It’s just him and me | The Terminator [Open Matte, Remastered]

It’s just him and me | The Terminator [Open Matte, Remastered]

Sarah. Sarah, try to drink some of this. Listen, are you sure it’s them? I mean,
maybe I should look at the bodies. No. They’ve been identified
and there’s no doubt. Ginger. – Kiddo.
– Sarah… – Sarah, this is Dr. Silberman.
– Hi, Sarah. I want you to tell him everything
Reese told you. Do you feel up to that? Yeah, I guess so. – You’re a doctor?
– Criminal psychologist. – Is Reese crazy?
– That’s what we’re gonna find out. So you’re a soldier. Fighting for whom? With the 132nd under Perry.
From ’21 to ’27. That’s the year 2027?That’s right. Then I was assigned…– This is fucking great.
– …under John Connor.– Who was the enemy?
– A computer defense system built… Goddamn. Sorry. …built for SAC-NORAD
by Cyberdyne Systems. I see. And this computer thinks it can win
by killing the mother of its enemy. Killing him, in effect,
before he’s even conceived. A sort of retroactive abortion? Silberman cracks me up.
Last week, a guy burned his Afghan. – He screwed it first…
– Ed, shut up. Why didn’t the computer
just kill Connor then? Why this elaborate scheme
with the Terminator? It had no choice.
Their defense grid was smashed. We’d won. Taking out Connor then
would make no difference. Skynet had to wipe out
his entire existence. Is that when you captured the lab
complex and found… What is it called? The time displacement equipment? That’s right. The Terminator
had already gone through. Connor sent me to intercept
and they blew the whole place. Well, how are you supposed to get back? I can’t. Nobody goes home.
Nobody else comes through. It’s just him and me.

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  1. This is "open matte" version, higher aspect ratio than the original blu-ray version. Frame comparison:

  2. brad fiedel done an excellent job with the music in this.
    the music that plays when arnold is repairing himself is scary and creepy.

  3. If Reese could f*ck him up with buckshot, imagine if he could have brought a phase plasma rifle with 30 watt range through time.

  4. In the 80's EVERYONE was in shock watching Arnold fixing his arm and eye. No CGI, just amazing animatronic puppets, and the best realistic makeup.

  5. Fun fact: The smartass detective who also played Bishop in Aliens, was originally supposed to be the T800. Cameron changed his mind and decided on him being a walking battle tank instead.

  6. For some reason I like the interrogation with Kyle since he’s basically explaining to the police the future and why would they believe him

  7. Makes you wonder why the terminator didnt kill those cops at the beginning but it proved it was smart an can kill them at anytime.

  8. I hope everyone sees the difference between dark fate and the first terminator. Modern films, despite modern technology, lose to films 30-40 years ago. Only young marveloids do not see this.

  9. Here's what we need in the prequel:
    -Kyle's time with 132nd Division under Perry (2021-2027)
    -How did discover the Time Displacement Equipment in the Skynet Lab complex
    – John Connor's role as the Leader of the Resistance
    -Different Terminator infiltrators besides the iconic Cyberdyne System Model 101
    -A global all out war between man and machines (much like the Terminator 2 opening) on not just Los Angles, but the other major cities in different regions.
    – Tech-Com Sec-Ops Units
    – A Terminator becomes more independent as the CPS is a learning processor.
    -How Terminators are reprogram to aid the humans?
    -Partial VFX and GGI, partial miniature and puppetry.
    -International cast
    -Other killer machines like the HK Spider from T2 concept art.
    -The climactic scene that leads up to the opening of Terminator 1 and 2.

  10. Love how The Terminator spends ages sorting his eye and arm to maintain his cover and blend in, but decides fuck it and walks down the hallway with his rife

  11. The first Terminator film is so unlike the other films in the franchise. I love the darker tone, greater focus on the sci-fi horror, and the 80's techno vibe, as compared to the more action-oriented sequels. Arnold as the merciless, mass-murdering T-800, no puns or humor, just pure menace, is incredible.

  12. "we won"
    Thats the part who escape everyone in the first movie. Skynet lost the future war. Sending the terminator to the pass is his last move.

