The Best Exercises for Front Lever

The Best Exercises for Front Lever

Hi! In the previous video we have talked with you about the best exercises for planche I’ll put the link in the description, if someone haven’t seen this And in today’s video I’d like to touch upon the subject of the front lever I’ll list the main exercises which should be oriented by the both beginners and advanced Exactly which exercises you should focus on Which exercises are really effective Of course this is only my personal opinion And those exercises which I passed through besides the whole salad of the elements on my way ;D We’ll sort out the needless (not effective) and will talk only about the best exercises Let’s Go In general I actually recomend for everyone to learn front lever on a low bars It may be a home p-bars, low bars and p-bars (street) The 1st exersise will be the tuck FL For the most beginners I recomend to do Full closed tuck FL But if it’s quite easy for you, then do tuck FL on 90 degrees the less you press your knees to your chest, the more effective this exercise is Also don’t forget about the quality of performing Keep your arms straight and watch your hip you can bend your arms if this exercise is difficult for you for permoning this exercise The 2nd I’d recomend Fornt lever with one straight leg and the second leg bent on, attention, not maximum to your chest how usualy like to perform but also on 90 degrees If you can’t hold your knee on 90 degrees then try to bend it closer your chest but with a thought that in the future you will more straighten your second leg until 90 degree Then this exercises is really effective and don’t train this exercises with only one leg You should train both the left side of your abs, back and other muscle groups but also from the right side the right and left sides should be equally trained For example you held one attempt right leg then you then you rest and do the same with the opposite to equal them properly One more time, do every exercise with the right technique You can even record yourself from the side smartphone, camera, no matter The 3rd, also quite efficent exercise which I’ll recomend FL holding with the resistance band I don’t know which resistance band will fit you better Because everyone has individual skills but in the most cases resistance band with 11-36kg will fit you too Focus on holding this exercise, so like another one on 15+ seconds If you can hold one exercise more than 20, 30 seconds it means that this exercise is easy for you and you should complicate it or do another, more difficult exercise The 4th exercise Lowering FL from vertical position to horisontal In the beginning, if you can’t hold any position Then just slosly lower you FL until you can low it Then try to hold yourself Let’s imagine, you hold FL at the vertical position Lowering on 20-30 degrees and hold it for 2-3 sec, then lowering to the floor (ground) until you will be able to hold it Of cource, if you train on the street you don’t need to hold FL lower than the horisontal lvl If at home conditions then you’ll litterally hit the floor The 5th and the last one is Front Lever attempts As I mentioned earlier better to do such attempts on the low bars You begin with bent arms then you straighten your arms and legs synchronously And try to hold it for a few second If there will be some problems with the quality of the element Not a big deal because with time you’ll become stronger and you will better perform this element (exercise) In general, Front Lever is not a traumatic element That’s all, if you’re here for the 1st time consider subscribing or just watch another my videos there is lot useful & intersting content Thank you for watching See you soon! (brofist)

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  1. Наконец то новый видос от Никиты. Так ждал просто ппц. Поставил лайк не глядя

  2. Никита ты просто красавчик🔥
    Такой качественный и информативно-полезный контент от такого крутого атлета как ты я ни у кого не видел😍
    Спасибо что делишься своим огромным опыт🙏

  3. Love the video man, I've been thinking lately that one leg front doesn't helps, but it does helps. Apart from that those excercises I could say that is a solid thinking bro, that even full front lever attempts are included in this video. Cheers Nikita, hoping to get that front lever soon!

  4. Никит,сними пожалуйста влог(влоги).Расскажи про свою учебу,как совмещаешь,про жизнь короче.

  5. Which requirements do you think someone has to have to start training for front lever?
    P.d: great work, I hope you grow soon💪

  6. Болит спина (справа) когда делаю вис, или какое нибудь упражнения для него(

  7. Ты забыл про спину, она должна быть прямая, почему у тебя она слегка округленная?

  8. Хотя я не умею передний вис, но все равно смотрю и учусь на будущее. Молодец Никит,а за субтитры отдельное спасибо, потому что ты помогаешь не только русско говорящим.

  9. Really really thank You for this content
    Greetings from Panamá, can you please give us tips o recommendation for the straddel planche for begginers

  10. Сразу говорю. Учите с резиной. Это настоящая и первая самая тренировка виса. Только оно поможет понять угол. Этот угол кривым не выучить ( либо нужно длительное время на это) Только опускание и поднятие. Ноги в опрошенных упражнениях НЕ ДОЛЖНЫ ЗАХОДИТЬ ЗА ПЕРЕКЛАДИНУ. ( НОГА 90 ГРАДУСОВ) ( не смотрел ролик, челик прав абсолютно)

  11. Годное видео👍. Я предпочитаю резину (тонкая) под задницу цеплять, гораздо эффективнее для меня. Плюс локти не разгибаю – лучше прогресс и нет боли.

  12. Hi, I really like your videos. They are short, full of knowledge, straight to the point, not 20 minutes. It can really help if you went throught it and now you can teach us. What about video about freestyle calisthenics on the bars for begginers, me personally, i do not know how to start freestyle, which excercises or pre-recommends are there. Have a nice day 🙂

  13. сделай обучалку на выход принца, самые эффективные упражнения, ошибки и тд. )

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