Mad Muscle Men! Cobb & Nicholls are fired-up! (#njwtl)

Mad Muscle Men! Cobb & Nicholls are fired-up! (#njwtl)

Jeff Cobb, he represented Oceania in Athens. But we also had Manabu Nakanishi
in the Free Style in the Barcelona Olympics. So, I was looking forward to seeing them fight. Sometimes Nakanishi is capable of the incredible. But Jeff Cobb gives as good as he gets.
He may be above Nakanishi. He used to weigh 84kg,
but now I hear he weighs over 120kg? But he can move lightly. That’s terrifying.
New Japan found a monster. It’s a big world. That’s all. おい見てたか?
トラックで轢かれたようだった だから俺は
一目散に逃げたのさ 俺たち何年もかけて世界中のリングで闘ってきて
やっとここまでたどり着いた 努力の証が
俺たちから見えるだろ! だから絶対に俺たちが優勝し
IWGPタッグの王者になる! チャンピオンチーム 俺たちを否定しようものなら
キツいファイトを喰らわせてやるぞ! もう行くぜ! レジェンド相手に勝った! マイキー待ってくれよ 何だったっけな… MUSCLE MAN

13 thoughts on “Mad Muscle Men! Cobb & Nicholls are fired-up! (#njwtl)

  1. Jeff Cobb is an incredible athlete. First he journeys as "The Monster" Matanza Cueto, while he becomes one of the top strongest and agile man in ROH and does good for New Japan. He is a monster.

    COBB & Mikey = 2: 1: 4
    NAGATA & NAKANISHI = 0: 3: 0

  2. They found a replacement for Michael Elgin pretty fast. This is a pretty good team, minus the backstage heat. This tournament is finally bringing a lot of attention to the heavily neglected heavyweight tag team division.

  3. I'm sorry but I don't care about New Japan's tag division because there are only two true teams:EVIL and SANADA and GoD

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