The END Of The Story In Kindergarten 2

The END Of The Story In Kindergarten 2

(Nugget Voice) Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye! Welcome back to the last mission in Kindergarten Two. (Normal Voice) It’s probably not gonna be the end. It’s not gonna be the last episode but we are doing the last mission, which is ‘Creature Feature.’ ‘Start the mission by buying a battery and then using the remote on Penny.’ So, I need the plushy, the detonator and the remote. Okay, got it, got it, got it. Plushy, this, Carla’s laser bomb, not a detonator but uh a bomb-a-runi. Did I get any cool outfits? I don’t think so. I think the one that I’m wearing is still my–my favorite one. I’m an assassin. An assassino! Okay, wait, what did it say? I have the attention span of a teaspoon. ‘Start the mission by buying a battery and then using the remote on Penny.’ Okay, so we have to use a remote on Penny, immediately. (Miss Applegate Voice) Oh…uh…oh dear. This is embarrassing. (Normal Voice) Wait, we’re starting off with dialogue? (Principal Voice) What’s wrong, Miss Applegate? (Miss Applegate) I seem to have…er…misplaced that…uh…that really important thing you gave me at orientation. (Principal Voice) *sighs* That’s okay. I’ll get you another one by lunch. We’ll search all the students as they come in to make sure none of them have it. (Normal Voice) Uh, oh. Is this why I have to use it on her? (Principal Voice) Bob! Make sure to check everyone who’s going up the ramp for any special devices. (Bob The Janitor Voice) Uh…sure, dere, bud. Uh, what kind of special devices are, dere, we looking for? (Principal Voice) You’ll know it when you see it. Thank you! Penny, please start um…looking for Miss Applegate’s special device. (Penny Voice) Yes, mommy. I’ll adjust what I’m looking for. I should be able to find it before the bell rings. (Normal Voice) Okay, to buy a battery (Strange Accent) Battery. (Normal Voice) This is also.. …uh…more streamlined than the original game in a way that… *clears throat* …we don’t have to take out money at the start of the day anymore, which I much prefer. Having to take out money at the start of the day, in Kindergarten One, and then be like, okay, how much do I need? Alright, and then you go through the day, it’s like okay, I needed this much and then you take it out and then you have to build up your money each day. I didn’t really… …like that mechanic all that much. (Penny Voice) Hello, my name is Penny! My mom is the principal. You must be one of the new kids. It’s so nice to meet you. (Normal Voice) Use the remote. (Intense Robot Voice) CALIBRATING…INSUFFICIENT POWER FROM SOURCE TO ESTABLISH LINK. (Normal Voice) Place battery in the remote. (Penny Voice) Command received. (Principal Voice) Oh, Penny, please don’t do- *shooting noise* *scared face* (Normal Voice) Good god! Geezus, that scared me. (Principal Voice) Penny! (Normal Voice) She got nugget out! (Penny Voice) I’m sorry. I…I don’t know what came over me. (Principal Voice) I think someone is…getting beneath your skin. Keep looking for that special device. (Normal Voice) Aww, she’s crying. And now Jerome’s crying, and now I’m gonna cry. (Penny Voice) Yes–yes, mommy. I’m almost ready to find it. (Miss Applegate Voice) Um…am I still coming down from the pills or did that child just shoot lasers from her eyes? (Normal Voice) Yeah, I didn’t even get to see what happened. I thought she had a gun or something. It all happened so quickly. (Nugget Voice) Nugget is pleased to be out of his tiny boy prison, tiny sewer prison. (Cindy Voice) Probably both. (Penny Voice) My daughter has– (Normal Voice) I’m speaking like Penny right now. (Principal Voice) My daughter has some things she’s working through right now. I assure you she will not cause any more problems today. She is going through adolescence and lasers coming from her eyes is something every child must go through. (Normal Voice) Alright. *laughs* Now what? (Penny Voice) I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I’m sure we can still be friends. (Normal Voice) Here’s hoping. (Nugget Voice) Nugget saw. Nugget saw the android girl shoot the bars. Nugget saw you pulling the strings. Nugget sees everything. With this power, Nugget knows you can bring peace to the school. (Normal Voice) How? (Nugget Voice) Descend and speak with the pretty Lily. She will know what to do. (Normal Voice) Sweet. *laughs* So, he was just hanging out down here? I mean, I knew that already but… …it’s just nice to see where he’s been hanging out all this time. Why didn’t you get them (Lily and Billy) to help you? Surely Nugget must have found a way to get inside? (Billy Voice) That’s the signal. (Normal Voice) Okay. Alright, yeah, we got all this before. Oh, ‘you need this, right?’ *noises of triumph* (Billy Voice) It’s us! Lily and Billy. We’ve been spying on this new school and we’ve discovered a lot. Do you want to hear about it? (Normal Voice) You want this, right? (Billy Voice) This is incredible! How did you– it doesn’t matter. With this we can save those kids! We don’t need this digging stuff anymore. (Normal Voice) Now, don’t–don’t go against that just yet, okay, I use digging in Minecraft all the time. Good god, it’s a giant jackhammer. Well, it’s a regular-sized jackhammer, but I’m a child. So, what now? (Billy Voice) We need to take out anyone else who has one of these remotes. If they find out we’re using this one, they could use Penny to kill us! (Normal Voice) Who has the remotes? (Billy Voice) Both teachers and the principle. (Normal Voice) Okay, so, Danner…uh… …Miss Jigglytits’ one is gone… …uh…and then the Principal (Billy Voice) We’ll have to take them down all simultaneously. Once that’s done, we scan Penny’s eye in the elevator, go down, and free those kids. (Normal Voice) Oh, lord. This is gonna be a good one! I’m excited for the ending…we’re gonna kill those teachers? (Billy Voice) I know it sounds harsh, but they’re in on this. They know what’s going on here and they’re allowing it to continue. They’re just as guilty as the principal is. (Normal Voice) So, what should I do? (Billy Voice) During morning time, start recruiting kids who can help us take out the teacher. We also need access to the principal during lunch, so try to do that before the bell rings. (Normal Voice) Man, I swear, when it comes to reading stuff in games, now that I know people are watching me read and I have to read it out loud, I just become… …momentarily dyslexic. *laughs* Okay, so ‘during morning time, start recruiting kids’…uh… …’take out the teacher. We’ll also need access to the Principal during lunch, so try to do that before the bell rings.’ *inhales sharply* Okay! (Lily Voice) We’ll start talking to kids in the smart class and see if we can get any of them on board. (Normal Voice) Sounds like a plan! (Lily Voice) Hurry up and get out of here! If you stick around, you’ll blow our cover! (Normal Voice) GET OUT Of HERE! Something happened. (Penny Voice) Mommy… I think Miss Applegate dropped the special device down a drain or something. (Principal Voice) Okay then, it’s nothing to worry about. As long as no one else has it, everyone–everything is wonderful. (Normal Voice) Okay, so I need to get into the…Principal’s place during lunch. How did I do that before? I got into her office… …and then I opened up the door. Okay. (Principal Voice) I’m so sorry about my daughter’s little…outburst. I assure you that we’re–you’re quite safe here. (Normal Voice) Uh-huh. (Principal Voice) Oh, I know what you’re thinking but I promise, this school is far safer than your last one. (Normal Voice) I don’t believe you. (Principal Voice) I’ll tell you what, why don’t we have lunch together? My treat. We can address any concerns you may have. (Normal Voice) Aight, I’ll give you a chance. (Principal Voice) Oh goodie! Here’s a pass that will get you out of lunch Just meet me in my office and we’ll talk this whole thing out. I’ll see you then. All right Stage one is complete moving on to Phase two That’s the Bell everyone head inside to your assigned classrooms. All right me god, I pick dum-dum cocks could be small brain Could everyone be very quiet yes. All right Hey Where Oh What are you doing up there spider-man kid he’s doing up there don’t worry about that Lily’s upstairs making friends, but I’m gonna need you to do the same. Who should I talk to? Who would hold a grudge against miss Applegate She’s made a lot of kids angry at her old school. I’m sure you’ll find someone so all the old kids What do they need to do? Applicate sorry jelly. Ted’s doesn’t look too good. I guess she’s about to puke We should find a girl to take up one of those stalls the girls bathroom gotta make it easy to get her. Well Reset, what do I do? The deed? Probably someone with some? Stabbing experience. Oh god don’t get books to kill the teacher Good take this maybe use this robot girl to get these kids trust. I see your lunch Zoop. Oh, yeah, the green summons, er the blue drops of contraband and the yellow disables her laser and the red fires it Okay, I’m gonna forget all that Right Sydney. Do you want to kill a teacher? I? Just love this doll. She’s so pretty just like me I need your help skill teacher Whoa, whoa, whoa there kid. Where’s all this coming from? I mean, yeah, I want the old cow dead, but I’m not getting blood all over my skirt You just need to be in the bathroom. Oh Well in that case yeah sure. Let’s kill her. I think I can make that work for a price How much? Just be the cost of you putting this putting this in a girl’s hair, huh, you know I love it when other girls wear my gum There aren’t any girls here. Well, geez, you better find one if you want it my what my help okay Press the green button to summon penny Huh? Hello. I am here now Oh What do you want Laser girl? I didn’t call you. I I don’t know. I’m just supposed to be here Whatever make yourself at home not like I can stop you not like I care either. I’ve come enough with the pills I’m gonna vomit I Think I’m supposed to talk to you. Why am I supposed to talk to you but gum in her hair? Hey, that was mean I’m sending you to that. Oh I already forgot what things did Great button calls her red button fires. The lasers yellow button disables them and blue button drops her contraband Which one should I press for this? I’m sending you to the she’s gonna send me somewhere so blue I will not be releasing my collected contraband to someone who is going to the principal’s office Oh God there go the lights. I hope sure enough. I sure hope nothing bad happens to you in the dark okay, I Got terminated You should press a button that sends penny away from you So what happens now? If you press the yellow button to disable her lasers? Oh, never mind. I’ll just be going now why penny I Didn’t even know what to say. That was the least satisfying hair-combing I’ve ever seen but you’re still hub right? I Guess so god. It just feels so empty How am I supposed