder and elbow need to be in a straight line and your elbow should not move that will increase the overall effect of this exercise BUT this works the long head (outside bicep, the part on top that makes the upper ball) NOT the short head (being the inside the part that balls toward your body

  15. WAY to fail.. nice form the shoulder and elbow need to be in a straight line and your elbow should not move that will increase the overall effect of this exercise BUT this works the long head (outside bicep, the part on top that makes the upper ball) NOT the short head (being the inside the part that balls toward your body

  16. @YuckyMucky15 cuz they want to give the "illusion" of "good form"..when you know they the first one swinging and beasting on the gym lol

  17. @vivalaandrew16 it only proves that one does not have to have a whole lot of clue about kinesiology etc. to build a good looking physique:) There are some exercise kinesiologists on you tube who actually do not look like they have touched the weights once in their life:)

  18. @jadsuckme That`s why it`s called a BIcep, you f*cking moron! It`s a muscle with 2(repeat: TWOOO) heads. Ditto for triceps.

    PS: It`s good to have brains even for bodybuilding 😉

  19. @jadsuckme Actually, it is YOUR opinion. You better read an anatomy book and finish high school before getting into discussions such as this, boy xD

    In the meantime-just use google and don`t embarrass yourself…

  20. Bro I have that exact same weight bench. I got it like 2 years ago when i was 14. i love bodybuilding.i am 16 now my maxes are Bench= 200 Squat=325 Leg press=650 dumbell bench=75lbs dumbells deadlift= 345

  21. He forgot to mention 1 fundamental rule of "biceps-ing". Pull your shoulder blades back as possible, and push your chest out! Your elbows will physically not be able to move forward. However if they do move forward as you're curling up then you're working your anterior deltoids, which means you're not lifting the weight you just grabbed with your biceps.

  22. @raxiboy2050 Use low weight with an extreme amount of reps to get the biggest muscles, if you want strength and still a bit of muscle, you should probably go with 4-6 with 3 sets 🙂

  23. @fostexz
    Son, you don't need to take it like a Mr. Olympia.
    Even a little quantity can give you a body like this guy . . .

  24. @roboroschi you said "how much steriods did you get to become so huge", implying that he is like jacked up on roids and got massive, he has a great physique but that doesnt mean he has to be on roids

  25. Why people think other people are on steroids is becuase those same people (Alot of people(s) ) don't know shit about Natural Body Building. If this dude was on steroids he's be ronnie coleman size..

  26. wtf is he talking about you can go check anywhere close grip puts more stress on the outter head……what an idiot on steroids.

  27. he got this completely backwards. a farther apart grip works the inside head more while a close grip works the outer head more. besides that great vid

  28. Question: I just went up from 25 lbs to 30 lbs but now I can only do half the motion (as in I go from shoulders to hips in a 90 degree angle and I barely can go down to my legs) Is limited range of motion ok when you're going up in weight?

  29. Are you for real?

    Wide grip works the inner head
    Narrow grip works the outer head

    So you first sentance fail fact.

  30. I do hate it when people put videos on here without the correct information.
    Good form but narrow grip works outer head, i.e. rear double bicep pose, wide grip works, you guessed it, the inner head.
    I'm not sure what cMaXeJlJl means when you say ditto for triceps as the triceps don't have two heads, they have three.

  31. The video had it backwards. The close grip is intended to actually put more stress on the long head (outside head) of bicep.

  32. He is wrong the close grip exercise primarily use the long head

    notice how the width of your grip (actually the difference in width between your hands and elbows) affects which portion of the biceps will receive the most stimulation. A wide grip (wider than elbows) hits the short (inner) head, while a narrow grip emphasizes the long (outer) head.

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  36. A simple bit of Anatomy here.You cannot work part of a muscle when doing an exercise.When this guy curls the bar every muscle fibre in the bicep is contracting,otherwise the muscle would not shorten.If what he was saying was true,if all you ever did was a close grip barbell curl,you would end up with odd looking biceps! This exercise will work and develop the whole bicep just the same as using a wider grip would.

  37. He gives wrong information in this video.  Close grip Barbell Curl works the outer part of the bicep or the long head.  Close grip will help with your bicep peak. I feel sorry for the 254,000 people that were completely misinformed by this video.

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