Kenan Thompson Dusts Off His Old Al Sharpton Calls Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression

Kenan Thompson Dusts Off His Old Al Sharpton Calls Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression

-Kenan, thank you
so much for being here! -Congratulations on the show.
-Oh, my God, thank you. -Congratulations.
This is awesome. Give it up for her, man.
[ Cheers and applause ] Our First Lady of Late Night.
-Ah, yeah. Kenan, we just met for the first
time pretty recently actually, when I joined the NBC family. We did this very interesting
NBC panel. -It was
the most interesting, weird… -Do you remember that day?
-I do. We went up to —
What was that place called? -Some bougie place.
-Yeah. Was it — -Santa —
-Santa Barbara. -Something Santa.
-Santa Barbara. -Yeah. Anything that starts with
“Santa,” you’re like, “Oh, white people are involved.”
-Well, the NBC — [ Laughter ]
The NBC gods brought us up there to basically sit us down
and ask us what we wanted to do with our shows…
-Right. Mm-hmm. -…Which I thought was
an incredible gesture. -And they were even asking me,
like, you know, “You haven’t started your show,
Lilly. What are expecting from us?” And I remember, I was so nervous
about my answer. -Yeah.
-But you were so supportive. Do you remember what I said?
-What did you say? -This is what I said.
I walked into NBC, and I said, “I need more money.” [ Laughter ] I said — I said,
“I want to make sure the budget for my show
is legit. I want to make sure
it’s marketed. Because it’s bigger than me.”
-Yeah. -This show
is for so many people. We got to do it right.
You know what I mean? [ Cheers and applause ]
-That’s right. -And I remember,
I was so nervous about it. But then Kenan turned around,
he’s like, “That was really sick.
Yo, that was really sick.” -That was gangster
to ask for money. That’s — That’s bold.
[ Laughter ] -You’re about to start your —
get this. Are you ready for this?
17th season of “SNL.” That’s a record.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s a record.
-It’s a lot. It’s a lot of time. -You won an Emmy, as well,
for this. I gotta say, do you bring
that Emmy with you — If I had an Emmy,
I would be rockin’ it like a pendent on a necklace.
-Hold up. Where’d I put it? Oh, no, I didn’t bring it. But, yeah,
I look at it all the time. My wife put it right up
in our bedroom. It was way too much pressure,
so I put out in the living room. [ Laughter ] I do look at it all the time. It was an amazing achievement,
you know, and especially to share the
moment with my brother, Chris Redd, and my brother,
Chance the Rapper. It was awesome.
-That’s amazing. Speaking of family,
it’s not just your wife but your mom
is also very involved. She’s a regular face
at “SNL” parties. -Yes.
-She’s obviously been there quite often.
You seem thrilled. -Yeah, she like to party. -But does she get starstruck,
or is she, like, chill now? -Oh, I mean,
she has her moments. You know what I mean?
Certain people do it for her. Like, I remember
Morgan Freeman came on and did a “What’s up with that?”
and she was “Hey, Morgan. How you doin’?”
[ Laughter ] And Morgan was like,
“And what’s your name?” [ Laughter ]
And she was like, “Elizabeth.” -When was this?
-My mom — schoolgirl her hair. -Okay.
-“Elizabeth…” [ Laughter ] I didn’t like it. [ Laughter ] -When you first auditioned
for “SNL,” you also dabbled in a little bit of stand-up,
right? -I started out with a weird
phone call between Al Sharpton and Arnold Schwarzenegger
for some reason. [ Laughter ] And it just went, you know,
spiraling from there. -So it didn’t go well?
-No, no, not in the comedy club. -So I have the perfect
follow-up question. -Yeah.
-Can you do it for us? -Oh, yeah.
Absolutely. -Can you give us a little bit
of Schwarzenegger and Sharpton? Would you not like to hear that?
[ Cheers and applause ] Hit us with the impression.
Here we go. [ Imitating phone ringing ] [ As Schwarzenegger ]
“Yes, this is the Governor.” Sharpton, Schwarzenegger…
[ Laughter ] [ As Sharpton ]
“Hey, Arnold. This is Al Sharpton. I’m calling because I heard you
have a water shortage.” [ As Schwarzenegger ]
“That is right. How did you get that number?
This is California. Where you calling from?” [ As Sharpton ]
“That — This is Al Sharpton.” It just went back and forth,
saying his name. [ As Sharpton ] “Sharpton
calling the Schwarzenegger. Are you — Do you need water?
For me to bring water to –” [ As Schwarzenegger ]
“No, we’re doing pretty good. We’re waiting for the rain.” Yeah, so it was —
[ Laughter ] -And that failed, what?
Come on. [ Cheers and applause ]
-It had no point. There was no point to any of it. -So, you —
[ Laughter ] Congrats on the first season
of “Bring the Funny.” Round of applause.
[ Cheers and applause ] Big hit.
-Good times. -Last week
was the season finale. -Part one.
-Part one. Yep. Was it difficult
to see that process of one person being picked?
-It was. I mean it was very emotional,
you know? Because, I mean, kudos
to those people for even sharing their talents with us like that
and their material. You know, as a stand-up,
like, you know — Do you do a lot of stand-up?
Like, some? -Only exclusively
in front of brown people, ’cause they’re just
happy to be there. -Right.
-They’ll laugh at anything. -But, yeah, I mean as,
you know, stand-ups, their material’s
very precious to them. -Right, of course.
-Once they expose it, it’s like they can’t
go back to it. You know what I’m saying?
So, I just give them all the credit in the world
for sharing that with us and, you know, all the credit
to the winner, too. You know,
their life’s about to change. -What’s the best part
about being on set? -Just hanging with the — with
the — you know, my cast mates. You know, Chrissy and Jeff
are both great, great people. And then,
Amanda I’ve known all my life. She’s such
an awesome person, too. She was on “My Brother and Me”
on Nickelodeon when I was on “All That,” so… -We got one person in the back
going, “Whoo!” -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Express yourself. It’s fine. Whoo!
[ Cheers and applause ] -I’ve randomly known her,
like, all my life. And then, yeah, Jeff and Chrissy
couldn’t be sweeter. So it’s just —
that’s been my favorite part is just hanging with them
and going through it. -Speaking of all these people, you recently posted
this picture. I had to save this question
for last, because it has
personally offended me. This picture right here
of you sharing fries. Now, I need to point
your attention over here. These are the two loves
of my life. -Oh, french fries and dogs? -Fries before guys all day,
every day. -Okay.
-And here you are sharing fries. -Yeah, with my friends.
-And I just need to know where your moral compass is at. Because, for me,
this is a huge issue. -Well, if you read it,
it says, “Friends who share fries
together, stay together,” and that’s, you know,
a sweet thing. You know, me and buddy,
we’re catching up over a moment. We don’t get to —
-Way to look — I’m acting like a jerk now,
thank you! -You’re looking like a jer–
I should change it. We suckers!
Look at those two. Those are two
suckers sitting there. -I do not share fries!
-No, apparently. -We’re gonna discuss this more. We’ve got more
with Kenan Thompson when we come back. -And there won’t
be no fry sharing! -Absolutely not!

