Rich Froning - Built for Crossfit Pain | Power Bite

Rich Froning – Built for Crossfit Pain | Power Bite

I saw one year Europe going out to the CrossFit Games and you were competing as an individual and you had your whole tribe with you you had the wife you had the kids with you and I think you had an infant with you I believe and a lot of people were like oh you know he's done like he's not gonna be able to win like yeah he's got a kid but now he's got another kid and like I don't see this happening and you're still able to pull it off how have you been able to block out the noise to become a four-time world champion I think you just used some of that you know anytime anybody tells you can't you guys know any any competitor knows that's when that's kind of that's all the motivation you really need is to have to somebody tell you that's not you know either nobody's done it before or it's not possible that's that's the deal and I just it's every year something eyes get too old or too many kids now you have three kids granted the kids think that's a large part the UH age thing you know you know doing all right with that right now I actually feel better than I have flight in the last three or four years but kids you know it's just you don't want to take too much time away from them and the the biggest thing for me and that's the reason I stepped away as an individual was when I wasn't training I was still thinking about training rugs individual out obsessed with it I woke up every morning my goal was to be the fittest on earth who's to win probably every single day and you have to have that you have to do that if you want to be a world champion or you want you know excel what you're doing and I knew that I didn't want to sacrifice being a dad to have that you know so like I can still on the team I still compete still train really hard but when I'm done training I'm done training like I'm not thinking about what I need to do next and you know obviously there's some days when I go I mean you know I need to get something else in but it's not as big of a stress as it was another individual thinks that a lot of family things a lot of relationship things they kind of got put on the back burner and some of it you you obviously regret but I mean that's what you have to do to be in that situation I think are you competing as an individual this year is that just an April Fool's joke like I said being on a team I can still push and I still have that drive it's individual you know after a couple years of being individual you just kind of I feel like I'm still probably close to that fitness low you know there's obviously days where I feel like I'm above that physical fitness level and their station run below that fitness level but to be an individual you have to have that switch of just like you know I'm ready to you know I feel like you have to have something to prove you feel like you have a chip on your shoulder or whatever it is and you need that like if there's you have five guys and they're all the same physical capabilities but one person has that mental light that's how you win and I just as an individual I don't really have that anymore you know I'll give anything for my team's and I'll push as hard as I can for the guys or girls next to me but as an individual I just like I said I don't go to to get second or third or a participation that are likely to win and I just don't that's not what my head that that makes sense what if a Fraser want a fourth championship you know like he's super fit obviously a great athlete and so it's just we're different different points in our careers and different points in our lives for sure I just picture like some tumbleweed going in front of you to guys and you guys having an old-fashioned Western you know what I'm curious what is it that built you to get into cross because you said you started like a little bit after you guys were together but CrossFit is painful you know I did a vanilla CrossFit type workout and I was dead it was nothing compared to what you do but what prepared you to be able to handle those types of workouts and deal with that pain day after day yeah like a perfect mix of thing you know my parents growing up my mom was her parents were farmers my dad you know what didn't live on a farm but it was always always doing something always working my parents are in any room or the two of the hardest workers in the room they weren't you know we did we had a lot of chores to do but they weren't making us do stuff while they were sitting around like they were either doing something else or we were all doing the work together so having them playing sports growing up you know high school baseball a little bit of college baseball my high school baseball coach was one of my biggest mentors especially in hard work and that was just a thing we ran more than the track team I felt like which was completely worthless we'd go to the weight room we do these like ridiculous circuits that had you know talking to him now he's like yeah dude I have no idea what I was doing you guys hurt and so just the mental side of that the you know the you know physical OB of growing up playing football all being outside of the firefighter for four years that's actually comic found across when I was getting my degree in exercise science when my professors was like hey you should check out CrossFit know a lot of military police firing guys do CrossFit and you know when I was at the fire station if we were just sitting around by you about five o'clock you have your your fruity time you know was 24 or 48 off but after five o'clock you know traditional workday you could you know build workout you could watch TV hang out you could actually have a crime recline the recliners we couldn't recline before five o'clock so most of us would just hang out I'd go back to the gym cuz they had nothing to do it just go work out for a couple hours and they'd give me so much crap because I was always back there and I couldn't sit still that long so I think it was just a mix of all of those things and found CrossFit and I actually did my first competition and we were on our way to spring break and was like wow you know there's a lot of guys I think I'm gonna be in the top 20 you know I had to be in the top 15 to transfer so I was thinking well you know I'm not top 20 we'll go ahead and get an early going on spring break and there so yeah I think like I said it's just a mix of everything not one thing that I could really pinpoint it is the the answer but all that in 2010 when you did struggle with that rope climb was that something that kind