100 thoughts on “Stephen And Chris Cuomo Get After It

  1. well well well look at a host show invited another demorat no surprised there Colbert is having a demorat platform giving air time to other demorat is mission is trashing trump 24/7 these days anchors and host show well they call that a show hoo is no more a show its now free bitching talking shit air time freely because these guys are all haitred of trump so colbert continue to invite guy like cuomo so its talk for it self and these morons always think that they are funny well its in ther mind like there demorat politic so it prouve once more just how much bias these supposed show are these days well here how its work a moron trump haiter invite another moron bias for the demorats and they do all kind of blablablas and talking shit and they call that a show , its well known that moron radical leftist like colbert and all others anchors and host and are all leftist like to talk shit on air and sadly morons audiance listining at these moron to boust there brain wash leftist head whoo just like to lagh at morons whoo trash trump 24/7 because they don't have nothing to say but trashing others like if them they where better that is the problems of been part of the elite they just think that they are better and superior of others remember they just think that they are superior its all in there head of leftist ask a leftist if there party never lies or have never leak forget it a leftist will always say no we are better than this so don't even try to ask them to tell the truth it will never happen because they don't live on the same planet they even would have the audacity to tell you that hillary clinton is clear as water could be that she never lies that she was good for all americans that she never colluded with russians that she have never sell arms with obama to the saudi that became ISIS that she as never did something wrong in the bengazi case that she as told the truth once when she get out of the plane in bosnia remember what she as said at the time we where under snipers bullets when in fact she recevd flowers from young girls is flowers became bullets whoum any way they are so full of shit just look since they own the house what they have done as nothing but making obstruction to trump and they will do so untill 2020 they have done nothing at all for americans and americans leftist support these corropt politicens look hoo now own a post as chairman its a real joke the more you lies for them the more you will get promoted two way justice for corropt politicens like adam the shit liar leaker for the liberals media and news paper bias like cummings whoo was cut in the IRS scandal and like the top moron chairman like Nadler so these tree stooges are so corropt and are so abusing there power just because the own the house well surprised will come they are not above the law just because the own the house investigation are going own on their party and bang the truth will preval if they think that all americans are morons like there supporters well surprised surprised there time will come soon just watch they will fall like leafs fall from trees

  2. love Cuomo…his looks, his intelligence and speaking capacities.. he captures my attention…especially when he flexes.. ☺

  3. This was fantastic, I didn't know I needed this segment. That lovable grin on their faces at the end. Wishing you guys all the best in this absurd age we live in, it's not easy on your sanity I can imagine.

  4. men who wear suits are weird, every time they sit down they undo buttons and every time they get up they button up. ridiculous.

  5. Damn colbert i can do like 20 push ups and he's going 39. Cuomo can probably do like 60 billion. But don't underestimate colbert. I wanna see if trump can do 5 push ups, if any.

  6. My ovaries exploded. I don't even have ovaries anymore but they exploded all the same. Colbert is a good looking man, his wife is a lucky lady!

  7. I think no need to influence the audience. The audience will learn some missing pieces and get better understandings. To do that the attractive person like him helps.

  8. I was SO annoyed w/Colbert for insisting on the push up competition, but I LOVE how Cuomo handled it!!!!! HILARIOUS! What a guy!!

  9. Get after it equates to FAKE NEWS. Pushing a false agenda for the same people that sign your paycheck equates to Beta male journalism and I just lost all respect I ever had for Colbert, who has turned from comedian to MSM flunky….. GOD, that really hurt, because I actually found him funny and insightful before he got bought off by the LEFT!!!!

  10. This whole interview is repulsive, couple of tea bags trying to be funny and cute. How people can’t see through it is beyond me.

  11. MACHO
    MAN !!! 👏👏👏😉😉🤓🤓

    Chris Cuomo had better body posture as he went up & down. 🤗

  12. Cuomo is a lot better as a guest at a comedy show than as a host in his show with pathological liars and manipulators as guests. His TV show is just giving more chance for con artists to con some more, on TV.. Like he advises his brother, he needs to enjoy life rather than hosting a TV show trying to convince his guests he's better than the rest – kind of like trump, but with some muscles

  13. Where is the blacklash about this White Privilege pompous prick. His high school tuition in Albany is roughy 23k per year. Hard to believe he has had manny financial hardships. Cuomo wants to talk about Trumps privilege, what about his? Cuomo is also proud of how is brother is running NYC into the ground? No shame in public service, chomos words. His brother should be out of office for what he has done to NYC

  14. I enjoy his body 😍 so much…and his lies even more 🦂 he said… "pro life guys also stands for dead penalty…why?" what a hipocrite morron.

  15. Lol..it's Fredo and some talk show host with Trump derangement syndrome. It'd be nice to look to an entertainment show and be entertained and not show how threatened you are by another man every single time you turn on the fucking show. Keep digging though, you all will come up with something. Being that Steve is so afraid of Russia oh, how come he doesn't talk about Google's or YouTube's involvement in manipulating the next election? You can just feel the panic LOL

  16. Gee imagine that, an almost 50-year guy, muscle bound, who thuggishly threatens a heckler – no steroid use there…

  17. 400 pages of democratic denigration. It seems to me that President Trump has done many thing good for the nation and all Fredo can do is assassinate President Trump's character. Obviously, Fredo has an agenda and it exists like mental concrete. He is obsessed. Take aways the presidents character and Fredo must find another opponent or he is nothing. No wisdom, no judgement, only a bag of fixed assumptions.

  18. Nothings hotter than a man who is as equally smart as he is gorgeous. I always thought Chris was hot. But that picture of his body… omg! Perfection. He needs to be on Peoples 100 of the most beautiful people list

  19. Oh my God. Fredo is back! That's right you decided to attack conservative thinkers universally yet you claim to have no agenda.

  20. Because both of you did not like the outcome of 2016 you wasted and continue to waste your life and energy pursuing a goal that was set for you very much like dogs chasing a bone thrown by its owners. Realize that you might be doing that beyond 2020.

  21. Anybody remember Letterman's monologue after 911? He proved that beneath the clown, if there was any doubt, was a true patriot. Colbert has picked up the torch. This video shows two true patriots for whom we should all be thankful. The traitors to this country, and I do not use the word lightly . . . Trump and his minions (Barr, Pompeo, et al), Hannity, Ingraham, et al ad nauseam . . . will win if not for the too few true patriots.

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  23. How did I miss this!!??

    OMG!! Totally in lust with Chris (especially when he is busting a$$ on Primetime.) Absolutely love Stephen (especially when he's busting a$$ on Late Night.)

    They are G🥇L🍺 .

    … But the beer is mine!
    Beer is an absolute necessity in Wisconsin whilst "discussing" politics.

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