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    You have expressed the surreal energy of having your own show.

    Your OWN (not be confused with Oprah 😂😂).. your show… own it!

    Take your time. Enjoy your guests and the conversations (you are on a timed format) but it’s ok to let your guest talk and lead at times. No need to fan out. If you have a moment recenter yourself and look in the mirror and say…I am supposed to be here. If you do that, it will project.

    Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉!!!

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  5. Love you and I think that you're doing great!! But as some advice, try to relax during your interview (: You seem as if you're in a rush to move on to all the topics you have written down (?) and it's causing you to be tense. When he did his impression, for example, you laughed a little bit and moved on very fast. Try to actually interact with what they're saying and don't be afraid to have a little banter/joke with them off script for a second before changing subjects. It shows them you're listening and makes it more fun to watch when you connect with them versus it seeming like an interrogation haha

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  14. I love you and agree with what Diya K said below, and I am an Indian from Singapore. I am re-posting Diya's comment here.

    >>Diya K
    (11 hours ago)

    I love you Lilly and so I just wanted to say, please consider cutting down on the 'white people' and 'brown people' jokes. It's funny occasionally but I think that the amount of 'white people' jokes being made are starting to feel offensive, and I'm brown myself!

    I get that this is a groundbreaking show, which is ofcourse incredible, but I don't think it helps things by making so many generalisations about white people. I get that it's probably just humour and some of you won't agree with me, but I personally feel that if we (people of colour) don't like generalisations made about us then we shouldn't do it about other groups of people, including white people as well.

    You do of course make generalisations about 'brown people' and indians sometimes too, so I guess it is just your humour, but I'd still be a bit cautious Lilly, because I feel that too much of it could be more offensive than funny.

    Otherwise I'm loving the show and cannot wait to see more of it!! x

  15. Hey go easy on the white people jokes. Like honestly now you are just as bad as them, by generalising things. And im brown myself!!

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    Also, felt like two people chatting in an empty auditorium.

  18. Love the show x
    I agree with a lot of the comments saying that a priority should be increasing the audience! Kimmel, Fallon, Cordon ect don’t always have the best jokes but the sheer size of the audience and laugh track means that you have no awkward moments.
    I hope the show does really well ♥️

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    Lily will be fine. Her jokes will get better she will find her voice outside of woman of color and bisexual. Just give her time

  22. Guys. We all know the show needs fixing but come ON she just started. This show is literally a baby and it take a village to make a show, not to mention money. You want her to have a better set? Don’t come for Lilly, email or tweet at NBC but give her a break, the show needs to be picked up and grow into something bigger.

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    -Lighting: perhaps increase it it's a lil dark in there
    – The desk is awesome but the guest chair definitely could be higher it seems off this way
    – When the budget allows it, a band is something definite to consider adding to the show
    -one last thing: no need to feel any sort of pressure or nervousness, just follow the guest's tempo, you're already doing great.
    Love you and excited for what's to come on the show <3

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  34. You are getting better <3 I'm trying to be supportive, but I just feel attacked, as a white person. I know that racism against people of color is way worse, but are you really making it better by being sort of a bully yourself. Honey I love you but calm down a bit <3

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