UFC 246 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

UFC 246 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

[ambient traffic noises] [whistling]>>Fremont’s like,
you go for free. Like, if you’re in Vegas and
you don’t have much money to go to night clubs
and [bleep] crazy dinners. These are my people. Blue collar,
hardworking Americans. This is it.
This is [bleep] for sure. This is redneck central. Okay, everyone buddy up. Partner up.
We don’t wanna lose anybody. Because when the van goes
home, if you ain’t in it. [laughing] Everyone get a buddy. I don’t know what you guys–
this is proper Fremont attire. Right. I’m gonna blend right in. [music playing] Oh, yeah, this is epic, bro. Up in the middle is where
the good [bleep] gets going. This is the end. ♪♪>>How ya’ doin’, Vegas! Minnesota in the house. Drowning their sorrows.>>Down on Fremont Street, enjoying the entertainment
Las Vegas has to offer. ♪♪>>Yeah, the rhythm
is right here. ♪♪>>♪ I’m wanted ♪ ♪♪ I’ve been coming here for years. I love it. People watching, just
the whole experience, man. It’s a good time. Good way to kill the night
and lay low and hang out. [singing]
♪ Every cowboy
sings a sad, sad song ♪ ♪ Every rose has its thorn ♪ [water splashing]>>Raquel: Right now
we’re at the dog park, just taking our typical
weekend stroll with our pups and spending some
quality time with them before we head
out to fight week.>>Tecia:
Invicta and Brawler were our
first two babies together. Invicta because we met in 2012 at Invicta
Fighting Championships. Brawler because he has a nice
little black-eye looking thing. And this is Spazzo. He’s just a spaz. He’s our one-eyed man. This is half our gang. Still got another bunch at home.>>Yup. Come on, bud. Come on, bud. This is the easy way to let
them wear out some energy since we’re worn out
after a long week of training. We just bring them here
and they can run for days. We hang out for
usually about an hour. They just kind of
do what they want. We used to bring them
out here and it was like, they had no clue
what their name was or that we were their owners. They would take off and we were
getting our cardio out here, chasing them around,
trying to catch them. Get them back home. Hey! Brawler has
Tecia’s attitude. And Invicta has her
personality of not listening. She’s– she’s lost
somewhere around here.>>Tecia: Come on,
Invicta! Come here!>>Raquel: Oh, there you are. And you got the ball, still. Wanna give it yet? Give me the ball! She don’t wanna share today. [chatter] No, I think we
do the signature. I think we do the signature. I think either one. I love to kind of
just pamper myself. I mean, I put my body through
a ton of work all fight camp. So, then around this time,
it’s just kind of relaxing and letting my body recover
and just focusing on weight cut. We come, we get pedicures. I get my eyebrows done and
just do all the girl things.>>If I got hot pink,
would you do hot pink with me?>>I’ve done hot pink.
I even dyed my hair hot pink. So, usually
depending on my fight, and what color I’m gonna
fight in, I like to match. I’m the type of person that
whatever color I’m wearing, my shoes are gonna match that. This fight, I’m representing
Mexico and fighting in green. So my toes are gonna be green.>>Rose: I’ve been with her
all the way through it. It’s very nerve-wracking,
you know, it’s like. But I’ve watched her training
and stuff and I have full faith. Very pretty. Very nice.>>Raquel: This is sweet.>>This camp I– compared with
the normal I’ve been doing, so Abu Dhabi, Prague,
this is much more easy. You know, come in
just three hours away. And I have my little boy
and my wife and my crew with me. Make much more easy everything. Except Artur. He’s always slow one. Let’s go, buddy.>>You brought your bags?>>Yeah. Say hi to the
camera right there. Say hi. This is my first
time fighting in Vegas. And expect me to
put a good work. Expect me to go out there and
put a great show for the people that know me and that’s
when they’re gonna be like, “Wow, that’s the guy have
a great future in the UFC,” and that’s what I
wanna show them right now. And that’s– make a big impact
on– on my name right now. And make my wife, my kids,
and my crew be proud of me, you know. It’s a dream coming true,
you know, for me. [ambient traffic noise] [beep]>>Up here is it?
>>Yes, sir. There’s a lot of things–
are we gonna go now?>>Go now,
because I think it’s live.>>Yeah.>>We’re pleased to be
joined now by Conor McGregor who’s with us as we get
ready for our own version of a big-time fight tonight. We’ve got Tigers vs Tigers
tonight. So which stripe of Tiger
are you going with tonight? LSU or Clemson?>>I’ve a lot of
love for the tiger. I wish both teams well and I can’t wait to
see the match take place.>>W’re clear. Thank you.>>I don’t know the difference
between the teams. I wish them well. [laughing] They’re both
tigers, I’m like– I don’t know.>>What goes through your
mind right now mentally?>>Conor: Relaxation, rest. You know. Just rest the body. You could say meditation, yeah. Self-meditation. Not like– but like… Yeah. I’m not gonna raise
the beats too much. Not gonna raise the
heartbeat too much. Keep it– keep it
green to orange. Fast program. Steady on. Go through the motions. So, I’m like zip. Out the gate, you
know what I mean? Like a greyhound at the track. You know, I actually look
at a man when I’ve shut up and flagged and the
way I was pointing. I can’t actually watch that. I’m like– I get shivers at the way
I was with people. It just wasn’t sitting right,
you know what I mean. Just flying through the air. Now I’m getting into
position, sitting in it. Gotta go through
everything to learn. You have to go through
things to truly learn. Experience the
best teacher of all. ♪♪>>Owen:
Yeah, so obviously today’s
session is a very light session. Keep the heart rate low, so we
just did a bit of shadowboxing. I mean, the camp is done now. It’s just about
staying loose now. But not too strenuous, you know. It’s been– it’s been a long
camp and it’s coming to the end. ♪♪ It’s done now.
It’s about recovering this week. Doesn’t have to worry about
weight cuts, anything like that. So, staying loose. Staying focused
on the game plan and going in and
executing Saturday. [unintelligible] He’s in a different place now
and he’s in a happy place. He’s enjoying the training. And when he enjoys
the training, we enjoy it. And it’s been a nice camp
and it’s been a fantastic camp. It’s been a very
enjoyable camp, and I think we’re very, very
prepared for this Saturday. [dramatic theme music] ♪♪

100 thoughts on “UFC 246 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

  1. I think conor Need to change his Training Partner, not much with Dilon, more vs. overweight guys. Special for the ground, then ten rounds …

  2. Donald Cerrone is a good person and a great fighter. Corner McGregor is a bad person and a great fighter. Its going to be a great fight.

  3. I had this video running in the back so I wasn't watching it, just listening, and I thought the whole time Moraes was speaking at the end of it. That was confusing.

  4. It’s will be good if his fight with khabib is not happen ! Both are my idol 😣 but Conor is wrong so I chose khabib and then 🤧

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  9. Wouldn't be shocked if Conor ever pops for EPP. I have this gut feeling he's taking something to help his cardio.

    End of day he knows if he don't knock em out in under 3 rounds he might loose.

  10. When listening to Connor about his thoughts of the art of fighting, one can't help but think that this man be the guru and zen master of the sickest fighting style and martial art ever created.

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  12. Competition is nice and everything as long as there is no hate…so meanwhile keep God & Jesus is your hearts. Peace and good luck to everyone. Stay safe!

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