Jacob Tremblay Does His Best Seth Rogen and Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions

Jacob Tremblay Does His Best Seth Rogen and Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions

-I’m, like, really, really
excited to be here. -Oh, cool, I’m so happy
that you are here. I’m a big fan of yours. So, this is the first time
meeting you, but I’ve talked about you
on the show with other people. We had Brie Larson
on the show… -Yeah.
-…who you were in “Room” with, and she talked about how much
she loved you, and so — You actually got to go to the
Oscars that year, didn’t you? -Yeah, that was —
that was a lot of fun, actually. -Did you meet any big stars? -Well, there was — there was
this one night in particular where I remember —
it was this night-before party at the Oscars,
and my parents were, like, really starstruck
about this one group of people. It was Leonardo DiCaprio, um,
Steven Spielberg, and my lawyer. [ Laughter ] -Wow. -So, like, me being
the cheeky eight-year-old I was, I was like,
“Hey, guys, watch this.” And so I walked over there,
and I was like, “Hey, guys, how’s it going?!” And then we were,
like, chatting, and they were really friendly. -What’d you talk about? -I think we were talking
about how, like, Steven Spielberg
gives you, like, any snacks you want
in your trailer. [ Laughter ]
Yeah, yeah. -What — And what did Leo say?
What’s his favorite snack? -I think I remember him saying,
like, ice cream. I can’t remember what flavor, but it was ice cream,
and then — -What do you like
in your trailer? -Oh, I said Mike and Ikes.
-Yeah, they’re great. -I like fruit candy.
It’s, like, the best. -Yeah, fruit candy —
yeah, they rock. Yeah, I like Mike and Ikes, too.
Yeah, totally. That’s wild, and so they just —
open arms — that’s great. And then — Then what happened? -Okay, so, after I walked back
to my parents, and I’m like, “Hey, guess who I just met? I just met —
Well, I said hi to my lawyer, and I met Leonardo DiCaprio
and Steven Spielberg,” and my mom was like,
“That wasn’t your lawyer. That was Tobey Maguire.” [ Laughter ] Yeah. [ Tuba blares ] -Uh, well, now you’re here.
You’re — I heard a rumor about this. I heard that you might
be in the live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid.” -Yeah?
-Is that true? Well, maybe? We’re not sure.
-I’ve also heard the rumors, but, uh, my people have told me
that it is down to me and Harry Styles
for the role of Prince Eric. [ Laughter ] -Your people —
yeah, your people, yeah. -Yeah. -I heard you were up
for the role of Flounder, is what I heard. -Listen, Jimmy.
It’s like… I know — I know —
Harry Styles, He’s got, like, you know —
he’s a good-looking dude, and he’s got some talent, but,
like, I don’t know if he — I don’t know if he could bring
the, uh, you know, like, acting chops and singing chops
that I can bring to the table. -Yeah, yeah, you’re up for it. [ Laughter ]
So, it’ll be a tight race. You don’t want to say
who’s playing who or whatever, but we’ll see.
You’re either — hopefully Flounder
or Prince Eric. -But all jokes aside,
I mean, like, what kid wouldn’t want
to be in a Disney movie? That would be
a dream come true for me. -Yeah, well,
I’ll have my people… make a couple phone calls, yeah. You’re in this film —
gosh, is it funny — called “Good Boys.” It’s — It’s almost like “Superbad” meets “Stand By Me.”
-Yeah. -You get invited
to a cool-kid party. -Yeah, a kissing party. [ Audience oohing ] Cool kids.
-Watch it, now. So, you get invited to a kissing
party, and it’s a big deal. -Well, yeah,
but here’s the thing — like, they don’t know
how to kiss, so it’s like… -Yeah.
-…it’s kind of a big — -Yeah, so no one knows
how to kiss. -Yeah.
-And so they’re kind of — they’re researching. They’re trying to figure out
how to do it, ’cause they want to look cool
when he’s at the party… -Yeah.
-…when he goes there. And this is, uh —
Seth Rogen produced this film. -Yeah.
-Man, he’s a great guy. -His, like, laugh is,
like, amazing. His laugh is so neat. -He’s got the best laugh.
Do you — Like, how do you do it again?
Do you know how he laughs? -Yeah, I’ll try. [ Imitates Seth Rogen’s laugh ] I know it’s not that good,
but, like, it kind of sounds like Santa if he, like, smoked cigarettes
or something. [ Laughter ] -That’s your movie idea
right there. You got to talk to your people.
-Santa who smokes cigarettes? -Yes. [ Laughter ] In that area, yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Imitates Seth Rogen’s laugh ]
-Am I playing Santa? -What was that?
-Am I playing Santa? -No, so, let Seth play Santa,
and you can be — -Alright.
-Yeah, you can be whatever. -An elf, yeah, I guess. “Let the short kid play an elf.” -No, I didn’t —
I didn’t say that, no! -Come on.
-I wasn’t gonna say that at all! I want you to play Mrs. Claus. -Oh, okay, yeah. -No, but, so, you do this —
by the way, I also heard you do an Arnold Schwarzenegger
impersonation? -Yes.
-Now, can I — How did you figure this out? -Um, so, basically, um, I remember, like, watching,
like, the “Predator,” and, like, I was like,
“Dude, he’s got a sick accent,” and I was like —
I was always imitating him. I was always like, [As Schwarzenegger]
Get to the chopper! We have to get out of here! Now, now! I need to eat some schnitzel! It’s in my tummy!
Mm, yum, yum in my tummy! [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God. Kid is hitting homers, man. Uh… [ Laughs ] Uh, you’re hitting homers,
buddy. It is rated R. I will say this —
it’s rated R. -[ Normal voice ]
Oh, it’s very rated R. -Alright, alright, calm down. I want to show
everyone the clip. Here’s Jacob Tremblay
in “Good Boys.” Take a look at this. -This is a really pretty
CPR doll. -I guess I’ll go first. -Stop. What are you doing?
-Kissing her? -You can’t kiss someone
without their permission. Remember from assembly? -Pretend it’s Brixlee.
Try to be a gentleman. -Okay. Brixlee, can I kiss you? -Why?
-Why? -Yeah.
What do you like about me? -Well…you’re sweet. You smell good.
You’re smart, too. You always push Henry
in his wheelchair even though he’s super mean. And just when I think
I’ve got you figured out, you go ahead
and start skateboarding. -I consent. [ Laughter and applause ] -Jacob Tremblay, wow!

