Week 7 Day 5 // At Home Chest + Back Workout

Week 7 Day 5 // At Home Chest + Back Workout

what’s up guys welcome to today’s
strength workout today we’re focusing on the chest and the back
this is the last workout of week number seven we’re wrapping it up with a
good old strength workout you guys are gonna be feeling amazing and probably
ready for a couple days rest after this one today different chest and back
exercises to power through today that are all gonna help build strength in
that upper body four sets total and we’re sticking to that ten rep
range you guys know the drill go grab those weights and follow along we’re
getting started right now okay team that is it for week
seven done and done. comment below let me know how you’re feeling and then
guys take a couple days rest up and get ready we’re starting week eight on
Monday I’ll see you guys then

84 thoughts on “Week 7 Day 5 // At Home Chest + Back Workout

  1. I really like how you have added to your workouts. Thank you so much for all of your hardwork. I truly appreciate you.

  2. Wow, the only thing that I have to say is…You're awesome, each workout is challenging, some weeks I felt like I wasn't doing it well but never give up guys, the things that you do today will mark a new future for you ❤️

  3. Another week has passed week 7 day 5 congrats Ladies and gents, feeling better and stronger. I've never been this consistent in my entire life. these workouts are on fire. Thanks Heather:-)

  4. This week has been my favourite week so far 😊 I love this format, doing 4 straight sets before moving on! Can't wait to do it when i get home from work tonight😊

  5. Week 7….. Done & DONE!! Jack burpees my new go to to feel the burn! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Thank you Heather…bring on week 8 🤩

  6. So i watched this video and thought this looks easy enough as i love weights. How wrong was i lol. Brilliant work out roll on week 8

  7. Hi 🙂
    Another week passed, another week of workout completed.
    At this stage I feel more confident and calm, with more energy, and invigorate 🙂
    Nothing pays that feeling.
    Thanks Heather
    In portuguese we say: És a melhor , OBRIGADA.
    Nice weekend to all

  8. ( * y * ) 💞This was the best of the week for me. Thank you so much for another amazing workout week . I love this 12 weeks too much 😍😍

  9. Finishing week 7 stroong! The scapular exercice was the hardest for me! That last set was so tough! Thanks again for another amazing week of workouts!

  10. Feeling sore but hammered through it. Need to make up day 1 and 2 this weekend to catch up. Have a great weekend Heather. See you fresh on Monday.

  11. Ok within this week I’ve walked away with spaghetti arms, jello legs and a sore butt. 😂😂 True signs of a great workout! Finished this week strong using my 8 and 10 lbs sets interchangeably. Week 7 you kicked my ass! 😅 I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week. Thanks Heather!

  12. W7D5…done…I'm late to the party this morning, but better late then never. My chest and arms as secondary are shaking. Thank you for a great way to polish off the week. See you Monday!

  13. That was a tough end to w7 but we did it everyone! Who still here since day1? Me!!!!! My progress : growing stronger, can now do exercises like plank, burpees, jump squats, etc that i couldn't before. I can see small definition in my arms and legs and I have a butt and waist shape! I haven't got on the scale because I didn't want to be discouraged if the number didn't go down since I'm building muscles. No worries cause I am looking and feeling amazing. Can't wait for w8. Bring it on! Don't give up now…we've come this far. Let's finish what we started!

  14. 🔥╭━╮┳┈┳╭━╮╭━━╭━╮🔥



  15. Week 7 done! This week especially so very happy, (actually cheered) when music goes low and the words, "cool down" come on the screen. A truly great week! Thanks to Heather and her team. Team HR, we are looking good and rocking this. Have a great weekend and see you all Monday…

  16. This week has really kicked my 🍑 ! I was shaking by last set of pushups and had to move to knee pushups – thank you – looking forward to the “afterburn”!!!

  17. LOVED THIS ONE. I love lifting workouts…..I have to make up the tabata workout tomorrow to complete week 7….I"m not excited about it but will get it done!

  18. Strong finish to week 7, I look forward to these workouts every.day. Thank you Heather for such great workouts and content. Happy weekend, All!

  19. I felt awesome after this workout! I finally broke down a few weeks ago and bought an exercise ball. It really adds another dimension to these workouts, especially if you want more core work.

  20. Awesome end to the week👍! The scapular squeeze was killer 🔥. Wk7d5 ✔️. Looking forward to start of week 8, can't wait to see what u have in store of us💕😀.

  21. Congrats Tribe!!!! Another Week Completed! Feeling Great! Going to get some much needed rest before I attack week 8 and the last week of phase 2. Thank you Heather!
    Before I thought what will I do after this program is completed. Guess What?! I'm going to do it again and master some of the moves I could not do, add more weights and try to get more reps. You cant go Wrong!!!!!! I'm excited.

  22. WOW!!What a wonderful upper body workout!I loooveeee it!!Love upper body workouts like this!Now rest and get ready for the next week,yeah!!

  23. What a, great workout today I totally loved this one
    What a great end to the 7th week, I have just finished day 5 of wk 7 and felt so good, I did 2 others of your workout outs the standing ab one with weights then your stretch mobility one, feeling so good and strong day, not sure if it was my new trainers 😂😂
    Thank you for another great week of workouts with you
    Roll on week 8
    Have a great weekend

  24. I was so dead after Wednesday work out that Thursday and Friday were difficult. But I did push through! Thanks Heather.

  25. feeling great! even when I'm g-r-r-roaning with determination to muscle through the 4th set! thank-you so much for getting us through 7 straight weeks! woohoo!

  26. Workout done 😊
    Not my best due to being very tired from work, but I work thru it! Come on wk8, I'm waiting! 💪💕

  27. Good, another week finished 🥳

    Every week gets harder, not only beacause of the incresing challenge of the workout, but also because exercising in general its a quite hard habit to keep itself

    Anyway, looking forward to the next week 🙂

  28. This was WAY harder than expected. Thank you Heather!! The scapular exercise was definitely tough. I had to drop my 5lb weights for the last round. My arms were spent by the time I got to the T push ups too so I had to do a few from my knees for the last two rounds . Getting stronger though!!

  29. I was unable to join the team yesterday. But, I made it up today (Saturday morning). So, only have 1 full day of recovery. Its all good.

  30. I decided to really push myself with weights today , and omg it was so tough ! 🔥🔥🔥
    And another week done , I can't believe it's been 7 weeks already ! 💪

  31. Great workout!! Anyone else super struggle with the last set!? First time I almost couldn’t make it through!! Knees for the win! Lol 🙏😊

  32. I wonder if there is a placement for the stability ball since I do not have one and I am not planning to get one? or I should got one

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