Seven Steps To Total Health - "Detoxification" (part 1 of 4)

Seven Steps To Total Health – "Detoxification" (part 1 of 4)

I'd like to welcome everyone to our next installment in our program of self empowerment the idea of this get-together for those of you who are just watching for the first time is that over a period of a year and a half we are making a journey a journey into wellness it is not a denial the benefits of medicine it is not to practice medicine there's no diagnosing or treatment inventing condition but it is different than just giving a lecture on health and it's different this respect for so many years those of us in the alternative health information system we would counsel and encourage people to make changes in their lifestyle their behavior their attitudes and they would and they would no longer have possibly arthritis or their diabetes would improve or fatigue would be overcome or sleeping eight hours went to six hours the trouble is that every time someone made this improvement more likely than not their mainstream caregiver would say well you didn't have the original arthritis you because if I can't heal arthritis then it can't be healed I've seen it done with 100 cases of terminal cancer a few years ago in fact three years ago on my WBAI daily radio show we had a series for 10 days where we had 10 women per day for terminal cancer now they qualified to get on the radio program they had to submit medical records showing that they had had terminal cancer diagnosed at a mainstream Orthodox like Cleveland Clinic or MD Anderson or sloan-kettering that they were considered in stage and intractable nothing that Orthodox medicine could do would help them and that by using various healing modalities and these were all different some were dr. Burzynski and dr. revision dr. virginia livingston dr. Burton dr. Alka diem Kellyanne and missiles different therapies around the world but they had overcome their cancer now mind you I didn't say improve they had to have no cancer in their body at all and have the histology pathology x-rays to prove that so they had to have a base here's what you diagnosed with and a current here's what your condition is and it had to show near death totally well that's the qualification you get on my show 100 women were on I don't know if any of in the room heard that show this series well what was interesting is not only the uniqueness of how they approached their condition but every single woman said the same thing every single woman their doctors were amazed that they had overcome the condition with no Orthodox help mind you they also had no radiation or chemotherapy but they didn't know want to know what they did not one doctor not one out of a hundred asked would you whizzed you you came back from death how'd you do it let me learn from it let me understand the process so I can help my other patients not one now if I told you this you may or may not believe it but if you heard it from a hundred out of a hundred women none of whom knew each other you're going to think how could a hundred out of a hundred say the same thing is because there are certain truisms out there and those truisms are that there are gallant efforts made by well-intentioned physicians and public health educators to overcome illness but they're using limited tools the tools simply do not work in most cases now there are times when they do work like emergency medicine and for trauma or burn or an operation may need but a lot of the care you get is simply not good and it doesn't help and it frequently hurts so what I wanted to do is I want to do something different I want to take a group of people like yourself who are not here to be treated for anything because we don't treat anything instead we want to examine what will lifestyle change do for your overall well-being so even though we are not treating depression or Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or obesity there's no diet is it possible that year and a half by living a healthier life using different tools that you will be able to reverse those conditions as a side effect of a healthy lifestyle now if I am right then it doesn't matter what condition you have there should be an improvement in it because the very program to prevent an illness is also the program that helps overcome an illness but just with modification now we've never believed that so you would be told well you've got one of 200 types of cancer you've got one of a hundred types of arthritis so we'll give you four your arthritis non-steroidal anti-inflammatories yes 16,500 died last year yes one hundred and seven thousand were hospitalized just for that one drug just for one type of condition but that's all we know and then you're going to say what's died have to do with it nothing behavior nothing stress nothing nutrients nothing well maybe they're right maybe diet has nothing to do with anything that's what we've been told by Orthodox medicine nothing doesn't matter you can eat hot dogs and french fries your whole life every meal doesn't matter then again what if what if they're wrong what if all the garbage that American medicines been stuffing down your throat was what's causing your illness what if the primary cause of disease in the United States is your doctor and the misinformation that he and the dietitian and the nurse and that public health educators have given us because the control of of knowledge and a perverted knowledge by the special interest groups the dairy industry the meat industry the sugar industry this refined convection industry the pesticide industry what if behind the scenes they're manipulation of public policy to create so-called scientific truths you just eat your basic for food group you do all things duration that and you'll be good and healthy and live a long life and you should be lucky to live to 70 and even if you have arthritis and heart disease and cancer and dementia gee wish you got to be 70 isn't that good instead of aren't we supposed to get 140 isn't 70 just getting started on life instead of the end of life and shouldn't we get there with no disease so I cannot convince any of them at all ever to change their mind I would do as well as trying to eat through that rock is to open the mind to the average physician now that doesn't make them bad but it does make them up step risk it does make their knowledge intractable just like the diseases that they cannot treat that are terminal well they have a terminal limitation on innate knowledge the arrogance to assume that there is nothing that they need to know from people like myself or you because we are not on the hierarchal structure their knowledge comes down ours comes up so I decided I will no longer try to fight that I spent my whole career trying to push a rope up a hill and if you don't think that's hard try it I've spent countless hours lecturing in medical school New York Medical College teaching in the Universities doing all I can to try to open minds that are determined to stay closed it is not as if there is not a desire for cures there is as long as there's but there's a real strong line of division if it's their cure yes our cure no because ours would not be their methodology they're tools now reasonable people would say well let's stop all this nonsense is not just a lot of ego you know we got to have it they got to have it I got to be right they got to be right let's look at what is right listen plea take the best of all things and put them together so we can live a healthier lifestyle live a longer life why why argue why fight we have not been the ones demeaning them we have respected them we have not been the ones that have tried to constrict the whole way we heal by creating laws that would keep any position no matter how successful they are from using techniques that could make a difference they had we have not used words like pseudo scientific quackery charlatans to describe anyone offering alternative positions or the individuals who have benefited as delusional or psychotic they have so look carefully it who has been doing the screaming the yelling the condemning the threatening the harassing the the imprisonment the fines look who has really been the medical Terrace has not been us so the fact that any of us have any form or any respect or any confidence to do anything in a society that has

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