100 thoughts on “Jacob Tremblay Does His Best Seth Rogen and Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions

  1. This really reminds me of Macaulay Culkin’s interview after ‘Home Alone’ premiered, I just hope this Hollywood doesn’t destroy this kid as well.

  2. He said "I can't remember.." so many times as if he got drunk and partied so hard that he actually can't remember anything! 🤣🤣🤣 He will go far as he is super talented and confident.

  3. This kid is hilarious. The movie looks so funny and I thought it was just the script that made him funny but god damn he needs to become a comedian,

  4. 1:40 this felt so funny i wanted to laugh instead i exhaled a huge amount of air in excitement, btw he is good and the joke

  5. Love that kid. He's good person, like me. Jac, u were awesome. I Wonder if he knows anyone on Family Guy and American Dad!
    1. Max – Good Boys 2019
    2. Rory McKenna – The Predator 2018
    3. Camper – American Dad 2017
    4. Treehouse boy – Family Guy 2017
    5. Blue – The Smurfs 2

  6. Happy B-day Jacob Tremblay. May the Peace be with u. From Harlingen Texas. From Harlingen Texas. October 5, 2006
    October 5, 2019 through October 5, 3019

  7. we’re literally the same age,

    him: in movies, on jimmy fallon show, an actor

    me: seeing if the light turns off if i close the fridge door

  8. Him as a person seems to be a wanna be fuck boy but to Young to be one I know I will probably get hate but I know a kid that act just like him and kinda looks like him and there both get on my nerves

  9. Jacob: I don't like roasting. Its rude
    Also Jacob :
    My lawyer * speaking of Toby Maguire *
    My people
    Listen jimmy
    Harry styles …… He's got some talent
    Says Seth Rogan laughs like Santa smoking #sethroganexposedbya13yearoldcanadian
    Let the short kid play an elf
    Impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger and makes his sound like and angry confused foreign guy
    Basically the entire interview

  10. I work in a haunted attraction as a roamer/line actor. I saw Jacob Tremblay at the store hanging out after the show and his mom took a picture with us in my costume. Very cool guy and fun encounter.

  11. Please Hollywood don’t mess him up, don’t want him to be some depressed, alcoholic adult who talks about how behind the scene he was miserable, and terribly bullied in school.

  12. In under 6 minutes he pointed out that :
    – Tobby Maccguire’s career is in the garbage
    – that he can outact Harry Styles
    – That Seth Rogen laughs like a Santa that has smoked too much
    – Shamed adults that give children in Hollywood stupid roles ( mall rats, and elves )
    – Clowned the guy in the Predator’s voice
    Talk about a roast……..

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