Moses: Strongman | Training For A Better Life

Moses: Strongman | Training For A Better Life

‘I’ve been fortunate or unfortunate ‘to have experienced a lot of stuff. ‘I know life can be cruel. ‘When my clients talk to me,
I feel those emotions. ‘I feel like I can relate. ‘I make them aware of the harsh
realities of life. ‘There’s no point selling them
no dream. ‘You have to know what’s out there
for you to be able to deal with it. ‘My name is Moses Adeyemi. ‘I use mental and physical training
to improve individuals’ wellbeing.’ Yeah, come on. Three, two. Come on. And again. Straight away, go. One, come on. Two, come on. Yeah, my boy.
Yeah, come on. Keep going, keep going, keep going. I want speed. Yes, I know.
Nine, come on. Keep going. Nine, come on. Eight, come on. Seven, come on. Mate… Keep going, keep going.
Fuck this. Let’s go, come on. Let’s go, come on. Ten. Take these
bloody things off me, man. I’m getting frustrated. Last one.
Get frustrated, come on. Last one. You’ve got to let it out.
It’s better out than in. HE PANTS # I’m at the end of my tether… # The feeling just before you go
commit a robbery, especially something like a bank… Oh, man. The adrenaline is just
overwhelming. One minute you’re celebrating
thinking, “Yes, we done it.” You know, we had like 30 grand
sitting in the car. And… Yeah, little did we know there was
a surprise waiting for us at the end of the road. There was police officers coming out
of the helicopter down there, running towards me. So, I was, literally, lost as to
where to go. It was a thing of approaching that
wall over there. And, looking at it now,
I feel like I would do it easily, but back then, it was impossible. If I got over it
and I never got caught, I probably would still be out
committing crime right now. And maybe getting caught for
something a lot more serious. So, now, I appreciate the fact
that the wall was there. It was like a reality check. It’s over now, you’re done. ‘I don’t hate the person
I used to be. ‘I was doing bad things, but I was
mentally strong enough to say, ‘”Do you know what,
I’m done with that lifestyle.” ‘We all know the difference
between right and wrong. ‘It’s about are you strong enough
to stick to the right path? ‘In my work, I give people the tools
to be able to do that themselves.’ This gets on my nerves. I don’t like being out of my
comfortable zone, bruv. Erm… So, where do you want to be? Where it’s comfortable
and it’s easy and you know? That’s it. I don’t know, because
I haven’t even been there yet. My whole life has always been
complicated. And it’s annoying. What you think I
do? What do you feel? Like, when you think? It’s just about gym? No, not even. I don’t know what’s my
problem, bro. I have a massive problem, but I
can’t even put a word to it, still. Cos I’m always in the same
bloody boat, bruv. So, you need to take control,
though. You need to take control of
the situation. Yeah, but I don’t know how to, bro. Opportunities
might be in front of you, but it’s like you’re afraid. You’re not willing to take that
step to go get it. But that’s… But right now, I don’t have
anything. Do you know what I’m saying?
Like… So, what are you willing
to get anything? I want… That’s what I’m trying to do.
I’m trying to go to university. That’s what this is about.
I’m trying to… So, you are ready to take that step?
Yeah, but… And accept help from whoever? So, if I said, “Oh,
I can get you into this. “I can sort out that housing.
I can sort that uni application. “I can sort that job,”
are you willing to take that step? HE PANTS Yeah. Right. Let’s move on. ‘Everybody knows the right answer
to whatever situation ‘or circumstance
they find themselves in. ‘They find it very difficult
to apply to themselves. ‘But I never tell anyone what to do. ‘I just show them the bigger
picture.’ Whose arms are bigger?
Mine are bigger than his. Longer, whose are longer? The lighter one is longer. No, hold
on, hold on. You’re twisting that way. Let me
twist that way as well. Excuse me a sec. Where am I
twisting? OK, when you twist, you get the
ball. I wasn’t doing that, though. Yes, you was. I saw you.
I was like this! I started to keep fit for my peace
of mind, for my self-esteem. It’s all about me. I have to do it. I need to do it. I have to train. I don’t know. I come to the gym and I will just
feel better about myself, no matter what’s going on. If I was to stop training,
I don’t know, I think I would get proper
depressed. Because this is the only thing I
look through to every single day. Like, I will have the shittest day
of the week and I’m thinking, “Yeah, I’m going to come gym later.” If you was an artist and you loved
drawing, if you can’t draw, what are you going to do? But some people can’t really see it. They just think they’re coming to
the gym, trying to look big and scary. Have any of my teeth come out yet?
This one’s wobbly. It’s still wobbling? These two.
What one? Which one’s wobbling?
There. SHE COUGHS Nice. My mum left me when I was born
in the hospital. She was very young, so she left. And whilst she was pregnant, my dad travelled and
he never came back to the UK. My aunt here, that’s in white, she came to visit my mum in hospital
