you see a smile on my face look at this thing now right this one is much better well please list now first version and a 300 watt motor and it would bog down on you know just a piece of paper going through that was not acceptable to all Thursday so mark 2 has been improved in every single way now we've not just got double the power we've got 8 times the power and I'll put bearings and everything now so the whole thing it's really free-flowing we're not sappy any powerful friction now I've not tested this yet but I am excited by now the second motor I've left off because I can't hold two buttons and feed stuff through at the moment so I have to push one up one down for there I've got this little slide e-collar it and you can slide that into the teeth like that and then when you don't we'll let you slide it off let's flip it up let's put some stuff through it Jebus one on your toe this is not staying up very well Colin Colin what are you doing be back in a jiffy trainee time where's all the stuff I'm gonna shred empty envelope uh-oh I'm gonna need to set some cameras up here so we can film this properly do you make youtube videos film it didn't bog down at all right come on waste more stuff waste more stuff Oh a wonderful circular magazine now this is what this is quite thick now to about a yeah 4 mil thick no way would mark 1 I've ever even touched it come on in you guys look at it oh it does no good I know it's like really interesting watching it but actually feeding it in and have it in front of you is even better but you do make a mess of yourself I think about mm-hmm think of think of it I think I should have had some little Prommy bits which which pick this off so it doesn't get all stuck okay but I'm not doing marked free I got the tie in the shirt we don't want to get what else we gonna somebody's at the door wonderful magazine with Christmas gifts in straight row right what about the plastic carton : I know you don't get these delivered through letter boxes but what do I care let's shred it [Applause] Oh father just put one of those motors on in the first place we'd have been sorted but never mind I've got two videos out of it Bush of course it did say this was going to go on the back of my letterbox and I've kind of engineered myself into a bit of a corner here because the letterbox on my front door is right near the floor now this wouldn't have been an issue had I not added second motor it also weighs an absolute ton so the doors probably gonna come off its hinges so I'm gonna mount it on the back of my garage for us to do the old tasty tasty oh I'm a postman what we're gonna put through it better though innit oh yeah I'm still playing but what about an old biscuit tin oh that's made by Troy engage second motor [Applause] okay call it now will you actually go and fit it to a door rather than keep messing around I'm just looking for things to shred now the box the second winch motor came in got a bit of mess to clean up now haven't I it's not shredding machine it's a mess motor right I've got the door set up we've got a doorknob we've got a number so it feels like a front door and if you look in there Oh aggressive yeah of course we know it's gonna do normal mail but I think we need to give it a bit more of a challenge so I'm gonna get onto me postman see what I could order new postman as well you just want to be a postman hmm hello please cannot order your latest magazine of all the rubbish human it's calling the postman yep is it possible to have a thin strip of metal oh yeah well it started yeah please get off some really popke Speicher Oh God he's a hungry old thing innit the 19 mill shaft is broken can I trouble you for a soup sort of coffee sir did you say coffee or a car [Applause] [Applause] well I will lap a piece of war mr. flowers have your wood delivery is it junk yeah cool sneeze take it oh yeah I think we found its limit Kalle yeah Brittany again now then obviously you're forced to redesign the whole thing I would stick a thicker shaft on it and it probably wants to be made of something stronger than mild steel now this is great it will shred all your junk mail but I've got a lot of mess left over so I'm thinking we need a little adaption to the postman or the delivery person he gets to deal with the mess so now postman comes puts letter through top letterbox gets out of bottle all shredded all over his feet like so I've got no letters left because I've literally shredded everything this isn't actually a bad idea I mean maybe not behind the letterbox but if you imagine if everybody only one they could turn this amount of rubbish into this amount of rubbish now course one day I might be able to mark free Elif akash ass l have proper roller bearings and it'll have more power enough to crush the world but I've got other things to be doing so if you like weird and wonderful inventions like this there is a playlist at the end of the video you should click it and watch this there's also a subscribe button the noise little notification bells hola he's all good stuff so I'll see you in the next video sir yes sir you will sir thank you you

48 thoughts on “Letterbox SHREDDER shreds EVERYTHING

  1. She's rocking……and in true furze style its got way to big n heavy and destroys itself haha. If I do make a MK3 I could improve it again but for now the furze shred 500c will get me y for my shredding needs. Check out my other crazy inventions if your new and give that bell a tinkle.

  2. Wat if ur fingers got caught in it ….a better idea wld be mounting a piece of metal in front of it with a thinner slit to stop ur fingers but allow mail

  3. Hmmm! I could really use one of those for my forge and foundry!!! Plus, a garbage shredder seems like a way more efficient idea than a compactor. Unless you've got recycling available in your area that is.

  4. I believe you are one of the most creative and funniest person in the entire world! Never leave us Colin!

  5. what'll you do when you need to pay your taxes and they're in shreds:

    this is what I would say to the tax collectors:

    Its not my fault that you never noticed I have a shredder in my letterbox or took the time to knock on my door

  6. I actually want something like this to deal with all the cardboard I get from all the packaging that I get from my Amazon purchases. Something bin mounted would be acceptable. May not need so much power, but enough to deal with heavy cardboard would be optimal.

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