The FORGOTTEN Core Muscles Workout – Serratus Shredders!

The FORGOTTEN Core Muscles Workout – Serratus Shredders!

SHREDDED SERRATUS. No, guys, not a breakfast
cereal but mandatory if you want a shredded core, and today I am going to show you exactly
how to do it. Music Intro What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere,
The Serratus Anterior. That’s what we are talking about today. For some of you, you
might not even know what that is. Ok. I can guarantee you that it is muscle, and
it is actually one of the core muscles of our core. And I think right off the bat, we
have to clarify what that really means, because I think most of the time when we hear the
word core, yes, it is a buzzword, but what it should mean to us is just much more than
just the abs. The core should be looked at as every muscle
that really falls between your shoulders and your hips, and more so, those muscles that
have attachments to either one of those places, because the core is actually going to be controlled
and all the motions of the core are going to be controlled through the muscles that
are situated between those two points. So when we talk about the serratus, that’s
the muscle that falls right in here. You can see it right here on my ribcage. It actually
attaches to the upper ribs here, and it goes underneath my lat, underneath my shoulder
blade, and actually attaches back on the medial side, the inside of my shoulder blade right
up near my spine. The job of the serratus, well it depends on
what your function is. It’s actually called ‘the puncher’s muscle,’ because it is going
to protract the scapula, ok, meaning move it forward and around and away from my back,
directly opposite of what the rhomboids would do. Now there is some time when they actually
work in concert together but for the most part, when we are talking about the serratus
and developing it, it’s doing this protraction. So, when we look at it, it actually can form
a bit of a visual. You know, framing of the abs, with the obliques, so it comes down and
in, and it is going to frame out everything in through here and even under the chest. So, when we talk about the importance of this
muscle, we have to understand that there are going to be aesthetic reasons why you want
to develop it and there’s also going to be athletic reasons why you want to develop it.
So what I want to do today is show you three different ways, and we can cover it again. So, regardless of what your focus is, because
I know guys on AthleanX are using it for both aesthetics and athletics, so why don’t we
cover first one of the simplest ways that you can actually do this. While you are training, you adjust, and it
is just do a real simple variation, we include this in the AthleanX program. We have our regular push-up position, which
is here, and straight up, ok, down and up. To activate the serratus though is really
simple, we just add one additional component to it, and we call it the push-up plus. So we come to the top and at the top we then
reach further. We try to push further through the ground, basically taking our shoulder
blades which are right about here stable, and then rotating them even more around front
protracting them. So, here down, push, down, push, down, push.
Ok? The
push-up plus. Again, every push working more into that serratus in here to again, give
you that visual effect. Next, a direct one that we can use, to now tie in the serratus
with the abdominals together. Remember guys, AthleanX is not about isolation
exercises. This is always about trying to work muscles together that prefer to work
together. That’s why the guys that follow the program get the fast results, because
they are working muscles the way that they want. So when we do this, we’re going to shift the
focus away from chest and triceps into the serratus and now more into our, I don’t want
to say core, but our abs specifically, into our serratus. So, what we do here is get into a plank position
here. Ok and we know that that engages the abs, and will actually allow ourselves to
collapse, right? Because the rhomboids are going to kind of
pull together, squeeze together, giving our shoulder blades a pinch, and then come up
and out. Ok, I am pushing through my elbows here to
get that kind of action, to get this (demonstration) going on, to get that going on…the protraction
of the shoulder blades. So into our plank, let it collapse, up and
push through, down and push through, down and push through. I can really feel that I
am actually fatiguing, even more so than before, because I have a lot more body weight being
managed here through my forearms than I did with the help of my hands and my shoulders. So it is more of a body weight, more intense
exercise than it was before. Finally, athletics. I mentioned it before
as the punching muscle. So what we do is we get our band that we can set up over here,
and we think like a boxer. Boxers will punch and rotate, again if you
punch straight to here (demo) you’re going to get a little bit, but we want to punch
through, ok? Through, It’s that extra push and rotation
that’s going to get the serratus here. Now you can keep the exercise right and tight
which is going to work the core, you’re controlling rotation. Remember, if you’re not doing standing,
rotary ab work in your current workout, guys, you’re missing out on a major function of
the abs. Ok, so we know that this is necessary, but
now I’m showing you a way that you can tie in the serratus at the same time, by reaching
around. Ok? You can do it more dynamically here, reach
around, here and reach, here we go full, all the way around. Really reach out in front
of me. Alright. So, again, I know that there are guys watching today that are in it for
the aesthetics, for the looks. We know summer is around the corner, you want
the core because you want to go out to the beach and be able to show it off. Perfectly
fine guys. I can tell you, even the elite pro athletes that I work with, guys are guys,
They still want to look good. I understand that. But, it’s always nice to know that when you
are training that way, you can do so with a purpose and become athletic at the same
point, and much more functional. And that really is what AthleanX is all about. Whether it is aesthetics and athletics you
guys are all building for the same purpose and that is to be better tomorrow than you
are today, It’s my job to get you there. If you haven’t already guys, as I said, summer
is right around the corner, there is no better time than now to start AthleanX because we
can incorporate exercises like these and get results faster by working muscles together. You can start seeing results in time for the
warm weather so that you are looking good by then. And again you can go grab the program
right now over at In the meantime I’ll be back here in seven
days. Make sure you leave a comment, or a thumbs up, hello, if you find the attention
here to the small little serratus to be very big and worthwhile to you in your future workouts.. See you guys back here in seven days.

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  31. Sick that you only think (or mentioned) that guys want muscles for esthetics…. What about the other 50% of the population?

  32. Excellent videos, very resourceful.

    I could use some help here. Got weightlifter's shoulder a while back on both joints (yes, I was dumb but only right shoulder had pain). Had to stop working out for six months and basically lost all of my gains lol. Today, I'm back at the gym with a more effective workout plan. Issue is that my pecs are extremely tight (moreso with right pec) and can't effectively activate right lat (bicep takes over). I also have scapular winging on both shoulders (more severe with right) but I can still move my hand above my shoulder (severe nerve damage prevents activation of sarratus anterior causing winged scapular).

    Do you think the issue is my extremely tight pecs? And maybe some nerve damage? I started doing pec stretches. Also, I have a hard time to feel my right lat / all back muscles flexing. And I also noticed that everything is easier to flex on my left side (non-dominant / smaller side) than my right. My left is also slightly stronger. Cross dominant maybe, but used to be more equal.

    When performing Tricep Rope Extensions, my right shoulder rolls forward, therefore I must consciously hold it back preventing me from concentrating all of my energy on triceps. And when doing bench press, can't hold back right shoulder in order ro activate the pec and not the shoulder.

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