Prone Press Ups – Ask Doctor Jo

Prone Press Ups – Ask Doctor Jo

For a prone press up, lie on your stomach and put your hands flat on the ground, and press your upper body up. Try to keep your hips down so you’re not coming up with the hips, but the hips are down and you’re bending just at your back. And then hold it.

6 thoughts on “Prone Press Ups – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. You always keep it simple but effective. this is one of my favorite exercise after my long MTB Rides and Races, and my plank exercises, great input. Keep on the good work, I'm a Fan. Cheers from Portugal.

  2. People DO this back stretch if you have a herniated disk or to prevent them. It works! I do them several times a day especially after sitting. Also if you can do home traction/decompression it could save you from surgery!
    Thanks Dr Jo!

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