Is boxing hard to pick up? (GYM VLOG) /IN INDONESIA.

Is boxing hard to pick up? (GYM VLOG) /IN INDONESIA.

O hello akash brother you started gym didn’t you tell about it ever, no vlog and didn’t tell what is going on is routine oky
You going or nor .tell you.. And one thing. Today’s whole vlog on GYM
It’s about one month joining of GYM. and the latest news is this if you are not following me on Instagram so you wouldn’t know with my GYM I am also practicing for karate means I use to take class at once in week so today is a day. I am trying to learn karate first ever time in my life this also happens in same gym once in a week and I am having this class
I used to take last class about last week Class is about Tuesday and again today is Tuesday karate class and Gym And I swear trust me there is no more need hard work required for GYM but Karate needs alot hardwork the person gets fully sweat About last time I used to wear pant and it’s difficult to learn in pant I don’t use to wear short nikkers because there are hair on my legs and people who are here hasn’t so it seems ackward for me So anyway I wear today So I am going for its about 5 o clock right now and at 6 pm there will b the karate class next I will do gym at least for one hour so it means there are huge scenes to get tired still I have guilt on my belly otherwise I am fit (Thumbs Up) Well in a month I got to know and mix with everyone gym There are about 8 people are working
Here is (BELLANY) She is at reception But I am waiting for karate ‘s trainer when he will come I will learn from him.. Because instantly if I do gym and karate so I will get tired alot.. I didn’t ever. shoot video in Gym because at once you have to do only one work make vlog of do gym anyhow I wanted to lose my belly that’s why I didn’t upload any vlog
Anyways let’s start Well whatever poses you see these are by our trainer here a trainer and tired after having sets This person made his muscles very good. Anyway there is no need to come gym in car it’s only about two mins away from me but I use to come because no rain detected here Well whatever I learn about sets in pakistan, like this and this but when this person tells it seems like different But the man is good Here is our trainer his name is ANNGA. We will do them for 2 hours firstly karate
In their language Karate is knows as (MUAYTHAI) And other than that we will learn self defence and at last boxing Do gym in month and do this in one day is equal to each other. GYM is about the certain purpose for specially about we want to do Today I had excersied for my chest.. More emphasis But Karate requires the power of whole body gives alot of sweating to body.. Well firstly we warmed up then we did basics. And still basic is going on may be after this we will have boxing but yet basic is going on.. Plz take promise from me I swear it’s not an easy it’s done but here I got guilt whatever.. Training is done
Hope full for peaceful sleep may be Well we often see in movies they are doing karate
And wandering around. Then person gets desire to learn the main work is to Learn last week when I used to do karate I got injured from knees it’ took about one week to get fine and again today this happend I thought to wear shoes while doing this but in shoes there is a chances of slippery Well we are 6 members also last time we were 6 members this is my 2nd week and my situation gets tight seriously it’s so difficult work sometimes I feel there is fire coming from mouth and here it’s so tough work I have done gym one hour 2 hours this it means almost 3 hours in week if we do this.. Is benifit for weight loss..
This girls shouts alot.. Swearly Today I wished to do one vlog for GYM well its done And I can’t make daily same vlog I can’t tell about gym daily it’s almost 1 month of my joining At first I used to make video once
Month is going to end means my money is going to use again Well I got guilt here… He help me its bit fine but tommorw I will get guilts her Well who helped me out for making my video here is miss MIRA Any ways will meet you again in shaa Allah( if God wants) remember me in your prayers ALLAH HAFIZ

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  1. Model Munda no need to take part in 🥊♥️🥰😍
    With great love and respect from a Pakistani 🇵🇰 Canadian 🇨🇦 YouTube vlogger from Toronto 🇨🇦😍😎🥰😍😎🥰😍❄️⛄☃️🌨️

  2. کاش مجھے بھی کوئی سبسکرائب کرتا 😢😢کیونکہ میں بھی زبردست ویڈیوز بناتا ہوں جو دیکھنے کے قابل ہوتی ہیں اور بہت محنت کرتا ہوں چینل پر پلیز

  3. ﺍَﻟﺼَّﻠﻮٰﺓُﻭَﺍلسَّلاﻡُﻋَﻠَﻴْﻚ یاسیدیَ ﻳَﺎﺭَﺳُﻮْﻝَ ﺍﻟﻠﻪﷺ
    ﻭَﻋَﻠٰﻰﺍٰﻟِﻚَﻭَﺃَﺻْﺤٰﺒِﻚ یاسیدیَ ﻳَﺎﺣَﺒِﻴْﺐ َ ﺍﻟﻠﻪﷺ

  4. بھائی کیا جادو ھے سبسکرائب کیلۓ۔۔😊۔
    تھوڑا سکھا دو۔۔۔😜
    مجھے کوئی نھی کرتا سبسکرائب۔۔😔


    Akash bhai maine hal hi main YouTube channel start kiya, par almost 2 years se local guide on Google map main as a local guide ka kam kar raha hu Surprisingly
    On 21 jan ko mujhe Google team UK se ek email aya i got 3emails n they have sent me a gift n now it's on the way ships from UK
    U've inspired me bro n i really appreciate n love your the way u do hard work
    Love from 🇮🇳

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