Knees, Chest & Chin Pose – Foundations of Yoga

Knees, Chest & Chin Pose – Foundations of Yoga

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with
Adriene, I am Adriene, and today we’re gonna
learn an awesome pose called Knees, Chest, and Chin pose. This posture is an amazing
preparatory posture for Chaturanga or Chaturanga practice. Or if you’re a beginner,
this is a wonderful pose to just kind of substitute so that you can build strength in the transition from Downward Facing Dog all the
way through Upward Facing Dog. Great for the back body,
great for the core, really great for the arms and legs too. So let’s hop on the mat and
learn Knees, Chest and Chin, or also called Ashtanga Namaskara. Let’s hop to it! (plucky guitar music) Alrighty, so to begin we’re
going to come to all fours. And I’m just gonna kind of walk us through a couple different stages of this. And so, for starters we’ll begin with the knees already on the mat. I’m gonna walk the knees
in towards the midline and walk my wrists
underneath my shoulders. So I’m gonna come to kind
of a half plank here, so I’ll maybe lift the toes
up and tuck the pelvis. And again, just take a second
to find your alignment. Wrists underneath the shoulders, pressing up and out of the palms. If you feel like your shoulders are kind of coming up towards the ears here, you can, say, remind
yourself to draw them away. Okay, and then I’m gonna go knees. Okay, knees are already on the ground. And then I’m gonna think chest and chin. So the next thing to
come down is the chest. I’m gonna hug my elbows
into the side body. They’re gonna wanna
splay out like a push-up. Keep them hugging into the side body as you lower chest down. Now as I slowly lower chest down I’m going to rock my pelvis so that I can keep my hips
reaching up towards the sky as I lower chest to the mat. Hips stay up, chist, chest comes down, chist (laughs), and then
chin releases to the earth. Great, take a deep breath in here, lower the legs, and then inhale Baby Cobra, why not? And exhale we release,
curl the toes under, come back to all fours
and let’s try that again. So again, we’re going knees, chest, chin. So knees are gonna already
be on the ground to start. Got excited there. I’m gonna hug the elbows
into the side body, inhale in, exhale. I slowly lower chest down to the ground. As I do that I let my hips
rock up towards the sky, Knees, chest, I look forward and then slowly release chin. Now this time stay here, and rather than just collapsing all your weight into the mat, blah, keep elbows hugging in, back body alive, navel drawing in towards the spine. Kind of awkward here (laughs) in terms of online yoga video but, just a yummy posture, inhale in, and then exhale,
releasing everything. Belly comes to the mat, and
inhale Baby Cobra (breathes in). Exhale release. Awesome. Curl the toes under and
we come back to all fours. Sweet, okay, take a second to the roll the wrist if you need to. And then we’re gonna practice this from Downward Facing Dog which is typically where
you’ll kind of move into it if you’re doing a Flow class, or most Hatha yoga classes, I guess. You never know. Okay, so taking a second to check in with the body
in Downward Facing Dog. Pedal the feet for a
second if that feels good. Then I’ll take a nice deep
breath in (breathes deeply). On my exhale, I come up
onto my tippy tip toes, I shift forward, and lower the knees. Now, here we pick up
with what we did before, hugging the elbows into the side body, I slowly lower chest to the earth. Hip points rock up towards the sky, chin releases. Stop here one breath cycle, in (breathes deeply),
and out (breathes out). Then I slowly press into the palms, slide the legs out. Awkward sound of my feet on the mat, just kidding (laughs). And then inhale, lift up
Baby Cobra, exhale release. Curl the toes under, press
back up to all fours. And let’s try that again. Hip bones up towards the sky, Down Dog. Alright, ready to try it again? Deep breath in, inahale (breathes deeply), exhale, we shift forward,
lower the knees first, hug the elbows into the side body, knees, chest, lowers down, chin to earth. Take a deep breath in (breathes deeply), and on your exhale sliding through Cobra. Gently release, curl the toes under, press it back up to all fours. Let’s try one more time. Hip bones up towards the sky. Knees, chest, chin moving, flowing with the breath, and again, making sure that when we release chest to the earth we’re not dumping our
weight just into the earth without any integrity, but, again staying alive
through the back body, and really through the whole
body, full body experience. Here we go, inhale in (breathes deeply), exhale, shifting forward,
knees lower down. Elbows hug in, chest, hips up towards the sky. Pause here, knees, chest, chin. (breathes deeply) on an
exhale, slide it through. And exhale, release. Great, curl the toes under, press back up to all fours, and then we’ll walk it back. Maybe taking a second
to roll out the wrist. Take a deep breath in (breathes deeply) and then exhale, let it go (breathes out). Alrighty then, so that was knees (laughs). I just did an Ace Ventura thing, didn’t I? Alrighty then, I’m gonna roll with it, let’s not cut, let’s roll with this. Okay, that was Knees, Chest and Chin pose. I think this is a great
posture to practice even if you’re already doing Chaturanga. I think this is a wonderful pose to just have in your tool belt so that if you’re going hard or, you know, just to have that tool. If you’re listening to
your body and you’re tired, say you’re in a faster paced class, you can sub with this posture. Or, if you’re a beginner,
you’re new to yoga, this is an amazing pose
to work with integrity. To give yourself the time
and practice you need to get to Chaturanga practice, okay? I feel like often we rush this process, and we end up injuring the shoulders and just kind of being
like, sad, you know, like I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough. But hopefully with this
posture you’ll realize that it’s not just all about these guys, but it’s about full body experience. So, leave questions, comments below, let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you guys. And, peace be the journey, cool runnings. (laughs) Namaste. (plucky guitar music)