of set forth the rest of your career do you think that was a moment that kind of needed to happen to get you fired up to start destroying everybody basically yeah yeah for sure before that you know I let CrossFit kind of become in the previous months that CrossFit kind of defined who I was as a human being and you know like I said my faith is a huge part of who I am and that failure made me realize hey that you know earthly things aren't what defined me as a human being and it really helped me to kind of disconnect from you know for a couple months after cross craft of the games that year I didn't want to do any CrossFit I was just like man I've gotta I gotta get this anyway you want to work out and so it really helped me kind of back up to and I was like okay once you start figuring out how to move better and not necessarily worry about how much weight but actually doing stuff correctly you know it's a lot of CrossFitters maybe not now as much but when we were back then it was like paint who cares what it looks like as long as I'm getting it done fast you know and and now it's like alright let's pump the brakes a little bit and you picked the barbell down the 195 or 139 let's move the bar well doing an Olympic lifts before we start to you know load our spine and you know do all that type of stuff and it really helped me overall doing that for sure was that something that did help you to get away from allowing it to define you because I've seen I've seen it kind of burn a lot of other CrossFitters and I see it in our sport too and powerlifting and stuff like that where the numbers really define you but how does how does somebody get away from that man it's foreign and that was the biggest thing where I think like I said with my faith it was that's what defines Who I am and you know buuuut there anything with CrossFit can be away from me but that that can't really be taken away and I you know for somebody who you know faith isn't their thing I think it's you know getting outside of yourself and and not letting you know it gets so you know one thing be who defines you as a human being like now my kids you know I know that you know I'm a dad first now and there's no then there still are days where I left you know what happens in the gym or what happens with numbers and all that stuff to find me like I'm not saying that that doesn't happen but every day is a new day and I try to figure out at the end of the day kind of take a take a recap and say all right I did this well I did not do this well what can I do different tomorrow and you know it's not when there are days where I'm like men I was a good dad today and then there's days where I'm like wow I would piece of you know art so it's it's tough and then that's you know that's life I thinking and it's as long as you're moving forward and are are able to be held accountable and can hold yourself accountable and doing those things that you know aren't necessarily the easy things to do that's that's good what about maybe tricking tricking yourself a little bit with your training may be utilizing like the conjugate system doing something that's different let's say particular CrossFit workout calls for some deadlifts and some pull-ups or something like that back and forth but rather than doing the actual protocol maybe you deadlift and you have some chains on the bar and maybe when you go to do your pull-ups you're you're doing a pull-up on a fat or bar or something like that you know have you done things like that throwing yourself kind of a curveball so that you're not getting too attached to the actual numbers in the actual score maybe potentially making the workout a little bit harder or maybe making the workout even a little bit easier yeah I do a lot of variations of benchmark workouts like just an example the other day you know one of the workouts one workouts that competed in is called Amanda and it's just 975 muscle ups and squats natchok 135 well couple weeks ago we did it was a 3 to 1 legless rope climbs with 97 5 squats national we'll do a lot of stuff like that where it's similar time-domain similar you know stimulus but it's a completely different movement but then it it's kind of the beauty of what we do is you can kind of change that stuff as much as you want but like I said I I really don't do a ton of the bench more strict straight CrossFit comm benchmark workouts we we use those as kind of template and then another thing that we've actually started doing is it's tough you know because intensity is a huge huge key in what we do and across bit you know preaches intensity and all that stuff one thing that I've started doing is is adding some actual like interval met comes into so like we'll do that nine seven five with three two one legless but we'll do it we gotta created three times and so you rested till 10 almost complete rest and go again so I'm gonna prove that's one of the things with CrossFit a lot of people were like you only did a two minute workout today and so it'll we are you gonna get better in a mile you're not gonna just run a mile you're gonna do it you know in different variations in a couple different times so that's that's kind of something that I've learned over Mike it's kind of crazy to think back I've been doing crossfit going on ten years

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  1. I love there family dynamic I’m sure his wife is incredible and supportive and works hard at home which is never mentioned much by society in general , staying at home shouldn’t be demonized or looked down upon either , yes he is an amazing athlete but when you are a father it takes the at home support as well . so he can work hard and he seems to be a great dad too . I am a firefighter /medic female and I am an obstacle racer and endurance athlete in Ironman and ultra marathons plus love CrossFit and my husband helps out so much so I can have time to train and be there for my kids . It’s balance and apparently they make it work ! People always say your life is over when you have kids , it’s just different it isn’t over . Your goals aren’t over and people should pursue things after kids to show it’s possible to your own kids . I’m not saying neglect your kids there is a balance but there is nothing wrong with pursuing goals . Life isn’t over you just have a bigger cheering section in life when you can share things with your family . Parent first and then everything else falls in line .

  2. They needa change the name because CrossFit just sounds dumb anytime I hear the word I automatically think pussy

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