to feel fulfilled if other people in my life were just not suffering? How do we know what true happiness is if other people aren’t downtrodden? You need help, whatever. I’ll do what you need just use the bathroom during lunch sure thing Go Ok. Bye Cindy, and I need to talk to books to do the knifing, right? What do you want? I busy trying to figure out how to get my knife back. I might have a way Oh – contraband Okay, press the green button You’re back again. What is it with you? I thought the school had better technology than this. I Don’t know what’s wrong with me This what’s right with you, sweetie. Just say whatever course you’re on like tell your mother about this Okay, nice table text it’s not like you care. I think I’m supposed to talk to you Why am I supposed to talk to you? Yeah, you’re supposed to talk to me Give me my knife, but not you him. You’re supposed to do something. No Blue book use the contraband I collected today. I’m gonna go back to class now. Hi penny. Oh, Sweet little robot girl, that was super freaking weird. How is it possible that this school is weirder than our old one. Oh, I Love purple I need you to kill the teacher Well, that’s something I’d be willing to accommodate I mean does Emma know what to do will do that was super easy attention new kids Is your passbook If you get an adult to sign it you’re allowed out in the halls Don’t get any crazy ideas though. You’re only allowed to use it once per day. Oh my god. That’s the Bell Get out of my damn Okay He’s everywhere. Look at me Jeff. Hey over here. I Saw box the City leave already good work. So what happens now? Lily made friends with that Kerala girl. They saw the listening device that Jerome is carrying around Okay, which means that when it hears my voice her name they’ll explode So when I signal her she’s gonna come over here and give you the device You’re gonna plant it under the table in the teachers lounge Okay I’m not done yet. Once the device goes off. We’re gonna have a very limited amount of time before the staff is notified He give you upstairs into lockdown takes place Okay on the table teacher’s office upstairs. Got it All the time motherfuckers In a cafeteria weirdo, there aren’t any birds You know, I was looking at this thing and it turns out it would make a really solid base for my own little What we need it. Yeah Doesn’t agree do to stop me from keeping it. Yes, you’ve got something better. I actually do I’m you from the future Wow, this is perfect. This is actually this is exactly how I would have made it. Yeah I think the stupid little think I got bigger fish to fry. How did you get this? You know, it’s a weird thing I’ve been the IP Groundhog Day all the time, but instead of just resetting the day I just keep stuff from the previous day, which was actually today whatever Can you help us get into the lounge? Of course I could but I’m not going to today. I’m gonna need all the goodwill from the faculty I can’t pull this off. How could I get in there? I don’t hope I don’t really care, right? So what a date we dig your way in for all I care if something out Hey, he just likes away so talk to him again this device might explode Oh fun Okay. Okay. Can you get me in? What’s wrong? No, good. No that was hoping to dig a new dug a cave, but no gir. That’s no way to dig one Will this help? Well, it’s up but let’s help no you can’t dig what billion-dollar case the disk ugga device No, he can dig straight through the center of the earth It’s pretty not preferable though Cuz it has a bolted core if I dig too far down the pressure will get to me it all burned up Yeah, please don’t do that. No curses fred is right. Doris means no doggy’s I don’t think you digging to the center of the earth will exploded but whatever don’t we agree on that now, give us hurry There’s so much to do. Please do come visit. Okay this new doggy gave a recess We’ll do Oh That was awesome Man this is so much enoguh cave as it is a nugget tunnel. It seems to lead somewhere enter the hole Oh What part of you’re not allowed in here is so hard for you to understand now Gonna resize the big head pass orders go get justice. I care Nuggets these Nuggets are far too apart You’re lucky the principal forbid us from harming you Shh Dagger depreciates be able to use the microwave hold of it bad doggies. They do not make for a suitable look dirt. Oh Sorry about not good. It’s leaving. Oh Oh Don’t think I didn’t notice that you’re in here to get your inadequate self back through the hole you crawl through Okay, that was a double Okay Nice did you place the bobbin to the table? Yes, I did Good Cuz you’ve got another job little e just signal that she needs help upstairs You have to go get help. Well ice you have to go help boys it off this pop. Will do you have way upstairs, right? Yup shishi. I pull out my pee pass Good. Remember we have to act quickly here. Don’t wait around you’re ready to go. I’m not waiting around I’m going I’m going wait. What does look at it? No, he’s like it’s a warm and soft Perfect for a dog a cave what stop talking to nugget. I never want to stop talking to nugget Oh, wait, don’t I have to buy a oh wait. No, I can just use this. Rosy principle. I Guess I bye It looks like something has been causing you to receive excessive commands today. Your chip is almost fried But what does that mean? Don’t worry. We’ll take care of it after school today now run along. Mommy has a visitor Okay, I’ll be back if you need me Please