T-800 (Pops) vs T-3000 | Terminator Genisys

T-800 (Pops) vs T-3000 | Terminator Genisys

– Sarah! The detonator’s destroyed. – There’s gotta be
another way, come on. – NO, POPS! No, no, no, no, no! Pops, no— [sobs] – I understand how to control this place. I understand a lot of things now. You need to understand, you’ve lost. – Not yet we haven’t. Come on! Shape charged. Big enough to get us in. Small enough not to kill us. – You have a plan, right? – Theoretically. – What was it that you said? “I don’t think so”? – JOHN! No. [gunshot] – That’s the thing that attacked John. – I didn’t attack John. I saved him. [gunshot] Primates evolve
over millions of years I evolve in seconds and I am here. In exactly 4 minutes I will be everywhere. [metallic footsteps] – You are nothing but
a relic from a deleted timeline. – This is pointless. I am inevitable. – GO! – My existance is inevitable. Why can’t you just accept that? – Because we’re human. [mechanical whirr] – You were never strong
enough to defeat me. – Not alone. – John. Stop, now. – When will you ever learn? – NOW, SARAH! – AHH!

100 thoughts on “T-800 (Pops) vs T-3000 | Terminator Genisys

  1. T-X = hardest to destroy by far, also effective against terminators
    T1000 = most dangerous terminator to date
    T800= most cunning
    T3000 = OP on the outside but kinda weak and not very effective

  2. Even tho i think T5 is a very weak Terminator movie (not as bad as T3 tho) that fight scene is really cool.
    Old vs new. It's also really great to see Arnie fighting an opponent he knows he can't defeat, but he's not giving up.

  3. Skynet shouldn't be crazy right off the back. Honestly, them trying to kill skynet NOW would be the catalyst that MADE SKYNET TO TERMINATE THE HUMANS. All it's trying to do was protect itself. Time travels a bitch.

  4. How would it be if we saw something like this in the DCEU with Cyborg fights against Grid, Kilgore and Gizmo even though he's not gonna get his own movie?

  5. Skynet having a human avatar is dumb. This story of multiple universes sounds like really bad fanfiction. Also james camerons script for t2 details the time machine. its supposed to be as large as an entire building. Also the score for this is generic.

  6. Watching this shit really makes me appreciate T3 even more. The T-X was way more formidable and would probably wipe the floor with this embarrassment

  7. Terminator has become utterly gash now. Some crappy old T-800 holds his own against the T-3000, T-10,000, T-100,000. Boring! Terminator 3 was bad enough. For me, at least, Terminator ended after 2! The rest is shite.

  8. Good action scenes for an otherwise terrible film.If only the rest of the movie was as good.If they had made a film wich had the story of Dark fate but ditched dani's character and the other woman , just had Sarah connor ,T800 and a human Arnold that they base T800 on, then change Rev 9's liquid metal abilities with nanobots like Jhon is in this movie and make the Rev 9 as powerful as Jhon is,then change the Rev9 to a woman and put in the action of this movie and made it R rated with more horror elements to it like T1 and T2 then it would have made the perfect T3 for me.

  9. The one really big problem I have with this scene is Skynet. What made Skynet scary in past movies was that he was a faceless, voiceless being that was plotting are destruction from the shadows. The minute they changed that the fear of him decreased considerably.

  10. I’m not the only one Ik it’s other transformers fans out there don’t get so hype but isn’t that the walk & sound of lockdown walking at 2:50

  11. Why didn't he keep slicing the t-3k with the lazer? Oh yeah the ending wouldn't be as tense, gotta pretend like there's a chance the enemy wins but with sheer will and team work the day is saved 🤦

  12. After that bullshit DF from Cameron i'm thinking that Genysys is a great Terminator movie. I would like to see more of Pops, but it's Just a dream now…

  13. Another shitty time loop terminator movie. No wonder the franchise is dead. It never went and stayed where it SHOULD'VE gone – the future war.

  14. I just don't see what the point is of any of these endless sequels. It's just rehashing the same plot points over and over again much worse than they were originally all covered in The Terminator and Terminator 2.

  15. You notice that in t2 the terminator took shorter time to turn around but, in this one it takes longer to turn around.
    Edit: also the terminator arm is gone in this part

  16. Might be a shitty movie and worse insult to the original 2 movies but this set of scenese is a relatively nice ode to the bonds that bind hearts of conviction, conviction to seek out the light of possibility beyond the bounds of estimated probability.

  17. People saying that this film is better than Dark Fate.😂 Seriously?! How?! Because it is just not in any way. This is fun fan fiction but it has many flaws

  18. Even though most fans hate the different Terminator reboot films, I still appreciate the creativity behind the stories.

    Terminator Salvation: John Connor becomes the savior he was destined to be.
    Terminator Genysis: After so many failed attempts to kill John Connor, Skynet takes the savior of humanity and turns him into a machine. Goes to show that shit can still change in a given moment.
    Terminator Dark Fate: A T-888 successfully kills John Connor as a child. A new timeline is created and a new threat surfaces.
    The statement "No Fate" encompasses the fact that John Connor can still be taken out, and that anyone can end up in the shoes of a savior. Skynet can exist in any form, and every Terminator Model will differ. Time is infinite with many different possibilities in this Franchise meaning man and machine are destined to clash no matter what. Arnold & Linda aren't going to be around, but a new story can still be birthed from the original concept of The Terminator.

    I love it.

  19. Most audience : movie was shit they didn't care for the Terminator story line at all
    True audience: this movie was shit no tits

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