Le Zap’ Gym n°156

Le Zap’ Gym n°156

When you take the photo,
the people won’t see how long we looked for my name! What’s great,
and Nice have always done this, they respect the former
players that wore the jersey. Always a lot of respect and
that’s what is so great. 26/11/19 – GYM SOLIDARITY LAUNCH It’s an honour for the
people and children of Ariane to welcome you here. I really wanted to be the
patron for this so here I am and it’s a real pleasure to be here! You can see how much joy
you bring by being here. To have a player come and talk about
solidarity and explain what it is has a lot more impact than if it
came from a teacher or a politician. We’re not here to change the world, but us players, with the club and
everyone that works at the club, we want to do our bit to help people in
need and put a smile on their faces. Have you already been to the stadium? Well I’m going to give you a ticket
so you come this Saturday too! He gave us tickets and an autograph!
He spoke to us about solidarity. It was good when he said we
should help elderly people
to make them feel better. For example,
if you see someone outside, you can give them something to eat or
some clothes and share what you have. We have to help people and not
leave them all on their own. It’s great they already
have these values and hopefully they will spread the word. 03/12/19 – Departure
for Saint-Etienne 04/12/19 – Matchday 06/12/19 – Riza Durmisi
arrives in Nice Nabil, do you know what number he wants?
He wants No.27. The No.17 isn’t available
because the player that used to wear it had an accident. A few highlights from
our new Danish defender 07/12/19 – Home match vs Metz Dolberg receives Aiglon
of the Month award Froome and Team INEOS
at Allianz Riviera Fantastic! I love it! Look what you’ve done to my camera! You’re always filming,
always, always… I said: Impress me.
What else do you have for me? Really, what more can you give me?
Oh, and him: Panenka Man! Bravo! I’ve only got
one thing to say: Bravo! 07/12/19 – Former players
unite for the Telethon Hugo Loris was born in 1986 so I was
teaching him to ski in 1993, 1994.

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  1. Le Berger je le connais depuis petit quand j'allais au ray , innoubliable ce Mr reposez en paix Mr Capietto!🕊️❤️🙏

  2. لي شاف دحلب مع الاسماء لي في الحيط في بداية الفيديو يدير جام 😍😍😍

  3. J'ai du mal a me dire qu'il ne sera plus parmi nous 🙁 Il va nous manquer terriblement <3 MERCI notre BERGER ! UNO DI NOI

  4. Repose en Paix🙏🙏🙏🙏 le berger dans nos mémoire à jamais💪💪💪💪💪 de la haut tu regardera l ogym et nous portera chance merci et force à la famille

  5. Un grand merci à LE BERGER pour toute c'est année passer a tes coté pour ta fidélité et ta bonne humeur tu veillera sur nous de tous la haut parmi les étoiles et force a la famille j’espère qu'il y aura un hommage et un tifo pour LE BERGER a tout jamais dans nos cœur tu va beaucoup nous manqué ISSA NISSA!!!!❤️🖤.

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