  13. I never understood why the resistance never sent a weapon with Kyle. Yes, he said it's not a living thing, but if a terminator was surrounded by living tissue why didn't Connor send a weapon surrounded by living tissue, sort of a bag made from skin which they could've harvested from other terminators.

  14. Dark Fate could never happen – because Skynet always sends a T-800 back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor – so Kyle Reese has to be sent back by John Connor to protect her – so there was never any possibility for another A.I. like "Legion" to exist – because the Terminator-Timeline exists in a Time-Loop and John Connor will always survive to lead the resistance.

  15. что за ебанная курица с синдромом дауна так делает Русские субтитры?

  16. As a kid this scared me especially the eye part. My dad explained he’s a robot dosnt feel pain. I said well I doo right now.

  17. “No one else comes through. It’s just him and me.” Some might wonder why there was a Terminator 2, then. James Cameron originally envisioned the beginning of the second movie as much longer, showing Skynet’s defeat and the discovery of the lab with the “time displacement machine.” The human resistance would find that two terminators has been sent already (evil T-800 and the T-1000). Connor decided to send a reprogramed T-800 to fight the more advanced model, while he chose Kyle Reese to fight the evil T-800, and also because he knew his trusted soldier was his father. Michale Biehn was supposed to portray Kyle Reese again in these scenes. However, Cameron realized that it would be too costly, and turned the future war intro into something far simpler and shorter. Pity. It would have made a perfect loop and would have given no chance for any stupid sequels.

  18. No way!!! The guy interviewing kyle here is the same guy who is sarah’s pyschologist at the insane asylum, right????? I never knew until now!!!!!

  19. In a way, I love the psychologist in this series, especially in T3 the cemetery scene. He sees the terminator walking out and just goes, nope, I"m outta here. I know what's about to happen.

  20. Chicken or the egg? No JC without KR going back in time to lose his virginity to SC. No Cyberdyne/Skynet without the T800 going back in time to deposit his seed.

  21. How would it be if we saw something like this in the DCEU with Cyborg fights against Grid, Kilgore and Gizmo even though he's not gonna get his own movie?

  22. So wait, if John connor blew the entire skynet facility and they won, then wtf happen in Terminator 2!? Did skynet had another facility that he was in it and also had another time machine??

  23. Back when movies were good, and terminators werent androgenous he/she's to appease the sjw crowd, who, ironically dont spend money to go see movies anyways, considering they all live in mommy's basement.

  24. And you have to consider the T-800 is just Skynet's mass produced cannon fooder.
    This is not even the best weapon the machines have

  25. I love this and the second one too bad they kept making sequels of the same movie. I wish they did a movie about John Conor becoming a future leader or something like that.

  26. You are right I am crazy and nothing I say makes any sense. I just need to sling dope because I am just an uneducated hick who is fat and poor.

  27. In my opinion Dr.Silberman is actually one lucky motherfucker to have left the police station just as the terminator arrived. Had he stayed there then there's just no way in hell his wormy ass would've survived the terminator's rampage. The terminator would've made quick work of his ass. If 17 tough and armed cops couldn't survive against the terminator, neither could he.

  28. Though it would make for less interesting story telling, John Connor should've given Reese a realistic back story to explain why he's looking for Sarah and trying to protect her rather than coming off as crazy talking about the future wars.

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    -SJWs ruined my childhood memory



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  30. When Reese was in the time machine he thought they won. He didn't know skynet had a t1000 that they were going to send back. Kyle Reese to his knowledge thought he knew it all, but there was more that he didn't see as he was sent back in time.

  31. Silvermans body langauge is quite something, being an impatient jerk while Sarah is hearing her housemates have just been killed and there's a psycho killing people with her name in the Phone book

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  33. That's what makes Reese my favorite movie protagonist. He goes in, knowing he can't make it back. It's all for humanity and a woman he loves with all his heart but had never met. Loyalty, bravery, sacrifice. Everything humans are capable of that machines can never understand.

  34. Anybody wonder where the Terminator got the x-acto knife and scissors? I suppose he stole them but musta been low key with his eye all bloody and fucked up.

  35. If skynet had not sent a Terminator to kill Sarah Connor, John would not have sent Kyle Reese to protect her. No Kyle Reese= No contact between him and Sarah= John Connor is not born= Skynet succeeds. Skynet made a huge mistake by sending the T-800 in the first movie.

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