come in so sorry about all that. Just helping my daughter through a tough time She’s having puberty is one hell of a thing for a robot. I mean little girl She okay. She’ll be fine. Now then I understand you have some concerns about What Jesus H Christmas. Was that oh, dear. What was that? I’m not sure. I hope every yes Something has happened. They made their move. Dr. Data has been killed and two teachers ouch. It’s only been a few hours Damn, they work fast. We have to hurry get the research and get out of here have penny monitor outside She does not care about me anymore. Oh There you are people tries to say no, this is perfect for this mission Thank goodness. You’re still here. Where else would I be? Something went wrong have the gate has bugs, please go help him. She’s lost her mind Okay. Okay. Let’s go stab a bitch Where could she be downstairs bathroom Bathroom I’ve wanted to do this for a long time boy a long time Well, what are you waiting for? Do it already? I’m not afraid of you. I welcome death Oh Book seems to have dropped his knife stabs a teacher It’s just a game of everything but stabbing freaks me out sobbing its Leigh like one of my biggest fears You look busted oh Yeah, if it’s the last thing I oh Dear I’ve fallen over in kind Man, how’s the close one cook, she’s done. Thanks for the save kid this whole place go to hell I’ve noticed I heard something fat hit the floor Oh Wasn’t bucks Bite me Cindy bite me or I get harnessed Hey guys, hurry lock down. And uh, oh now I see why jeez You guys are no savages how might you I to realize what’s going on or did you actually stab a teacher? Are we in trouble he would be but there aren’t really any adults left to punish you so what do I care? both teachers are dead Bob the principal the lunch lady are all missing the other janitor just really punished within the guidelines of the school anyway did Know he doesn’t so I’m just supposed to take you guys outside until the lockdown is over what not. Okay, then Yeah snuck a cave, oh now we can go in right where their creature was We are on lockdown no one is allowed in the school. Oh Okay, next part of the plan Carla’s not here Cigarette in the hole. Oh No, it’s his fred has excellent timing behold Huggins new dougie cave no, I was able to finish it in record time when Douga is his friend like to see I’m not sure if this is the right course of action for right now, but sure Aha Behold, I guess it’s do doggy cave. There’s so much to see ya worship. What a lousy surprise No, this is Fred the pretty little you Billy. Er, the hood is quite impressed by Lily and Billy’s sneakiness How did she actually get it to hold before I dug the hole? We have a problem Good to see you, too There’s a big scary monster near where we were hiding this morning. That’s not good No, it’s not We need some way to get by it has to be something big and strong and brave enough to fight it or something See if you can find anyone Okay, don’t be afraid to use our remote to get back into the school. Maybe there’s someone inside still willing to help us I Look around. Wait, how do we get out? What I do with the leg actually I’ve never actually had to use the leg before we have to make a Frankenweenie This is a pile of nuggets that broke my fall, oh wait, this is me I thought it was Lily because it weren’t the same – I know he’s broken for some series He should be larger, but apparently it’s fine. Leave the Nuggets. Yeah, how do I get out? There’s no it’s ready. Joy, you stay at the dock you gave Yes, but I’m ready to leave Go to look around some more. Should I bring the leg? I don’t know. I don’t know. Why did what it does? Think the leg, let’s see we can always just retry All right penny use the remote I Can’t take this anymore Oh God Oh God. No There was no thought Think she’s still alive. I think she’s fine Tory don’t just don’t look at it Doctor diners dead though, so I can redo anything with him. I Just want to go to the science class. I put the two legs together damn flocked. I took the leg for no reason. Oh Poor wait He got hurt jiggly tits Did wait did he got her jiggly tits before and that’s why I’ve been saying I think he did I don’t think I made that up poor miss jiggly tits. They’ve jiggled their last I always knew we’d have to clean up her body just didn’t think it’d be so soon How sentimental can I get her outfit? This is the first time I’ve stabbed her. Oh That’s amazing Okay, check this leg for no reason so like this Yeah, man, you look way cooler. Now. It’s a shame. You don’t have a lighter for these tubes. Dude. Say no more I am contraband it. Oh, whoa some lockdown. This is hey while you’re here. Do you have a lighter? Sure do oh I got sicker cigarette men. I said master McKenna awesome breath. Thanks so much. Here’s a monster boneyard for helping us out Hey, man, I can’t let you in there some waking bad fuse you’re coming from that place, dude All right, fine. Who’s the big strong man that I need to help me or a woman? Person who wants to help me fight the monster No point in allowing me following the rules anymore Look where that got us good point I Still didn’t spray the spiders. I’m guessing that that’s gonna lead to another mastermind carrot if we do that Where’s Bob does Bob wanna fight for me? Oh my god They didn’t just kill him Then completely mess him up. This is cool tackler. What if it comes in my sights give me the doctors outfit. Yeah little doctor boy Good God His head was so big. It must have