What’s up guys, it’s Osvaldo Lugones and welcome back to my Youtube channel. Today is a special video because we’re going to be doing a workout specific for those beginners that want to learn the human flag. This workout is designed to build that solid foundation that is necessary for the human flag. In this workout, we are going to be working on our grip, shoulders, straight arm strength, and core. We’re also going to focus on the pulling and pushing strength that the human flag requires. It’s important that you guys understand that I was once a beginner just like you. In the beginning, I would see a static move, and I would just go and attempt it without knowing what muscles I needed to activate. That’s why in this video, I’m going to focus on the very basics of the human flag. If you master this workout, I promise you that you will learn the Human Flag much faster and with a proper form. The requirements for this video are 5 Pull Ups and 10 Push Ups. If you already have those you’re ready to start this workout. Before this workout, let’s do a quick warm up. The first exercise is going to be Hanging One Arm Switching Arms, 5 reps each arm. The second exercise is gonna be Push Ups, max. The third exercise is going to be Side Plank Hold, 20 seconds each side. Alright, if you finished the warm up you’re ready to start the workout. The first exercise is going to be Hanging One Arm Push Off, 10 reps each arm. Second exercise is going to be Side to Side Pull Ups, 8 reps each side. Third exercise is going to be Wide Supinated Grip Hip Raises, 10 reps. Fourth exercise is going to be Flag Base Jump Negatives Fifth exercise is going to be Archer Push Ups, 5 reps each side. Exercise number 6 is going to be High Side Plank Up & Down, 10 reps each side. Exercise number 7 is going to be Hanging Wide Scapula Shrugs, 10 reps plus a 5 second hold at the end. To complete this workout, make sure to repeat for a total of 3 rounds. Alright, that was the video for today, I hope you guys liked it. Make sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe for much more. For more workouts and tutorials like this, I’m very happy to announce that I’m going to be launching my website, Olevo in April. In Olevo, will find workouts and programs like this that will help you master the basics in Calisthenics and reinforce your skills. Most importantly, you will have the option able to buy a personalized program for a whole month, created specific for you, by me. Also, you’ll be able to contact me directly via WhatsApp if you have any questions about the program. Here’s a preview of what you can expect from Olevo. Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to comment down below what you guys want the next video to be about. See you soon in the next video.


  1. There are subtitles available in English and in Spanish.
    Hay subtítulos disponibles en inglés y en español.

  2. There is no Calisthenic gyms or cool parks that have all types of bars where I live. All I have is one single bar at my weight lifting gym. I wish I had access to that kind areas

  3. ……. I would love for the second clip, for “us” all, to know the immersion clip.
    Then, stick the expert clip….. This is for me, so, I can remember this everything about THIS clip!

  4. Congratulations Oswaldo!! I am pretty sure your new project will be a success!! Human flag workout is hard as hell and you make it look easy!!!

  5. Hey Osvaldo, does Gabo still work with the THENX? Haven't seen him on the channel from many months. Great video BTW.Loved it.

  6. Osvaldo is a cheat! 😀 😀 😀 Those who've seen him in action know that he's crazy strong but unlike a lot of mainstream calisthenics guys, he doesn't need to be freaking lean to be able to do what he does. Stop cheating us beginners, Osvaldo! 😀 😀 😀

  7. Giving the WhatsApp option is seriously the USP of your service!! That is the one thing NO ONE else seems to be doing, and I think it’ll make a BIG difference! Kudos, mate, great job!

  8. I wanna learn how to handstand push ups please make a vedio on it and some planche tips please thanks

  9. hey osvaldo I can hold tuck planche for like 15 seconds ,pseudo push up down hold for 40 seconds and bent arms straddle planche for 5 seconds but I can't do full range of motion handstand push ups and when I open the tuck planche to advanced tuck I fall down do I need more planche lean or more strength please answer fast

  10. i like the way you motivate your viewers"i was a beginner just like you" but you were not 5'11 and 136 pounds,anyway any advices on gaining weigh?

  11. Grande osvaldo, eres mi inspiración amigo, un buen atleta y con físico natural, nada de esteroides como algunos falsos que andan rondando por ahí.

  12. Thanks for these awesome videos! However, I don't understand how you fit these training workouts to learn a specific move into a full workout schedule. How often a week do you do this? What happens with the other regular workouts?

  13. Wait wait wait , osvaldo one of the best cali athleats in the world with the cleanest forms to have ever been performed having only 77k subbs on youtube? Damn humanity

  14. I was doing this routine for a while. In the one arm hang with the left arm i feel strain or something getting stretched on the lateral side of the elbow. I felt pain afterwards so had to stop doing em. Same scenario when i pull with left arm in the flag position. Is it because i lack left scapular strength? I am doing calisthenics from past 18 months. Maybe if you can suggest me what to work on? Thanks Sir, amazing content.

  15. Honestly, how can you say this is for beginners? It´s a great tutorial but these exercises are not definetely for people who want to get human flag FROM 0

  16. I feel stupid but is there a progression to wide supinated grip hip raises? My legs constantly press against the bar. I can’t push it out. My back can’t curve up.


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