Ozzy Man Reviews: Gym Fails #2

Ozzy Man Reviews: Gym Fails #2

Okay, ladies and gents, I’ll give it to you straight. The gym is trying to bloody kill you. Here’s a bench press that wants to murder a young man. The barbell is like “do you enjoy your beating heart? What about these organs, champ? Let me crush ‘em!” yeah nah you don’t watch the rest. This sheila reckons she can show the weights who’s boss. She can’t. She ends up pretzeled on the floor and in need of a mid-strength beer. A spotter can help protect you from the evil gym. Be sure to choose someone you are intimately close with. Someone who isn’t afraid to get inside your personal sweaty space. Yeah, these blokes are right up in each other’s tone zone. This is a great way to conquer the gym equipment. Fantastic teamwork. Imagine the smell, though. Actually, don’t. Oh nooo the gym is starting to fight back. The nature of the monkey bar is irrepressible. The bloke in the blue shirt is trapped in a death grip! His mate thinks it’s funny because he doesn’t understand how bad exercise can be. Yeah nah he’s choking. He’s passing out. The beefcake on the exercise bike rushes into help. I reckon it’s too late. He’s dangling like a ragdoll. Ah nah he’s laughing. He thinks almost dying is funny. His shirt is definitely cactus. That is one soul the gym has claimed. You reckon that was an isolated event? It wasn’t. Here’s another piece of gym equipment doing the same choke hold. He’s FUCKED! This is the epitome of that movie drag me to hell. A crevasse has opened up in the floor and the gym is devouring this sheila. It’s like that Floor is Lava trend. She has to keep doing chin ups in order survive. This one is horrific. The equipment and the floor gang up to smack her in the face. This seems simple enough, the hammer throw. Ya warm up, ya gain momentum, ya spinny spin around and ya let go. Well, what if the hammer throw thingy doesn’t let go of you. He bloody failed to think of that didn’t he. Some gyms are more sadistic than others. They don’t just wanna kill you, they want you to experience pain and torture and constipation the next day. (Loud shouting under pressure). Yeah, she’s delirious. She’s checked out mentally. I mean, yeah, she has abs, but was worth it. Was worth it. I think me and my fan base know the answer. The treadmill is the worst. It has no ethics. It will speed up on little old ladies outta nowhere and drop them on their fuckin’ face. Just stick to the simple equipment, like this guy, low risk. Actually, here is some rare footage of a human murdering the gym. He is splitting that barbell in half using the power of his shoulders, neck and beard. Seriously, Bruce Willis in Unbreakable can piss off. This is the strongest bloke in the world. We found him. He’s even stronger than my Dad. He’s got good sportsmanship and compassion too. He’s trying to put the barbell back to bed, just let go of it mate. Let it lay on the ground with its guts out. Gym: 10 million wins. Humans: 1. Yeh

100 thoughts on “Ozzy Man Reviews: Gym Fails #2

  1. I'll give the older ladies on the treadmill a pass. Everyone else needs to be on some sort of gym offender register and banned for fucking life.

  2. The fact that he bent the weight bar on his neck is insane I've seen people bend the bar doing deadlifts but never just on the back of their neck

  3. 0:10 it's not a joke,if you ever in this situations just scream for help,don't be a Morron like this kid full with pride thinking he can handle it

  4. That last guy I knew from Beyond Limits in Columbus, Ohio. Glad to see he's still famous for that video. 😁🙃

  5. There’s a recounting of the last clip by the guy in it. Look up Joe Sullivan. He says it’s the closest he’s ever felt to dying under the weight

  6. How Can this last retard in video have this fucking broken and he still lifting with this broken shit what fucking mentál…

  7. Skreeching woman in pink shorts looks like a freak to me. Why do people think it is a good idea to make their body so grotesquely out of shape?

  8. I wish the Olympics would hurry up and come back so we can review some more super hot chicks with super hot bodies doing super sexy spinny flippy shit😍

  9. I'm surprised these blokes don't smell the previous death smell from their ancestors when the gym first opened up their legs praising the gods…

  10. That weights bar at the end must have been made in China…. it does what all my cheap tools from China do…. bend all over the place!
    Remember when steel used to be as hard as ,, as,, as hard as, steel !! ? …. I dunno WTF happened to steel??

    If China ever invades Australia and their tanks are also made of whatever that crap they call 'steel' is… i will be able to puncture their tanks with my redgum spear.

  11. the first one is called the bench press roll of shame u do it if u dont have a spotter and cant lift anymore .not smashing orghans

  12. Weights are such a bad idea, do body weight stuff or light ones, then just do as many reps, fitter and stronger, you may not be able to bench 300kg but that pretty useless anyway

  13. 0:09 does anyone else cringe when a guy arches his back like that. Like I understand the concept of wanting to lift more but at the same time I want to have a straight spine

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