The Gymnastics Planche with David Durante

The Gymnastics Planche with David Durante

You had mentioned that you were interested in learning how to do a planche, right? Yes. OK, have you tried one before on rings? Not on rings. With all this stuff we’re trying to do on rings, I would suggest that you try to learn it first on parallel bars or something static. So you can learn how to feel the control of being stable before you do it on the instability of the rings. This is pretty advanced stuff. I would always suggest trying to learn it first with something stable before you bring it here. This first piece of it, even if you want to do it tucked, that’s fine. That would actually be a good way to start. So, you’re gonna be here and then up in this tuck position here. Let me work on that first. So try to get your butt up a little bit. You want your back to be closer to parallel to the ground. Tuck up, there you go. Keep the rings in. Lock those elbows out. Good. Position looks great. Position looks great. You have a slight bend here. Yeah, I do. [laughter] You’re strong enough to do it. You’re using too much of your strength rather than that locked out joint position. That’s what we want to see, alright? Is that more stable? Because I feel like the rings are gonna go crazy. No, it’s definitely more stable. It’s more stable and it’s not going to require so much strength. You’re gonna be able to stay in that position a lot longer. Right now, you’re forcing yourself to use muscle this is just a locked out joing. You can stay here a lot longer. Also, don’t let them go out. You want to keep them about shoulder width apart. As soon as they start going out, that’s when you start getting unstable. Alright, let’s see just a regular planche. If my butt’s in there air, if I’m not flat, just call it out. Tell me. I’m supposed to be completely flat. Let’s see if I can do it. I feel really bad telling him that that’s not right. So that’s the straddle planche. So you want to be completely flat and level. Like I said, a good place to learn is on parallettes some place down low where you’re stable. So same thing, but take my legs out. Exactly. Straighten your legs out, keep them nice and wide. Good, good, good, good, good. Awesome. That’s good. The biggest thing you’re gonna have to work on is what your elbows are doing. So, even if you just take a step back— you’re great in the support position so even if you start to bend as soon as you get your butt up for that tuck planche move back to here. Go back to where you’re nice and locked out in your elbows and start over again. Eventually you’re gonna have to start over and learn it with this position, so just start right away. So you don’t have to learn it all over again.

24 thoughts on “The Gymnastics Planche with David Durante

  1. That was a really nice attempt from Chris! I'm sure he could eventually with the right methods learn it!But there is a massive difference between completely locking your arms and bending them even slightly. With completely straight arms he would almost certainly not be able to hold a proper tuck planche on the rings. 

    A straddle planche on the rings is NOT an advanced ring strength element, for those who think so. It is only a B level element in the code of points going from A and up to E (an even beyond depending on the skill).. (That does not mean that it is easy of course!)

    And to those who think Frank Medrano is able to match up with an average gymnast.. He gets eaten by them for breakfast I can tell you that..

  2. LMAO this dude is letting him go into a straddle planche without proper straight arm strength, i hope he likes tendinitis. This is also why Xfiters aren't pass C skills.

  3. rings are easily the hardest sport in terms of physical strength. The difficulty level is beyond any type of strength trainin program.

  4. Nice to see You guys but it's so untrue what u just showed to ppl. Now everybody will think that without much trainings he/she will do a casual straddle planche on rings (y). I was training to planche month after month. And u r saying that without any skills everybody will doing straddle. I do not want to know how many ppl r right now disappointed bc of this lie.

  5. That is the same bald dude who couldn't do a propper pull up to save his life, figures he can't do a propper ring planche either. Crossfit, where bad form is the norm! My hat off to mr. Durante for having to endure all this bad form from these elite crossfitters…

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