stored a lot of science in there. That’s how that works big brain Ok bugs you wanna help me fight So this is the playground here, huh, not bad, okay, whatever Oh Kyle is out here. Hi Come on, you stupid or punch. I need to pop a wall. You look upset I am upset He’d be the perfect device to fight ePro over the wall. The generous causes a teacher’s lounge penny one. That means stupid school Okay, cut he’s gone, really Awesome. That means I can go do this He’s letting me know kid a problem Blow up a wall, you know what I’m gonna follow in I’m gonna go with you and see what block wall you’re gonna blow up. I’m excited to see what’s happening Shay burst it sounded like it came from the teachers lounge Did you did you do it oh Yeah Chemical X. I did it this will make stealing stuff so much easier Great now I can go in there and potentially die from noxious fumes. Oh my lord, dear Bob, dear Hey Something smells funny snap him out of it, huh? What’s what up and earbud old, huh? Everything is frizzy. Wait my ear. Oh there there was a weird ass in here this Mister was dere button, and it made me forget about it’s coming but to monster Next is still buddy and fought a monster there yesterday there bud, but it got away No, it’s still down there, but I have to finish it off hurt someone there, but stay here kid I’m gonna go see him to school Godspeed Bobbo huge Bob’s a beast I wasted an apple though getting the leg Knives go back down see Bob Oh kill the creature and there’ll be one more thing that I need to do And I won’t have this would have been much faster. Just go that way. Oh Well Oh Penny’s out here. Hi a forgot I I don’t want to do it anymore. Mommy, please I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t Okay This’ll all be over soon. We’re in the homestretch. I hope so Bob is in there fighting the monster now, we just need a way to break cities a penny got any ideas. I’ll find something Wait, I have the remote. Oh I have to get the doll. Okay, take the doll and now let’s head back to Penny with it and then she’ll be happy and then penny will help us And then we can go through and see what Bob’s up to We’ve what Apple though? Is that really all I need? To look like a gay bar drum still crying couldn’t even took me so long to realize the room was crying all the same There you go my dolly I used to play with her back before Before my mommy my mommy turned me into this. Are you? Okay? No No, I haven’t been okay in a long time, but I think it’s time I made things right? Okay, good the elevator underneath the school has an eye scanner that grants access to the deeper levels I’ll take you there to confront my mommy Sounds good to me. Good. Let’s go with it. I’m not sure how much longer Bob can hold off that creature Get it Bob! Mess him up! Don’t you horrible creature dare, bud? I will not allow you to hurt me children. I really hope he wins He seems like a nice. Janitor. I know that’s a low bar to clear considering our other janitor pika what I mean Okay penny scan your eye. Let’s go down there and save those kids Okay here goes Ding ding ding winner Well here goes everything let’s do this home stretch, baby. We get to see what’s underneath the school And of course, it’s more kids. I think I Don’t think that’s him, Madison. No You kids have to get out of here that blond girl who is his type on girls who put us in here? I’m sorry it I wasn’t in control of myself Why don’t we save apologies and explanations for after we saved everyone and gotten out of here life? Lily’s right. How do we get you guys out of here? I don’t know try pressing one of the buttons on here, see if that Pity what are those children doing unsecured in my secret lab? I’m here to we’re here to stop you. You can’t do this anymore Oh Penny’s crying I don’t have time for this penny sending all of these children to the principal’s office Penny, did you hear me? I said Oh Your chip fried didn’t it? That’s quite unfortunate That means you’re useless to me No, but but I’m your daughter mommy, please No Oh penny penny and Since I don’t have a daughter to help me anymore. Looks like I’ll have to test out the new mutator earlier than expected Hey Jesus Oh Oh, do you like your final fantasy battle kill them? I have questions. Oh Well, they’re supposes you’re about to die I can provide you with a few answers, yeah, they’re the monsters er, yeah, what’s with them marvelous, aren’t they children are so much easier to mutated than adults just a few more kids and I’ll be able to take over the other schools in the area Okay, make sense. I guess what about degreaser from the janitor’s closet? It’s produced by the monsters Its properties are boundless. It creates a nice fuel that I used to power penny over exposure seems to cause memory loss Yeah, but why is penny there was an incident? One of the creatures got out penny was severely wounded I was able to put it back together with some improvements You just blew her up and I’ll put her back together again with even more improvements. She’ll be fine She’s the six billion dollar penny. We have the technology It’s wrong like a lunch lady. I get what you mean, but honestly even I don’t know. She’s just like that Okay, let’s get this over with okay, then kill them Hang on Lily kid, you gotta help her take it out the one that’s eyeing you and then save Lily hurry. What about you? I’ll be fine. Just save Lily Okay, how do I take them out though? This this which controls the blue claw Okay, I Honestly