57 thoughts on “Knees, Chest & Chin Pose – Foundations of Yoga

  1. Thanks for this. Even though I find downward and upward dog poses ok I do struggle with the transition. I'll practice this and hopefully build up my abilities! 😀

  2. Perfect timing on this new video. I started doing Yoga practice as part as the P90X3 and I struggled in such transitions. As a bigger gal this will help tons as I build myself/skills up.

  3. Adriene, you must have enough out-take clips to treat us to a montage because you always seem to be giggling x

  4. Love your videos but the high quality is stalling for me.. is there any where ican find your videos in a lower quality ? Thanks and keep them coming !

  5. My fiance is new to yoga and is struggling with some shoulder pain.  We were hoping you could do a routine that involved the shoulders sometime in the future.  We have been using your videos in our workout routine for a while…they are great!

  6. Another very thoughtful video Adriene! You're very good at cutting through the cloud of yoga and getting right to the heart 🙂

  7. Finding this most helpful as I am now in Teacher Training and struggle with it physically and also the language of teaching it.  Thank you!

  8. Thanks for these vids and your approachable bright style. I wonder if its possible for you to order the Foundations playlist from first 'beginner' poses to the more 'advanced' ones that incorporate the basics? It would help greatly for those of us taking our first baby steps into yoga, to have them in order.

  9. This is soo helpful. It gives me hope that someday I'll be able to do a complete actual chaturanga instead of a crash and burn chaturanga. Thanks Adriene!

  10. First off let me say that I love your videos! I have bad knees and they are really sensitive when I am on all fours.  Is there a type of mat or different poses I can do that won't hurt my knees?

  11. Thanks for this video. I actually am not that crazy about knees, chest, chin since it tends to create discomfort in my low back. But I think your technique will help. And I love the positioning of the legs, with feet in the air. Makes it easier to transition to cobra. 

  12. Hi Adriene! I'm huge fan of yours, since the day that I found you at youtube I've being in love with yoga! I'm a begginer and I'm doing the 30 days challenge(I little late I know >.< ), but I'm having huge problems with my knees! they are too inflexible! Do you have any technique specifically to give flexibility for ours knees?

