Watch a Metal-Crushing Action Scene From ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Anatomy of a Scene

Watch a Metal-Crushing Action Scene From ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Anatomy of a Scene

“My name’s Tim Miller, and I’m
the director of ‘Terminator– Dark Fate.’ This scene starts
in Dani Ramos and Diego Ramos’s workplace. They go to work at the factory
where they’re making cars, and the terminator is
tracking them there as well as Grace, the protector. So, you know, there
are things that are hallmarks of the
‘Terminator’ movies, and then there
are things where we feel like we could go
freestyle and change things and bring something new. So the fight has
this rhythm to it. There’s a whole lot
of moments in it, but I think my favorite
moments are really the Grace-ascendant
moments where she has this sledgehammer
and she’s just beatin’ the crap out of the Rev-9. And I think it’s really
the first time you see just how strong she is. We shot this in
two locations that is supposed to feel like one. We shot the wider
shots and some of the chase
parts of the scene at a Mercedes factory outside
of Budapest in Hungary. But in the middle, we go
into an assembly line area where we have the main
area of the fight. And when that happens,
we’re transitioning onto a set that
was built on stage at Origo Studios in Hungary. And the reason we did that is
because for stunts you really want a controlled environment
because if people are going to get thrown on
floors and into walls and onto work benches and
have engines fall on them–” “My name is Grace.” “–you really want all that
stuff to be safe in a way that you can’t if you’re going
into somebody else’s house to do it.”

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  1. Contrast this with the fight scene in T2 at the steel mill. The only cgi you saw during that was when the T-1000 morphed. The fighting and environment looked real.

    Everything about this scene however is conspicuously cgi, as if no real contact was ever made between the actors, or the environment.

  2. Has anyone got any thing good to say seriously, this franchise is turning into Star Wars the fans just hate on everything they try to come up with 😫

  3. The movie wasn't bad, but it need a different plot. In fact, I like Grace in this movie. Rather than spending time to protect the present day, how about the plot that involves alternate universe? So the people who came from the other universe tried to escape his universe to learn on how to deal with termintors. Or maybe, the terminator was brought back to the near future on before the apocalypse because someone tried disrupts the timeline for political gain. Or anyother plot you could think of. Just please stop using the same plot, I think that's what people don't like about it.

  4. What a horrible movie! So basically you are supposed to pretend T3 never happened cuz spoiler alert: Terminator actually kills John Conner. Sarah Connor becomes a Terminator Terminator and the T800 becomes an interior decorator?? Wtf did I just watch?

  5. one of my favorite powerful and impressive. it was first time that I felt falling with someone alive on screen.

  6. It's an amazing experience watching this movie! Coming from an ardent terminator fan since the first 1984's inception!
    The story and direction is very focused and not dragged. Felt really sad at some of the emotional moments in the film and it has an uncanny resemblance to T2. There are about 4 awesome moments of exceptional terminator fight!
    It's not like they( linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger) are in dire need of money but have come back for us, fans!
    Watch it for the nostalgic experience with all the sprinkles of the original T2 baseline story!

  7. I was a huge sceptic watching the trailer but when I saw it in theaters it really wasn’t to bad. They did a good job paying attention to the little details for the most part. Although some of the lines were sorta cringy I’d say this movie was a lot better than the last few terminator reboots.

  8. Can you guys see the entire movie first before making leap judgements? It’s actually better than you’d expect. Stop making leap conclusions, and this goes with any movie or book. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  9. Terminators were scary as metal skeletons.. Now they just look like the symbiont from the movie venom… So disappointing

  10. i want to see it for the action..even if i know the storyline sucks! (2019 "woke" SJW terminator: I need your dress, your heels, and your menstrual cycle! )

  11. I enjoyed the movie it got better when arnold came from then it was good it made me laugh sometimes ofcourse arnold that accent that dead face i cant resist that

  12. Literally the ONLY good thing about this movie is that rev9 is actively trying to.stab his target at all times instead of throwing them around, the rest of the movie is garbage

  13. Still dont like the look of the terminator. Doesnt look intimidating at all. Looks more like someone dressed for a Sunday mass than a killing machine.

  14. If this is the best you got to offer, then please terminate this movie franchise already. While people might still remember that the first two were actually good movies.

  15. The movie might have been bad, but I enjoyed Sarah Connor and Carl. Their chemistry kinda made it worth watching. Can't say much else.

  16. If it had been the T1000, fight would have been over the moment she picked up that sledgehammer or giving her the most benefit of the doubt, when she tried to use that car door as a shield.

  17. T 1000 looked better and scarier. I also love how she makes it look so weak. Isn't this the most best model to date? The T 800 would have done a better job. I don't think the writers understand how technology works.

  18. This movie was awesome!!!! The rev 9 and the t 3000 my fav terminators i would like to see them in a fighting game 😁👍

  19. I love how they said the other terminator movies didn’t happen after T2 and then they proceeded to rip ideas straight from the uncanonized movies lol

  20. What I think is funny is we see T800 terminator serving up beers and chilling at his house in the woods and has a decent human wife like wtf 😂

  21. Feminism power

    Behold the strong female terminator that overpowers the man

    Yawns come back when you can write a decent script and not keep rehashing the same terminator formula over and over

  22. And the typical cliche of not finishing the enemy while hes weak.. Could she not bash hes head non stop?? I know it happens in T2 as well.. Still why do it again??

  23. so much (well-deserved) hate in the comments, where tf are the likes coming from? literally nobody, myself included, is excited for this movie.

  24. how about the time machine was not functioning well and the Rev-9 enters a different timeline, the Alita: Battle Angel timeline

  25. There are lots of short hairstyles for women that convey a hardcore soldier's life without sacrificing femininity, and you guys went with Dennis The Menace.

  26. Ever think that was the problem, in judgement day or the original terminator the heroes are always running and trying escape a terrifying unwavering threat, and as incredible as Linda became in judgment day she was still a human, a warrior a soldier but not some ridiculous op script breaking machine that could wield a sledgehammer like it weighs as much as kitten.

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