don’t know maybe this one first because it’s in the middle Press the button Okay, that works oh god just kill that kid good work kid then find a way to get that thing off Lily right move the claw Left? Oh Well, nope she did Lily no Oops Hey, I kind of got a kill dude you left to save Lily immediately after killing the first monster Okay, so I’ve used the blue claw then Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah. Oh, oh, no penny said actually that’s me, sad. I want you bad for those games, right? You know, right whatever everything is just pressed this one. Oh Oh Hey, stop one defend me immediately Alice attack the killer two controls. Oh Oh So then Wow make sure all of the creatures are dead before going for the principal. Okay, okay Got it, Jesus. We don’t have to keep listening to this every time. Oh, I could press a red button on penny She fires lasers, thanks for the help any longer and I feel like you would have swallowed me Hope the problem has something to me to help Billy. I’m sure along is a box of old. Okay, I’m on it So I have two moves for Billy so I can move. Oh I can move I Can only move one thing over and then if I move this left, oh Wait, it’s over. Okay, cool. Now just press the book. Oh Nice Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about let’s get that nasty principle this is unacceptable I will not tolerate insubordination in my school Oh Lord Oh God activate goo cannon You’ve got to make her call off that cannon else. We’re gonna be wearing whatever that stuff is I’ll think of something. Okay now, press the red button Got you. Hey, stop unhand me immediately. Oh dear fire goo can it That’s pretty easy wait we failed What I mean, we said I had to save the kids from that awful woman, but look around they’re all dead Well, she killed him not us Come on, Lily. We did our best should get out of here those other schools weekend What was that oh no, oh no mega principle. Oh my god It’s so gross Jeepers what even is that thing? Can we find something like that? What are we gonna do? Oh No, jeez Jim except us all up if we don’t find anything close to her mouth We’ll definitely be in trouble find a way to close her mouth The box Thank you for forgiving my death meaning pain, oh Okay, I have one move move it left Well, that didn’t work Damn it. I should have moved one of the other ones closer left Well, I’m dead I Should have done that one Everyone hold on to something. She’s gonna try to Donate the monster shook you up use a robotic cloth stopper. Got it So let’s just move the blue one left then They just do that to begin with Press the button Wait, that doesn’t work Oh Okay, well I guess I need something else then What about they with this one that one left I press this button How that one works it’s in a different orientation Awesome, you’ll be hurting us now. She looks terrified Let’s get out of here. Not so fast kid. Look Looks like the ceiling is about to collapse or something. Maybe forget her to look up then we’ll crash right through that big. Ugly. I Suppose as far as a shot. Oh I have two moves and then no gets gonna come in I think move That left And now grab her with this to look up Or not I’m assuming I move this left twice then Way all the things are the same and now press it There we go, no it is clear Is he alive oh, you know, he is now it is a lot more life than I’ve ever been I Can’t believe nugget saved the day. Oh, you did good, right. The bottom is Owens friend You did great nugget. Thanks for saving us nugget is happy to have the pretty lady’s gratitude perhaps this would make a good noogie cave It’s all yours nugget. I just want to go home. I’m still sad about alive Yuck stuffy’s croaks. It’s so slimy. Let’s get out of here I’ll taping slimy off or being a monster any day Ya little babes are alive you’re not alive this was not for nothing. I’m so happy We did good today Lily. Especially you kid. Come on. Let’s all go home Yeah, we did it we saved the school, oh my god, that was awesome What who said that Is that your sister? Madison I thought you didn’t go to this school. Eh, what are you covered in? Oh So we have slime from the principal’s secret lab Girls, why don’t I take this up after you’ve had a bath? Oh Okay, I’ll call you tonight. Then. Oh, are they couple I thought they were brother and sister Oh a little septic babies This whole day has been so crazy I’m glad we were able to save everyone except that awful principal. That’s what now Well, I know I want to go home Ryan. Are you sure where home is? What do you mean? I won’t even go to this school. I was bought here All I remember is going down the slide at my school and then I woke up in this lab That’s weird. Yeah, I’m gonna try to get home now. I’ll see you guys wow, maybe I Alice I’m gonna get going too. My mom is probably worried about me. Thanks for saving my life and stuff today. Whatever Nugget must also leave. Nugget has …. business to attend to. I dont even want to know what that means Ummmm…Nugget…Before you go, I just wanted to say thank you for saving us today. You were you were really brave. OHHHH Yeah the…pretty lilly…has kissed nuggets cheek Okay, but tell the world. Oh She must make a pretty good team Yeah, we do. What? No. I don’t know. I’m just ready to go home That’s fair dank. Magician. Ha ha ha Before me go though. You can we want you to have this monster one card. It’s pretty rare. There’s only two in existence What you think you know, is that this? excellent