100 thoughts on “Push Ups Vs. Bench Press | Which is better or more effective?

  1. In the end it really depends on the goal. Calesthetics won’t make you a power lifter and weights won’t make you a gymnast.

  2. I added bench work and found my pushups improved. My stamina and desire to bang out reps randomly has greatly improved. I'm limited in weight I can use safely on the bench since I lift alone. Having a partner 2-3x week would do wonders for me. I would say this: if you bench M/W/F, use pushups (even 10 well executed ones) as warm-up/stretch and after lifting (if you have anything left), then alternating days (T/Th/Sat-Sun) add concentrated push-up routine (e.g. 100: 30, 25, 20, 15, 10).

  3. Just do one arm one leg push ups.

    If you can't do them on the floor yet, do them hand elevated on a higher surface. High enough to allow you to do 5 reps. Once you get to 20 reps with that lower again so that you can only get 5 and then again build up to 20 reps until you get to floor version. Then afterwards feet elevated version.

    And so on..

  4. i gain so much strenght on doing pushups, i do weighted pushups with a backpack on my bag, where i put 2 liter water bottles filled with sand in. Then i still get full rage of motion, and all the weight be on my back like a turtle, and i can precise adjust and know exactly how much ekstra weight i got on my back. Currently i weight 130 kg, and i can do 12x clean pushups in a row with 20 kg ekstra on my back.

  5. THE content of this channel is freaking awesome. It's been while since ir videos appear to me n i never gave one little glimpse.

  6. Which is better or more effective? You pose the question to draw us in, but weasel out of it, by not answering the question. Do you really think that we don't know that both exercises are good for us? So, do more research, and answer the question you posed.

  7. Weights=bulk using your body=shredded it all depends what you want from the training being able to bench high weights doesn't even mean you can do 20 push-ups… You train for what you want to get good at simple as that

  8. An easier synopsis is if you bench press around your body weight, pushups will be effective for you.
    If you have gotten much stronger in your years of training, pushups will not provide an adequate workout and can regress your bench numbers.
    Adding to this, if you have reached this advanced point in your training, you likely have put on more weight and strain on your body.
    I find pushups to be an unnecessary strain on my wrists, shoulders and tendons at this point in my career. However, I did start with just pushups and recommend that to anyone starting out. Master your body weight first before moving into weights. It will lay a great foundation and control.

  9. thank u so much dude keep it up , i follow u from tunisia ,i am practicing calestinics sinc 2013,but i have scoliosis can u make a video to help me improve it and thanks

  10. I'd prefer push ups. More reps, more pain, more gain. In saying that nothing wrong with bench press either.
    Great channel by the way.

  11. You cant match the speed with witch a good trainer can get you jacked with weights, a good set of micro weights plus your normal weights and someone to push you cant really be beat. Though i prefer my hermit style where i dont hit the gym but slap a 15kg plate on my back and do pushups every other day.

  12. Which one better for Building muscle ? Because my reps is stuck on 30 (without weight). I added weight evrytime i push up . I feel like i got the strength but not the endurance

  13. to be a gym trainer i refer both but pushups are better due to effecting a lot more than biceps in just one kind of excercise

  14. a guy doing just bench presses is not gonna look as ripped as a guy doing pushups and a guy doing just pushups may not have the upper body strength as a guy doing bench presses I'm 160lbs and a don't wanna look massive and broad I like to dress in fitted clothes if your like me and want the same thing I suggest 12 to 14 sets of push ups 30 a set and 4 sets off bench presses of maybe 140lbs of 16 to 20reps if your able to do more weights then do so

  15. So when is leg day? Dude some squats would help you grow some booty. Your shorts looked like they were barely hanging on.

  16. Bench press is essential but I prefer pushups because it feels more pratical like my entire body actively trying to push something away from me…

  17. I always thought you would
    You gotta crawl be fore you walk.

    Start of with push ups then go
    Bench press once you get the hang of
    Push ups.

  18. It would make ALOT of sense to label the body part/muscle group when you use the medical term for it so your viewers can associate the name to the body part/muscle group.

  19. I ve been lifting weights for 2 years, but I want to get into calisthenics… I want to follow your program… But with which program I could start best, Basic or complete calisthenics? Grts

  20. Its relative to the goal. Bench press is better for strength training on shoulders, chest and triceps and you know exactly how much weight you're lifting. Pushups stimilate those muscles as Well but growth and strength are more limmited. however pushups also strengthen core and hips unlike bench press and burns more calories because it engages more muscles. Which one is better is only relative to the goal. I do dumbbell presses over bench presses because dumbbells are better to strengthen stabilizer muscles than barbells which are already partially balanced and I do either pushups or machine chest presses or cables over barbells as well.

  21. I stopped completely with weights after "discovering" the calisthenics world, one of the reasons being it's so much more fun, so much more variation. My favourite tool is gymnastic rings, the amount of exercises possible are really huge, all my training days are different now, when I did weights, I just had 3 or 4 different training programs that I rotated that didn't change too much

  22. I'm not going to watch the video. I just wanted to say that while pushups can build a decent Chest, it will never be as great as the chest you could build with Bench press. Arnold was a bench presser.

  23. If you're looking for a more lean muscle, push ups the way to go. If you are looking for a bulky look. Weights are the way to go. I'm older so I'm looking for a more lean look at 180 pounds.

  24. Very simple. I put on a backpack with small weight plates (5lbs, 10 lbs) in it to increase the weight. Works perfect. You can stuff it with foam or whatever on the side that's going to be touching your back for padding.

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