Michael Strahan Challenges Jimmy to Do 25 Push-Ups for Military Vets

Michael Strahan Challenges Jimmy to Do 25 Push-Ups for Military Vets

-Well, your birthday
is tomorrow, is that right? -Tomorrow, man.
-Happy birthday! -Thank you.
-Early. -Thank you. Appreciate it. -I just — I know
exactly what to get you. [ Laughter ] -Yeah. I turn —
I turn 47 tomorrow. -That’s a big deal, man.
-So, yeah. -That’s awesome.
-It’s good. So, I’m excited about that. And after work,
I fly to Houston. Have dinner with my parents because, you know, the kind of
the mobility is not so great in their 80s, so —
-Sure. -I’m going to go to them.
Take the kids, fly down, have dinner,
and then fly out that night and go to L.A.
so I can go to work on Thursday. -Holy mackerel.
You work hard, man. Oh, my gosh. -Yeah, I have great jobs,
though. I’m like you. I have fun at work. So, yeah.
-Yeah, no. -Yeah, it’s all great stuff. What is the big game Thursday? -Cowboys and —
No, the Cowboys/Redskins. -Yeah.
-First place in the division. It’s for first place
in the NFC East — a division that was won by
the once-great Eagles, who… [ Laughter ] …have had a wing clipped and have fallen to the ground
in a very hard way. -Questlove, be careful.
-Stop it! -No, Questlove, be careful. -No, ’cause you know
every time I come here, they are waiting in the hallway
to greet me. -Yeah.
-And go, “Your Giants suck”. -Yeah.
-“My Eagles are so good”. Oh, I walk in today,
the band, the room to the — the door to their room
is closed. [ Laughter ] I caught one of them
trying to go — trying to go to the bathroom. I caught you. They didn’t want to talk to me.
-What? Why did they want to —
I mean, what happened to the Eagles this season? -They landed.
The Eagles have landed. [ Laughter ] You know what I think happened
in all honesty? I think they won
the Super Bowl last year, and this year, they thought
it was just going to happen, that they were going to be —
automatically be back in the playoffs,
and it’s not that easy. You’re at the top
of the mountain. Everybody is trying
to knock you off. -You got to stay up.
-And you got to stay up. And Carson Wentz
has still played well. I don’t understand, really,
what’s going on, but they just can’t win. [ Laughter ] -Oh, watch out. Watch out. Watch out for that drumstick.
Oh, my. My God. -I wish the Eagles would play
as hard as you threw that. [ Laughter and applause ] -Who is — Who is —
Just hold on to it just in case he —
-Oh, I’m not throwing it back. -Who is — Who is
doing well this year? Drew Brees, right?
-Drew Brees is doing fantastic. I think that’s going to be — If anybody can go
into New Orleans and beat the Saints,
especially in the playoffs, they deserve to
go to the Super Bowl because that is by far
the best team. Defense is playing better
than they have. And Drew is amazing. I mean, 39, almost 40 years old. He and Brady, have, like,
proven that, you know, 30s and 40s are the new 20s. -He came on our show once.
We had Drew on the show, and he was playing a game —
just a fun game. Like, we played “Catchphrase”,
but it was with — I was throwing plates up
and he playing against… -I saw that.
-…Taylor Lautner. -And, pow, he is
knocking ’em out the air. -Well, Taylor started to win, and all of sudden,
Drew stopped having fun. He was like — [ Laughter ] He was like [Whooshes],
and I was like — I could barely
let go of the plate. “Game over. I don’t want to
play this no more, man”. I was afraid, man.
-Yeah, you get competitive. -Yeah.
-“I can’t let an actor beat me”. “I got to go back
to the locker room”. -Exactly, yeah.
-You can’t do that. -So, you do “Fox NFL Sunday”, you do
“Thursday Night Football”. -Yeah. So. Thursday,
Thanksgiving, obviously, football doesn’t stop. People like to watch football, eat a little turkey
with the family. So, I have that big game
this weekend. I mean, it’s Thursday.
And then this weekend out in L.A. to do
the Fox gig with the guys. -And then back here,
you do “GMA Day” now. -“GMA”, “GMA Day”.
-“GMA”, “GMA Day”. -GMA Night. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, exactly. -But, yeah. “GMA Day”,
