John Connor meets T-800 | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

John Connor meets T-800 | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

Don’t fight, Marcus. Remember what you are. I know what I am. [GRUNTS] I’m better this way. You will not be given
a second chance. -You cannot save John Connor.
-Watch me. [GRUNTS] [ALARM WAILING] Got a message from Connor. He’s in Skynet, needs air support. Let’s go. Scramble aircraft! [GROANS] Star! Star, go! Star! Star! Star! Come on. Come on.

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  1. It still was a good movie. People were buggin. It's just peoples attachment to Arnold and his absence that creates this idea that this movie was trash. T3 was trash. It was a rush job the end should have been the halfway mark but they ended it. Terminator Genesys was good up until John Connor was a Terminator. That is what killed the story line. Terminator Dark Fate was good but it was a day late and a dollar short

  2. Terminator 1 and 2 parts was the best, the third part was not so good, the Terminator Salvation and Dark Fate was the perfect Terminator movie after both parts, and the Terminator Genisys was the worst and bad movie in all Terminator movie time.

  3. People who now say this is good cause 5 and 6 are even worse are wrong. Theyre all garbage. 3 too. Series ended after 2. Rest is attempts at milking.

  4. Этот отрывок показывает всю нелепость подобного "терминатора": ему достаточно было сомкнуть руку на голове Джона и раздавить как арбуз. А он что? Швыряет его об стены…может ему установили софт для бильярда?)

  5. In my opinion, there's no such thing as a bad Terminator movie because most so-called huge fans can't get through their thick Skulls the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger has gotten old (much respect to him) , thus CGI MUST BE USED (excessively) for at least half the movie, plus the genre of Terminator is Sci-Fi so CGI is actually an important element in that genre in case somebody is too NOSTALGIC to realize, this is evolution people!

  6. So Sam Fisher got older and retired to become a general who commands freedom fighters against an advanced AI… Feels like Ubisoft's Skell Tech was heavily based on Skynet and I dare say that "Skynet" is a very cool name for an advanced AI.

  7. looks like a room in a office for humans to work rather a place for terminators. i never understood the setting for this scene as it looks wrong and cheap. the t-800 was designed well after the rise of the machines and built by skynet not humans! plus terminators kill on site and dont spend thier time throwing people about, especially after being shot in the chest at point blank range with a automatic assault rifle! i was not impressed with this movie at all and connor wouldnt be able to move let alone continue fighting.. the whole people are invincible has been getting dull and boring……. laughable these days!

  8. 0:42 Having a SkyNet robot throw someone into a computer to hurt him, is like you stabbing someone with a knife, but it goes through your arm.

  9. •Terminator: pound fist thru Connors chest/face; instant kill
    •Skynet Windows Vista OS: Negative
    •Skynet Windows Vista OS: override
    •Skynet Windows Vista OS: toss throw Connor around until he fugures away to escsape, but not before he kills you
    •Terminator: Syntax Error
    •Skynet Windows Vista OS: you have your protocol, orders…Execute,
    •Skynet Windows Vista OS: I wont be back
    Edit: Should've been a sequal to this one but w/out terminators getting out of character, Terminators "kill efficiently" they dont toss/throw

  10. Зачем он его просто швыряет? Не проще просто пробить фанеру этому повстанцу?

  11. I never saw the trailer where Arnie was shown, and not even heard the rumors when this came out. So you can imagine my internal Terminator fanboy screaming when this scene came on in the cinema!

  12. I liked most of this film but it always bothers me when the Terminator robot throws him about when all it needs do is grab him by the neck and SNAP. I mean, robots are supposed to be fast and efficient.

  13. 60% of comments: WTF is he throwing him around I hate this movie!
    40% of comments: I love this movie why people hate it?!

  14. Oh i get it now. the humans made the machines in human form only for the machines to turn against them, only for the machines to make humans in machine form only for that to turn against them also. It seems the inventor has become the invented

  15. I would on no way call this movie a masterpiece. However, after the disaster like Genisys I stay would say this is one of the better sequels and this scene still epic as it was especially seeing John (Batman) face Arnold

  16. I like this film, i just hate how the terminators throw their enemies around as a way to prolong the fight, imagine the T-800 vs Punks scene and Arnold just picks the Punks up and throws them around instead

  17. Интересно, сколько заплатили чуваку, который ложкой по кастрюле стучал для музыки?

  18. took – threw, took – threw … of course, the Terminator can’t come up with a hydraulic clamp of his hand, to break everything that’s solid inside Conor’s) Oh, I have these conventions)

  19. Wouldn’t a Terminator just brake his neck instead of throwing him , walking towards him and throwing him again ? So stupid

  20. I don't understand one thing if they are in the future and they fight heavy artillery war machines it wouldn't be logical for them to use weapons that destroy these armored monsters, and because Skynet does all this work back in time, why not create a lot of biological weapons and spraying the inhabited regions, or because fighting humanity for the planet, skynet could go to Mars and settle there leaving the planet, because there is nothing on earth that doesn't exist elsewhere, I really forgot, if you do This has no movie.

  21. They should've killed John Connor in the first five minutes of this movie and replace him with a female. That would've helped this movie.

  22. OMG, it's the dreaded Tossinator.

    Termi Baby, what's wrong with punching his heart out, or twisting his head off with your pinky?

  23. Every Terminator knows the most efficient way to kill a human is to rag-doll them repeatedly.

    Never change Hollywood, never change.

  24. Wtf the actors here are all pretty high class. Bale, Chris, that girl, that young boy bale almost shoot and that black dude. And that AI lady. It must've involved a lot of work getting these people to act in this. We should appreciate the people whoever worked hard to make this film honestly.

  25. So you went to see "Dark Fate", and it was so terrible… where did it take you? Right back to me.

    Welcome home, to Salvation. All your sins are forgiven, because you like me now. Perhaps you always did.

  26. forget just choking him , i'll just throw him around pointlessly until he figures out how to destroy me. apparently the t- 800 is lacking in brain power.

  27. NO! NO! don't shut me up! Daadaadaadaadaaaa! NO! NO! don't shut me up! Daadaadaadaadaaaa! Seriously, you and me are done professionally.

  28. I like this Movie the only Movie which is good after T1 and T2.

    Sarah conners Chronicals was good,too.

    DARK Fate is the reasion why we need Skynet, because leftis die first in the Apokalypse.

    But i now the next white Knight with no Balls come from the corner and say i hate woman 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Reagen was so fucking right about socialist bitches.

  29. Not a perfect movie by any means, but it has aged pretty well and dared to do something actually different and set up a promising trilogy that was never made. People shit on any Terminator after T2, but T3 was a good movie even if it wasn’t as good as its predecessor, easily the third best movie looking back, and Salvation in the same boat, although I did like T3 more. They should have just improved on what they were doing instead of saying “fuck it all” and scrapping those two pretty decent sequels in favor of a worse one.

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