a couple of days after I was born and she was told that the lady had
run away, but the child is there. She was only 15 herself and she took
me in and she raised me until the age of nine. I thought you said you don’t
play with your kids. But it’s rough. Their mum never
plays with them. This is like my rough stuff. I think I tend to talk to
them more and play. They really need to have a really
strong mind-set to be able to take on what the world is going to bring
to them. And that’s funny. That’s more important than… playing around and stuff, you know? Daddy. What is this? Nothing. Three. Don’t lock it.
Come on. Come on, four. Come on.
There we go. Five. I always though to myself, if I was
your size with my puny head… THEY LAUGH I’ve always thought of that. Always. Yeah, with me, like,
once I get a little bit… Like when I get into that
fire zone… Mm-hm. ..wherever I go, I carry it with me. So, it happened? Yeah. What? Just people… ..judge people. And I have a problem with biting
back. If someone is saying, “Watch your
mouth, “you don’t know who you’re talking
to. And I’m like, “Shut up.”
And he’s like, “What?” I’m thinking… And that’s what happened.
I was just… You know, you know. I know all of
it. Of course, I do. I’m not stupid. You know all of
it. Of course, you know. There’s nothing now… And this is
not me being proud of it. ..but there’s nothing now in terms
of violence-wise that you can go and do that I ain’t done. Even worse so. And I can admit that now,
because I’ve been sentenced for it. It’s all over my criminal record.
Do you get it? And every single violent thing I’ve
ever done, I look back and I’m
thinking, “You know what? “I could have walked away there.” I didn’t benefit from it,
if anything I lost. Lost my freedom, lost my house,
lost my kids, lost my girl. Cos it was like an ego thing.
Just maturity. Again, there’s nothing I
can tell you that you don’t know. Last set, come on. Last time. I want ten, yeah?
A proper ten. Two, three. Faster, come on. Four, easy. I don’t really come to the gym
to tell you about my problems. I don’t know nothing about you
personally. Well, it depends on what…
I didn’t even know you read books. I know, I didn’t even know
he could read! You did know I read books.
No, I didn’t. I didn’t know
you read books. We could all have the same stresses
right now, but we’re keeping it to ourselves,
because, I don’t know, we’re afraid to let out. I don’t
know what it is. I’m not going to speak for other people, because I’m
in the same boat. It’s going to be very hard for me
to, kind of, tell as much as I’m close to them,
the other. I’m not going to lie. Things are hard right now. We don’t do it. I don’t know why we
don’t do it, but we don’t do it. What I do is, I allowed
me to be better within myself, because I speak a lot more now. For me to expect someone to open up
to me, I’ve got open up to them. And then once I’ve opened up to
people, I think, “All right, “do you know what, I’m not the only
one that’s feeling a certain way.” You’re feeling this one, now, yeah? Eight, come on. Seven, come on. Six, just your toes.
Come on. Five, come on. Four. Come on, three more. Two, one. OK. Probation officer don’t get it. Social worker don’t get it. All
these people, all this authority, they don’t get it, because
they’re not about that. The ain’t been through it. It’s
true. They haven’t been on the roads. Do you know what I’m trying
to say? How can they help? They’re just going to read
stuff off the paper. No. They don’t do anything.
Yeah, I’ve had that all my life. That’s what I’m saying, so… We could sit all day and brag about
all the things we’ve been through to each other, but… But it’s not
about that, though, is it? Exactly. It’s about looking forward.
It’s not about that. And trying to be better. ‘People look at me for the answer. ‘I’m the guy that’s always OK. ‘The guy that’s got it all sorted
out. ‘I’m not allowed to show my
weakness, ‘cos I always have to
maintain that image. ‘I imprison myself within my
own thoughts, ‘because I feel as though I can’t
expose that to anyone. ‘I need to learn to talk more. ‘and to allow myself to
be vulnerable for other people. ‘I just know how dangerous
emotions can be. ‘I want to always maintain control
of that. ‘I don’t want it to take over me. ‘Maybe that’s wrong, but who knows
better? ‘You know, I’m still learning

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  1. we all know the difference between right and wrong, ya jus gta hav da bollox to push it the right way.. actions define character – nice job out thr boss like ur style, feel like u got da rite idea, we gotta help each other thru thats all… peaceout moses

  2. i'm a personal trainer and fitness is my release especially when my mother got me into fitness and she died of cancer a year ago. i applied for the army and hopefuklly my mental health doesnt stop me of depression. moses seen you on the SAS thing and adversity makes a man or women like its made you.

  3. Wow! I watched sas and already have mad respect for him!

    Good job bro keep on the positives in life 👌👌

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