The National - 'Dark Side of the Gym'

The National – 'Dark Side of the Gym'

32 thoughts on “The National – 'Dark Side of the Gym'

  1. Only me sees this song about great love with dead ladie and in imagine of some guy she's still alive for a dance in the dark side of the gym.

  2. She is probably the most beautiful dancer I have seen in a long time! So graceful and light on her feet!

  3. How come they never include Lisa Hannigan in the credits? I'm 12 months listening to this album and I only realised she was on it last week cos she tweeted about the new album

  4. …this definitely is not a happy love song…what you all are listening to is at best a purely delusional person, at worst a person simply pretending so that someone will stay in love with them until they are ready to drop them…but you all get married to this song…if you both are that clueless it just may work out for you…

  5. This is such a beautiful video. Very talented dancers, and wonderful choreography! Love The National’s music.

  6. I just cannot get past the interpretive dance… it keeps spoiling the song every version i pull up. But i love you matt…

  7. This song takes you on one unforgettable deep emotional ride. When a song comes together like this it's just pure magic, I thank you

  8. My boyfriend and I are learning this choreography with private dance lessons as a workout routine. So dreamy!

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