Leg Workout For Women Over 50!

Leg Workout For Women Over 50!

today we’re going to do a leg workout
for women over 50 hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50’s this leg
workout is just for you if you’re a woman over 50 you need to be doing this
every single day first thing we’re going to do is warm up our legs so hold onto a
chair hands on your hip and start swinging if you can do this exercise
without the chair practice your balance because that’s one of the things that
help us with aging is getting better at our balance straight back forward back okay change legs you’re going to love these exercises I’m
using a yoga block and it’s this size so anything that you had at home that’s
this size you can use yoga block on the floor hands on our hips and we take our
right leg and lift it over the yoga block it looks simple but you just wait
what we’re doing with these exercises is we’re using a cross body exercise to
activate our mind and make our mind and body work together keep your leg
activated and point your toe and you just go over the block we’re going to do
4 sets of 30 seconds for these and each time we’re going to increase the height
that we lift our leg and you stay at whatever level you feel comfortable with
so the next 30 seconds try lifting to a different height hands on your hips and
we’ll use a left leg now so we point our toe and go over it’s a
little bit more challenging which is good these cross body exercises are
really great for women our age because it activates our mind and it activates
our creativity keep going you can feel it now oh okay
if you could manage that level try something a little bit higher like a
laundry basket and start again on your right leg okay take it slow and purpose
split and point your toe hold your core in and you can feel it a lot here it’ll
burn I started doing these exercises every day and it is strengthening my
legs like crazy I love them keep your balance whoo and if that was easy for
you you go again you add your height keep in mind to stay on whatever you
feel comfortable with whatever height is good for you practice and practice that
and then move your way out okay left leg this is definitely a lot harder keep
your body straight and your core in tight the whole time no matter what fitness level you’re at
this is amazing for all of us every woman over 50 would benefit from doing
this every day it’s a lot more tiring than you think oh I can feel that and
I’m puffing out and I can feel a burn right here in my legs so let me know if
you can – we’re going to start to turn our thighs now so lay your body in a
straight line and your arm holding your body up and we’re going to do 30 seconds
on each leg when you do this hold all the muscles in your legs tight and
squeeze your glutes that way you’ll get the most benefit out of this workout you
can do this in front of TV or when you’re watching YouTube videos and doing
this is a lot better than sitting down any time of the day okay let’s change
legs straight body keep both legs activated
and this will really help your thighs and if you can do this whenever you
think about it you don’t have to do a full workout but if you’re just sitting
down do something like this because we sit too much and it’s not great for our
spine or our posture or our body okay now we’re going to do a yoga
exercise called yoga frogs and these are fantastic for your legs so you get into
a position like this on your toes heels together and fingers on the ground like
this and then we lift and come down so chest out front and then you put your
head down these are amazing for toning your legs this is a great one for all of
us to do at our age because it boosts our personal power and who doesn’t want
more of that well done if you just did a minute of
those you are doing it very very well take some time to stretch now because we
just did a lot of work it doesn’t seem like watching it it’s a lot of work but
when you actually do it you’ll agree with me that you’re puffed out and you
feel really good because that was great stretch your leg it’s just done some
very hard work that first exercise that we did really try and integrate that
into your daily life because anytime that we’re using cross body exercises
where if you draw a line down the middle of your body and say you use your left
hand to your right leg like this our brains being activated and as we’re
getting older this is what happens we don’t use our brains enough we just
continue doing daily life in our patterns and if that’s the case we get
old and we don’t want to get old we want to stay vital so doing cross body
exercises just like even this is something really great we can do we can
also do things like as soon as you wake up in the morning get out of bed on the
other side the then you normally do or clean your teeth with your left hand if
you’re right-handed anything we can do to confuse our mind is actually really
great for us because we want to be constantly challenged and creating new
brain cells to work out new ways to do things and that’s part of why we
exercise and part of the reason that I love bringing you new things every week
because trying new things as we’re getting older is going to keep us young
I really enjoyed working out with you today I hope you loved the workout and
if you did please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends thank you
so much for watching and have a beautiful week

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  1. LOVE it. You are just so adorable. I am so glad I found you! Can you add this to your fitness over fifty playlist? Thank you from Canada <3

  2. In the past I had taken a great care of myself but these day I need a lot of motivation. It’s tough to care as much I should watch all your videos.

  3. Hi lovely. Always a pleasure to catch up with you on Fridays. This was wonderful. I’m going to try them. Sunday I’m off to Byron Bay and Monday, Crystal Castle. Having a girls weekend and really looking forward to it. If you haven’t been to either of these places Schellea, I know you’d love them. Sending you sunshine from Qld. Had some wonderful rain today🌺🥂🙏

  4. I'm not quite up to doing this routine yet (it:s only been a few weeks since my pelvic prolapse surgery….Ugh), but I look forward to being able to do these! I'm a very recent sub & just want to tell you how very, very much I appreciate your enthusiasm, your willingness to share your experience &, most especially, your obvious kindness! Thank u so much & have a blessed day!! 😊

  5. Hi Schellea!!! Love, love, love that 1st leg exercise! Def adding that and the frog to my workout! The leg lifts I do 100 a day already along with other leg/hip exercises. You are SUCH an INSPIRATION!!! You are wearing one of my fave colours!!! Very pretty with your colouring!!! Love you, doll!!! Sending you much love! Have a super beautiful weekend!
    (Also love throwing in extra workouts while watching tv! Sitting still has never been one of my fortes!!!) GREAT video! Thank you for sharing!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ Lydia XO

  6. Very good thank you! I did it with you and it's short and effective. I don't like very long and complicated routines because I end up not doing it.

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  8. Good morning ☀️. This was very helpful. I’ll keep this in my private play list.

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  10. Great work girl, l am going to this exercise starting tomorrow,thank you so much. Keep making videos your amazing.🙂🙃

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  14. I love these exercises. But every time I do them ( with the yoga block etc ) my lower back muscles really hurt, my sciatica seems to start up again. Any advice besides not doing them at all , because I really want to keep them up

  15. Phew!! Just did the stretch warm up, then arms, then leg workouts. Feel hot and sweaty and knackered, but am doing it🤪. Yay, at 68 need to get fitter so will see how it goes and will let you know in a couple of weeks (unless I’m carried off on a stretcher first) (ha ha). Love your videos and your lovely manner. My inspiration. Brenda xx

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