SHE LEFT ME ! | WHAT I EAT (Meal Prep?) + INSANE chest, shoulders, arms Workout !

SHE LEFT ME ! | WHAT I EAT (Meal Prep?) + INSANE chest, shoulders, arms Workout !

Hello everyone ! So today is tuesday, and I am getting ready because I am going to Paris around noon for an interview for a future formation So I just prepared my breakfast My usual breakfast I hope there will still have snow in Paris ! Fingers crossed Hello We are in a hurry, I need to go to the station to get my train ! I have to drop Clem at the train station So, I am going to try to film a little bit what I do in Paris And I will film what I do here ! Let’s go, we must hurry ! Let’s go ! Here we are, at the train station ! We are at the station on time ! Let’s go for new adventures ! I just arrived in Paris and it’s really cold ! I am going to take an other train I just got home from the gym and I am going to have lunch Clem is really the best one because before she left, she prepared meals for me ! So in every of my meals, there is all the calories I need for my day ! I’ll show you quickly So for lunch, I will have curry chicken with rice ! Hello, I just woke up and it’s wednesday morning I am going to have my breakfast ! I am ready ! So I am going to my interview, let’s go, fingers crossed ! I just arrived, but I’m early I just got home from my interview, and it went really well, I am so happy ! I have my morning face.. but it’s okay.. it’s about 8:00 am I am going to prepare something to eat before I get ready, and tidy up my stuffs and leave to get back home I have a train around 1:00 pm I am almost ready, I just have to tidy up my stuffs and then I will go to the train station Let’s go to the train station ! there is no train.. my train is delayed, so I went to Starbucks to drink a hot chocolate while waiting I finally arrived Helloooo, how are you ? Let’s go home ! I am home !

17 thoughts on “SHE LEFT ME ! | WHAT I EAT (Meal Prep?) + INSANE chest, shoulders, arms Workout !

  1. u guys are really cute…happy to hear dat ur interview was Gud..all the best for ur future plans.god bless and lots of love💓💓💓

  2. Buen video como siempre amigos. Despertar los domingos y desayunar viendo un nuevo video suyo es lo máximo amigos. Saludos los quiero mucho Dios les bendiga grandemente en ese dia….♡♡☆☆☆

  3. This video was great for the guys. I miss the 🌟 star of the show! I didnt have my subtitles on. But as always u look amazing!! Where did u go? U guys did some great work and u sir r getting larger muscles, i am sure u can throw her in the air cause she is like a feather! Good job on ur video's. As part of ur audience i am so thankful for ur hard work and dedication u give to ur subscribers!! I dont have to pay for a gym cause u guys help me a lot! Continued success on ur channel!!!!💗🌺lovr from California.🌺🐚🇺🇸🇫🇷🏄🌞

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  5. Encore une belle vidéo qui met de bonne humeur. J'espère que l'entretien a fonctionné et que tu as été prise. Est ce que vous irez au salon du fitness à Paris mi mars ? Si oui quel jour ? Bonne continuation

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