That’s it, then let’s go home. Goodbye Yes Almost mutton and outfit locations revealed. Oh, I was gonna go back and do that anyway Just as I wanna tell you more of the game and I want a hundred percent this game. I love it. It’s so good So I’m really glad late. Oh Yeah, look at all the efforts I got today This is a good day yay I came by Conner Boyle con man games. Oh That’s fun, that was awesome that was a good last mission Sean Young from smash games Excellent great job. I Liked it a lot I like that more than the first game it was it had all of the charm and the fun and the ridiculousness of the first game but with updated Like timelines the missions were longer and more complex, but they didn’t have all this weird stuff Slowing down the streamlining. I really like that everything just kind of like flowed much smoother this time. Oh Man so fun somebody Boyles Are they all family they test your game that’s nice Ryan Hayley Garrett Kayla, Lindsey Ronald and Devin good job caterers Kerala good job, Chris another Chris Man, what a fun game. I’m so glad that gets back in our life I’m so glad that Duggan was here to see us through our adventures I’m so glad it’s the Duggan save the day was the best one of all Oh emotional support animals Cooper link Evy off the cutest names, Mookie or Mookie They work so hard good job give it up for the pets everybody give it up. Oh That’s nice. Hey, oh I’m there That’s so sweet Game theory is jacksepticeye. Cory Kenshin gloom a bit Ryan Bijou. Mike roswarski a sea lion match a Cub Scouts max Infinite homewrecker Flow their hyper core Ripper That’s really nice. He didn’t have to do that developer, but that’s really sweet of you to do Thank you. I’m very flattered Special er thanks short for being an autumn awesome artisan friend My siblings forgiving me much-needed breaks my mom for believing in me the whole time everyone who has helped make kindergarten a success You’ve allowed me to live my dream and I couldn’t be more grateful That’s so sweet the developers an absence sweetheart, and I’m really glad that these games do so well for them because they deserve it such a fun little quirky experience and it’s not it’s not really like anything else that I’ve Played really I mean it has bits and pieces of other games obviously, but it’s such a unique take on different things there’s really no other game like this out right now, so Good for you That makes me happy and thank you for putting me in the credits that’s super sweet. You didn’t have to do that Thanks for playing thank you for making it Sweet Okay, so we got all of our things We got all of the mission items that we needed Congratulations on saving everyone Lilly and Billy have given you a guide that tells you where the rest of the unlockables in the game occur cool You can see a locked carrots location by hovering over it in the mastermind collection screen Same with outfits after interacting with the Wardrobe got it. I Mean I had all these items already anyway Boyd Collect all 50 mastermind cards and press the button on the wall inspect the box behind the principal’s desk and inspect Bob’s body during a tale of two janitors, so Give a cat to a new owner I can get the cat lady’s hair That’s awesome. I can also be a monster Yeah, oh That’s great Monster man after unscrewing Monty’s wheelchair returns at the playground during gym. Ah, this is really handy. I like this a lot So that’s our next mission. Our next mission is to go get all the monster bond cards to get this ending Does it say how many I have no and I’m not counting it there’s 50 mastermind cards So the next time I’m gonna go off and try and get all of these. It’s really gonna be super long to do that So I’ll see how to handle it It’s going to be a lot of editing in that episode But I really wanted to get through the main missions first before I started going to do all that and I’m glad I did because now it makes getting all of these even easier I didn’t Know that but man what a fun little story kindergarten three maybe Surely you must be thinking about something for a kindergarten three because the characters are just so fun. I love dogged it special adventures But I’m really glad that this one lived up to the first one even better I was worried that when they were making the kindergarten too that it wouldn’t be as good as the first one or as fun or as interesting and a lot of the beats are the same like going to save the kids and meeting Lilly and Billy and so fear the end and everything but this was just I Don’t know it was so streamlined and so fun and I really really enjoyed it. I liked the two levels in the school I liked the the hall pass isn’t that it felt like there was a little more gamey elements to it. Really fun So I got all the bottom on carrots next time and we can get this super-secret special ending And then maybe get all the outfits as well. I don’t know if getting all the outfits actually does anything Like will I actually Get all the most my carrots and press the button on whoa. Whoo. It’s like the box for insulin Yeah, so I don’t know if the outfits actually do anything if I get another ending for those but I might do them Anyway, just as I like playing this game so much, but that’s going to do it for now. I’m a little tiny monster and Remember don’t trust your principal because they could bring you downstairs and put you in a secret lab Do you think the other kids would be terrified of me when I walk into school like this now

