Look More Muscular INSTANTLY | 7 Style Tips To Make Yourself Look Bigger

Look More Muscular INSTANTLY | 7 Style Tips To Make Yourself Look Bigger

Look More Muscular INSTANTLY 7 Style Tips
To Make Yourself Look Bigger [0:00:00]
I get it. You don’t have the perfect body type. Maybe you’re a bit thin, maybe you’re
a bit heavy and you want to look more muscular. Well, as the trolls here on YouTube are going
to tell you, the best route to that is what you already know; eat right, lift weights
and that is going to pack on the mass. However, how can you improve your image right
now? Well, did you know that the right clothing
choices can make you look bigger and stronger? In today’s video, I’m going to share with
you seven tips on how to look more muscular using the right clothing. [Music]
Tip number one. Nail the fit. I’ve said it before, gents, fit is king
when it comes to clothing. If you’re thin, you don’t want to wear
skin-tight clothing. It’s only going to make you look thinner. On the flipside, you don’t want to wear
clothing that’s too baggy. You’re going to end up looking like a kid
wearing his older brother’s clothing. You want your clothing to drape cleanly on
the body. Take your clothing to a tailor to get it adjusted
even if it’s casual clothing like button-down shirts or jeans. Tip number two. Wear long sleeves. To look more muscular, you want to gravitate
towards long sleeve shirts. Wearing short sleeve shirts can actually over
emphasize how thin or flabby your arms actually are especially when the color of the shirt
contrasts sharply against the color of your skin. And because long sleeve shirts cut down on
the color contrast, this helps to create the illusion of more muscular arms. But, what if it’s hot outside? In that case, just roll up the shirt sleeves. Now, don’t roll up past the elbow, go with
two rolls. That’s going to take you to about the mid
of the forearm and overall this look is going to make your arms look more muscular. It’s a much stronger look than that same
man trying to pull off a short sleeve shirt. All right, gents, before we go to our next
point, I want to warn you there may be a mistake you’re making right now which is going to
sabotage your efforts to dress more muscular. That one mistake is wearing loud oversized
accessories. I get it. You want to receive compliments, you want
to standout from the crowd, but loud oversized accessories work against you. So, what do I suggest? Go with something simple, timeless, elegant. Maybe something unique though, something that’s
going to melt together different materials that is a conversation starter. This watch right here, notice proportionally
it works with my wrist. Also, it has wood and it melts steel together,
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of today’s video. There’s a special discount code, RMRS. You’re going to get a great deal. Use it or lose it. Again, great company, proud to support. Tip number three. Build up the shoulders and chest. Now, there are quite a few ways to do this
with your clothing. The first is to wear a casual button-down
that has pockets on the chest or epaulettes on the shoulders. The extra fabric here, it’s going to add
visible bulk to your frame. These types of shirts though are casual, so
what are your other options? Suit jackets, blazer jackets, sports jackets. All of these have padding that’s going to
bulk up your upper body. A well-tailored jacket will add mass to your
shoulders and chest while slimming up your torso creating a great looking masculine silhouette. Even casual jackets like a leather or denim
jacket will help your upper body look stronger by boosting your chest and shoulders. Tip number four to dress more muscular. Layer your clothing. This technique is highly effective because
it can bulk up and adds depth to the middle and upper torso area. So, start your layering by wearing a well-fitted
undershirt. Now, add your second layer perhaps a long
sleeve t-shirt like a Henley, a button-down, or a dress shirt. For the third layer weather permitting, you
can add a sleek lightweight sweater or a thicker one that can add bulk. A thick sweater with a cable knit pattern
is a perfect choice to add size to your frame. But, if you wanted to go with something more
lightweight, you can actually work this in with the sports jackets that we just talked
about. Make sure that you’ve nailed the fit with
every item. One odd fitting item that’s too large can
throw the whole thing off. An important note for the large man, yes,
you can use layering to look more muscular, but what’s key for you is to use lighter
weight thin fabrics. Tip number five to dress more muscular. Use heavier weight fabrics and weaves. Materials like tweed, flannel, corduroy, and
heavy denim are going to be thicker and have a textured look. This textured look increases their perceived
size and weight, while not increasing the size of the silhouette. The end product is a sleek, but heavier look
one that just feels deeper and more masculine. [0:05:02]
Tip number six to dress more muscular. The use of lines. Now, heavy men need to be careful of this,
but understand that you can use horizontal stripes and lines to boost your perceived
size. This works really well for thin men. Ideally, you want this near the chest and
the shoulders to help build up their overall appearance. Certain sweater styles with horizontal stripes
on the upper torso can really help with this look. Check patterns are also great for adding a
bit of bulk to an outfit especially in a casual shirt or a casual jacket. Tip number seven to look more muscular. Wear a collared shirt. Collars are an easy way to increase the perceived
size of your neck or to hide your double chin. Well, gents, there’s a range of different
menswear items out there that have collars. We’re talking polo shirts, dress shirts,
collared sweaters, turtle necks, and the list goes on. All right, gents, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What do you think of this video? What did you learn? What did I miss? What would you have added to this video to
make it better? Let me know down in the comments. I love interacting with you guys. And don’t forget go check out Original Grain,
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    7 Ways To Dress More Muscular

    1. Nail The Fit
    2. Bonus Tip: Stop Wearing Over-sized Accessories
    3. Build Up The Shoulders & Chest
    4. Layer Your Clothing
    5. Use Heavier Weight Fabrics
    6. Make Use Of Lines
    7. Utilize Collars

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