Upper Body Cross Training Exercises : Doing a Knee Push Up Upper Body Exercise

Upper Body Cross Training Exercises : Doing a Knee Push Up Upper Body Exercise

Hi, I’m Dr Garrett Smith with Expert Village.
To begin our journey into horizontal pushing movements I’m going to start with a modified
version of a push up. This modified version of the push up is called a push up from the
knees; or a knee push up. And what it involves, you usually want to have something on the
floor to make your knees comfortable. You’re going to walk your arms out so that they’re
under your shoulders when your going to be in the bottom position. Feet are just relaxed
in the back. And you’re going to lower yourself down like a push up to the floor and push
back up. Now, push ups; your body should be straight from the knees up. And the important
thing is we want to keep the elbows by the sides. One mistake a lot of people make in
their push ups is they have their elbows go really high and outside. That is really tough
on your shoulders. What we prefer,a better movement, a stronger movement in the end,
is where you elbows stay relatively close to your sides as you go down. The depth on
these, that we want to go down to is where your nose and your chest touch the floor at
the some time. So what one push up looks like without stopping is-, Ok. We come all the
way up to straight arms. Elbows lock. So again, you want to try to get the body as straight
as possible from the shoulders down to the knees. Squeezing your gluts can help this
process. And again, elbows stay close to sides. So its pretty important to have some padding
under your knees so comfortable when you’re doing your exercise. These knee push ups are
not an end point in exercise; they’re a build up exercise to some of the more advanced push
ups. Or even just the regular push ups that we’re going to do.

6 thoughts on “Upper Body Cross Training Exercises : Doing a Knee Push Up Upper Body Exercise

  1. If you have your elbows close to your sides you're performing more of a tricep pushup where the main movement is Elbow extension rather than Horizontal Adduction which is the only movement the Chest is involved in…. This guy has no idea what he's talking about.

  2. No it s not bad, i just advice you, train your back also, and do stretching excersices also. Can prevent alot of injuries/injurys
    Speaking from experience.

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