100 thoughts on “The END Of The Story In Kindergarten 2

  1. petition for the developers (if they make a 3rd with an evil principal) for jack to be the principal with septic tanks in his underground lab

  2. I feel like lost Alice was a reference to a possible kindergarten 3 or maybe a reference to Alice in wonderland?

  3. someone else has definitely said this but the monsters mouths look like the Demogorgan's mouth and Bob is fighting them

    coincidence? I THINK NOT

  4. I was really glad that there was Kindergarten 2! I'm hoping for Kindergarten 3 (up to 5? I guess, to complete the whole week. But Idk what would happen in the weekends… maybe in the playground or some sort.)

  5. Kindergarten: Monday
    Kindergarten 2: Tuesday
    Kindergarten 3: Wednesday
    Kindergarten 4: Thursday
    Kindergarten 5: Friday

  6. Can you play either evolands or evolands 2? Great game with all types of different game types. Check it out. Keep up the awesome vids!

  7. Just if you wanted to know..

    Jack has 26 monstermon cards

    5 Blue
    9 Red
    5 Green
    4 Yellow
    3 Purple

    He needs 24

    5 Blue
    1 Red
    5 Green
    6 Yellow
    7 Purple

  8. Oh jeebus….if there's a game for every day of the week (or at least the weekdays) that would be really cool but also terrifying. What could they possibly do now?!

  9. Main Character: Main Character
    Buggs: Bully
    Nugget: Weirdo
    Cindy: Diva
    Jerome: Cool Kid
    Monty: Nerd
    Lily: Nice Girl
    Billy: The Missing Kid
    Carla: The Tomboy
    Felix and Ted: Rich Twins
    Ozzy: Germaphobe
    Penny: Teachers Pet
    Principals: Evil Masterminds
    Ms. Applegate: Main Teacher
    Dr. Danner: Science Teacher
    Janitor: Creepy Janitor
    Bob: Nice Janitor
    Lunch Lady: Creepy Lunch lady

  10. I'm sure they have a general idea for Kindergarten 3. Alice said she wasn't from this school, but was abducted from her school after going down a slide. That has to be a setup.

  11. Everyone thinks of Penny like Conner from Detroit Become Human.

    I see her as "Salutations! My name is Penny! A totally normal human just like you!"

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