MEGA ENDURANCE 24 hours on a circular treadmill - The Human Hamster!

MEGA ENDURANCE 24 hours on a circular treadmill – The Human Hamster!

today I'm off to meet the human hamster I'm just picking up warning you're on camera I'm meeting the human hamster as part of Just Giving fundraising Awards every year just giving celebrates and fundraisers who've done some crazy fundraising so we've arrived in Southend and we are just approaching Dean's house now so let's go and meet this crazy guy and see his human hamster wheel yes Dean nice to meet you how you doing Dean wire Ian frame and beardian face I instantly liked Dean he had a great energy about him I hadn't seen the wheel before so I was very excited and under this great big blue thing here it's it's my pride and joy but all you techie engineering types he's Dean talking me through the construction and that's my will so it was designed on 3d CAD so I'm a computer-aided designer I'm an engineering mechanical designer we made a prototype in Lego just to test that theory what we had done is all wood sort of plywood and asides and routers as well because I had to be perfectly round we had them laser cuts and plywood and I've double layered it so it's it's got a nice wide running surface and they are all perfect it comes apart into into six sections or three sections is easier for transportation and and it's really just a a will sat on some boulders so there's two boulders at the back and two boulders at the front and then two rollers smaller rollers just in the middle which take my weight so that's my way our centre of gravity is it went together pretty easily having the lego model did actually help with thinking about how it was going to run and how it was going to come apart and the stability of it we've built it in five weeks and it has seven weeks to Train I'd been running in it in its raw form the week before I decided to paint it so we painted it with decking paints it wouldn't so I wouldn't slip if it was wet remember that works no I don't know then two days before the event I decided that I probably getting a bit tired I'd only run two hours in it maximum so 24 hours a little bit different so we decided to put some handlebars on there I cut up the handlebars off my bike and with some bottle cages as well and that also holds the white computer which gives us our distance so they were very late edition and in the event I end up having my hands tied using buffs like the sweatbands had my hands tied to the handlebars so I wouldn't fall off and I could close my eyes then and I knew that I wouldn't go anywhere so I stayed in the middle yeah and that's why the black line was there as well so I'd have something to to focus on that was going around so I stayed in the middle it's a thing of beauty my eyes but I'm sure not everyone else sees it that way Dean tinkered around with the wheel setting it up his feat of endurance was incredible and I've got him talking about his training in a moment but first it's important for Dean to explain why he did it well I'm a keen supporter of Southend Hospital both my nuns suffer Group dementia so when they told me about their new dementia pill they were launching I was more than happy to be involved in that it's a course very close to my heart so it seemed to perfect I can run so why not do something with that to do these events maybe I inspire one of the people to to be involved infused people to maybe do similar activities so I had to learn to run in it because you're constantly running uphill we lifted the back up so it was on a two degree slope which meant that my center of gravity and where I was placing my foot on every step wasn't as high it was still three inches higher on every step we calculated it was something like going from base camp to Everest three times I've got 24 hours with the amount of inclination that I had to do to stop going out on the roads and running and just run up hills and inviting this and that was all the training I could do mentally it was very very tough the scene who wasn't changed you know wasn't getting anywhere I've been in the public eye was was quite daunting at times but I had to had to get used to that and that was probably the hardest part for me to deal with me I people standing there for hours watching me it was time to jump in the wheel myself I was a little anxious but I was very excited I thought it might be the anteroom I can't speak still kind of figuring out why only ran for a couple of minutes but it was surprisingly enjoyable to run on but I don't think I could have managed 24 straight hours

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