  13. Ooh, I could not do this 🙁
    It LOOKS so easy, yet it's sooooo difficult …
    The first part for the knees is ok, then when I (TRY To) go down, i'm all shaky and thinking: how the hell do i find the strength to go down without collapsing and exploding my chin. I feel so desperate doing this I end up laughing at myself, it's so funny (well, if it's funny, I guess it's still worth trying doing with posture, then lol)
    I understand what you say when you say we don't need these babies (ie biceps muscles) but come on, they must come in handy 😀 (at least in my case … honestly, you should see me try to do this, it's hilarious how i struggle in the middle of the posture lol)
    Peace and thanks, will try again tomorrow 🙂

  14. I have been trying to do this pose for three weeks now and I just can't get past knees on ground, elbows at side and then as I start to lower my chest down, nothing!! I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong, but I'm beginning to think my 64 year old arms just don't have the strength. You make it look so easy!!

  15. having trouble/confusion… im finding pain from my elbows to my wrists going from knees to chest transition….. is it because i am doing it "in slow mo" or hmmm… im stumped. any thoughts or help? thanks @Yoga With Adriene

  16. waaaaw adriene its so helpful which i was trying aloooot to do it but never i understant it as u make it easy for me to get on it thank u lot of love

  17. I've been working in this for just under a week and didn't shake coming down to my chest! I was able to maintain control so much better. Not quite a month of daily yoga has already caused such a positive change in my body! I feel strong. 🙂

  18. These are great videos! Can you make a foundations of yoga for chaturanga/up dog pose please?! 😀 My back is flexible, so up dog feels great, but I've never been sure if I'm doing it correctly. I've stuck to knees, chest, chin with baby cobra and now feel ready for chaturanga, I just need proper instruction!

  19. It may not be about the arms but my arms don't know that! Lol I really tried but I can't lower myself that way. I just lowered my full body and lift my hips and bum up to try to get the effect. Not there yet. I'll keep at it. Still trying crow too! I feel the tiniest bit of improvement but I'm not there yet w crow either. But I'll keep trying that too! Thank you! Much love!!!

  20. Ahhh – I did it! I fell on my face yesterday in class because I was not ready/familiar with this pose and it threw me for a loop. I just couldn't understand the mechanics of it but a little bit of patience today and I got it! 🙂

  21. Oh, this is one of the hardest poses for me! I'm so glad I found this video – thank you Adriene! You break the pose down so well 🙂 I'm going to have to stick with this one a while and practise slowly as I've a tendency to zoom through to an upward dog during chaturanga – my wrists and body really struggle to lower down gracefully lol

  22. It was good session. I understand more of why I have challenges with going from or to other postures that use the the lower back.

  23. For the first time since I follow this channel, I feel so sad and depressed….
    My arms are not able to lower me down, the muscles disappear as I begin to lower down! Some advice to build arms' strenght?

  24. Great job, Adriene! <3 Can you tell me what kind of lapel mic you have, please? Been doing research. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Hi Adriene, I am steadily working my way through all your videos from your first one. I just had to come on at this point and thank you for this breakdown, who knew when actually doing this for real just how difficult it actually is to do properly! I now have a hope of having this down by the time I make it through all your vids and will enjoy this yoga experience more. You are amazing, sending you love and light! Thank you 😀👍

  26. I will definitely practice this pose over and over again to help me build strength on my arms 😁 Thank you Adriene! Namaste 🙏🏻

  27. 💪💪👍👍👌👏👏😘❤ gracias corazón de amiga mía de youtube vales mucho tu andriane a dios guapa amiga un saludo i un abrazo muy fuerte para ti amiga i un beso

  28. I bet it feels a lil awkward for you but it is so beautiful, and you show us how to laugh with ourselves! Love ya Adriene!

  29. Upper body is a struggle some days. With my first year well under my belt taking an evening here and there to practice a posture is a nice way to build up strength and confidence. And the kitties find it entertaining to watch as well. Will return to this one again. Thank you so much.

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