I do that with Sara Haines. It comes on at 1:00. -I love her, she’s great.
-And she is fantastic. -Yeah.
-And she’s — everything you see is what you get,
which I love about her. There’s no one way on TV
and another way off the screen. What you see is what you get. Sweet girl.
And we have fun, you know? -You like doing that show?
-I love it because it’s fun. It’s just get on and just play
and experiment and try to put a show together
and make it fun. -And find your voice,
yeah, yeah, yeah. -Yeah, exactly.
-You — Today, I got a nice present from you. I was hoping it was
avocado toast, but it wasn’t.
It was just a — It was actually much nicer.
Thank you. I got a — I got
a beautiful thing of clothes and nice clothes from
the Michael Strahan Collection. -I got to take care of you, man.
You look good, though. You always look good.
I will say that. -Oh, no, but thank you.
-But I figured I’d give you a little something
so when you’re not here, be a little more casual, some — We just came out
with a denim line. -Yeah.
-So, you got jeans and all that stuff. You can dress them up,
dress them down. I got them on now.
-Yeah. -I don’t know how I look,
but I got them on. -No, you look great.
Absolutely. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, the runway. Oh, runway! Runway, Strahan! Oh, oh! Runway, Strahan! Oh. Oh, my — Oh, my goodness. Sit down. [ Horn blares ] Sit down! Just sit down now! Oh, my goodness.
-Oh, sorry. My hamstring cramped.
I had to stretch it. -Yeah, you had to
stretch it there. MSX is what it is. Michael Strahan,
exclusively at JCPenney. -Yes.
-And you’re doing this cool thing —
You did a great thing for veterans.
-Yeah. -With your clothing line.
What was the — What was the challenge?
-Well, the MVP — Merging Vets and Players — it was started by
my friend Jay Glazer, who worked with me
at “Fox NFL Sunday”. And he takes these vets
who have come back from combat and they need to find
a new family, need to find a new team, and he brings them all together, brings in ex-athletes. and he brings them in
under the guise of working out at his gym, but then they sit around
for like an hour or more, and they just talk about life. And so many vets commit suicide. And this is about giving them that team and people
they can depend on to save them from that. And we did a challenge,
so for every 25 pushups someone would do,
we’d give away articles of clothing. And we had — It went viral. I mean —
-Yeah. -You know,
John Krasinski did it. -I saw. Chris Pratt did it.
-Chris Pratt did it. -No, I saw that go around.
-Sylvester Stallone did it. And we gave
over 500 pieces of clothing to all these soldiers and vets so that they can look good
and have what they need and — [ Cheers and applause ]
-Good for you. -No strings attached, man. -The challenge is over, though.
-The challenge is over. And, you know, but my dad’s
an Army — retired Army major, so the challenge is over,
but, of course, we’ll always still be involved. And you should have
dropped and gave me 25. -I know. I know. [ Laughter ] Ow, ow, ow, ow.
-No, you’re in shape. You got the pecs.
-I could do it. -Yeah.
-You want me to do — I can do 25 pushups. [ Cheers and applause ] Whoa, whoa, whoa. What happens —
What do I get if I do? -Okay, how about —
okay, you do it — If you do it, we’ll double up
what we’ve already given. So, we’ll give away
over 1,000 — [ Cheers and applause ] We’re doubling it up.
Come on, Jimmy. I’ll do it with you.
I’ll do it with you. -You’ll do it with me? [ Cheers and applause ] -I thought you had one stick!
-All right, buddy. -Come on, man.
-All right. All right, ready?
-All right, let’s go. -Go. -One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18… -Come on, you got it.
-…19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25! [ Cheers and applause ] -You did it!
-Only you, man. -You did it, man.
-Only you. -Thank you.
-Michael Strahan, everybody! [ Cheers and applause ] We’ll be right back
with Michael Angarano. Stick around, everybody. -The soldiers thank you,
my friend. -Oh, my God.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]

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