I’ll be back (Police station assault) | The Terminator [Open Matte, Remastered]

I’ll be back (Police station assault) | The Terminator [Open Matte, Remastered]

– Good night.
SILBERMAN: Gooood night. DOOR BUZZES OPEN HE SIGHS BLEEPING TURNS OFF THE PAGER – I’m a friend of Sarah Connor. I was told that she’s here. Could I
see her, please? – No. You can’t see her, she’s making
a statement. – Where is she? – Look, it may take a while. If you want to wait,

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  1. This is "open matte" version, higher aspect ratio than the original blu-ray version. Frame comparison: https://ibb.co/HNsrZNg

  2. We see Skynet's uncanny tactical sense in this scene. The Terminator's ham-handed attempt at diplomacy wasn't meant to succeed, it was meant to confirm that Sarah was in the building. It didn't crash the car into the reception area to gain entry, it did so to block a primary exit to prevent Sarah from escaping. Kill the officers first for confusion and to prevent reinforcements, scatter/injure the rest to allow an easier search, achieved with one AR-18 mag and a few shotgun shells.

  3. One thing been confusing me about Dark Fate is why there isn't any FBI Most Wanted Posters with the T-800 model 101 appearance because I remember in T2 and that T-800 got recognize easily for most wanted but yet the Dark Fate one never been attacked by any law enforcement swat team.

  4. Only odd thing was you see the cop reacts to the high beam headlights but when the cars crashes into the station the headlights are turned off.

  5. Not hating on Robert Patrick, he was pretty good as T-1000, but I don't why people consider T-1000 the best villain in the franchise. The original T-800 feels more threatening than all of Terminator villains.

  6. Ah the T- 800 clearly Skynets most Deadly Terminator because as you can see hes shooting a pump Shotgun like a machine gun at 1:22 until 1:56 hes back to his shotgun rounds…. because Skynet uses cheat codes

  7. This T-800 smashed the lighting fuse box to eliminate the glare that interfered with its targeting system. The T-800s default settings are infra-red so it can see it's targets more precisely. The T-850 from T3 had a upgraded operating system that could function the same in day/night. I always wondered why it killed the fuse box

  8. did the sound editing guy and the fireworks guy didn't know how does a shotgun works? in the first corridor his shotgun fires like an automatic weapon.

  9. 1,06: Pausar la escena. Se nota el muñeco o el maniqui que utilizaron para esta escena del Policia en el escritorio arrollado x el Auto del Terminator.

  10. When you go do some more lab work in the training room and come back after leveling up a few more levels, upgrades and buffs.

  11. 1:33 Since when was the Franchi SPA-12 a fully automatic weapon? Look closely; his AR-18 is in his right hand but he's shooting the gun in his left. Movie mistake on the foley artist's part.

  12. I wish we could invent a A.I. terminator not only to kill the police but to scan them to find the wolf in sheep's wool also all other evil men and women.

  13. In my opinion Dr. Silberman is one lucky motherfucker to have left the police station just as the terminator arrived. If he had stayed theres just no way in hell his wormy ass would've survived the terminator's rampage. If 17 tough and armed cops couldn't survive against the terminator then neither could he.

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  15. Arnie: "Ai thingk thä törminaider wuddnt sey I'll be back"

    James cameron: "How would you say it?"

    Arnie "i will be back"

    James Cameron: "no. Don't correct my writing and i don't correct your acting"

  16. Come to think of it, it is kind of strange how the T800 tells the cop "I'll be back" knowing full well he intends to kill everyone. Did the Terminator intentionally use sarcasm? Also at 1:33 the dead body gets startled lol

  17. Sarah looks so beautiful and strong (other person would faint), Kyle so heroic, and the Terminator so frightening unstoppable.This movie is printed in my nightmares <3

  18. Did anyone notice, at 1:00 u can see the headlight of the car reflecting off the glass, but at 1:02 the headlight was off,.

  19. OK the only thing I can criticise, Is the one where , the man who looks after Reese, wants to leave the room, opens the door and LUCKILY meets Lance Henriksen , to hear , Watch HIM. What a blind Luck.

  20. @3:06 Two mags taped together and flipped around. My dad taught me that decades ago, wonder if this was the inspiration. Lol. -For legal reasons, this was a joke.

  21. What I like about this scene is that Dr. Silberman walked out of the police station, literally right before the shootout, and then we see him in T2, cracks me up. I wonder what he was like later "Wow, how lucky was I that night."

  22. All well and good but, the terminator left the door wide open. So wide it wasn't even shutting itself. When he crashed the car through both doors were shut. Totally unwatchable after that.

  23. I like this medicine to give army and police people. Just to seen how is funy.
    Because in futures police and army gladly give this medicine to people. Then have lie seld and other is is for big and all good in earth. 😁😃

  24. imagine that the terminator entered the room where Sarah was hiding and called her in her voice Kyle, she should first see who is calling her and then answer)))

  25. It didn't have to drive a vehicle into the building. Better for the film. Cyborgs can bust the door in on their own and blast away. Saw this in theater and I do admit, never saw it coming.

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