100 thoughts on “Reviewing Gym Fashion

  1. My roommate wears toe shoes a lot. She doesn’t even work out, she just wears them to get groceries or go to class or whatever. And she wears toe socks underneath

  2. I have Vibram shoes. The only people who ever talk about them, are people like you just hating on them. What else do you just have a biased hatred for?

  3. I was literally saying to someone, "you know it hasn't snowed for christmas in like five years but climate change isn't real right?" *sarcasm* …and also we had a blizzard on halloween years before.

  4. Those langots are not meant for exercise other than mud wrestling
    Those are not jogging / swim wear they're just meant to be worn during training for wrestling

  5. I hate feet !!!so much!!! but I'll watch Rhett and Link stuff with feet, because I love Rhett and Link so much. I am so glad neither of them are fans of those horrific toe shoes. I was kind of worried stop. Crisis averted.

  6. I haven’t watched GMM in a long time, so it’s my first time seeing Jared. And honestly I love him. I might have to start watching again just to see more of him.

  7. Jared sounded like the safety announcement whenever you get on a tram or monorail at Disney with the way he spoke lol

  8. I have a pair of those toe shoes! You’re not supposed to just jam your feet in them lol. I’ve never had any issues with toe chafing. They’re one of the few pairs of shoes that don’t bother my back. I have 2 bulging discs and stenosis in my lower back. I have no interest in conversing about their science though lol. The conversation usually goes “I like your shoes!” “Thanks! I got them on Amazon!” 😂

  9. Throughout this whole episode I was weirdly focused on Jared's part in his hair, very interesting but very nice lmao

  10. Can i be completely candid, Jared makes my little heart flutter. He has the most wholesome smile and his voice is so niCe. I dunno if this is a creepy analysis. This is all.

  11. I really want to know what Link was going to say about the underwear that he wears under his shorts, but he never got to finish 😂

  12. Didn’t take in a single word of this video, too busy swooning over Jared. My god what a beautiful boy.

  13. The amount of men calling another man cute in this comment section is very disturbing 😔😔😔😂

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