HOW TO SWING ON RINGS – STILL RINGS TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Tutorials and Lessons

HOW TO SWING ON RINGS – STILL RINGS TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Tutorials and Lessons

This video is an introduction to swing on the rings We’re going to start off by showing you some basic drills on the low rings before going up to the high rings. And also I want to mention that when you are on the rings and swinging the rings aren’t swinging back and forth The rings are staying still and your body is doing the swinging. Also you want to try and keep pressure on the rings at all times If you bend your arms you are going to pick up slack and you are not going to have the most efficient swing. So try and keep pressure on the rings. So when you are swinging on the rings on the back swing you want to pull the rings apart and go wide with your thumbs down and you want to drive your heels Your head could be straight ahead or your head could be down, if you are having trouble driving your heels and getting your heels up over your head have your head more down. In the front part of your swing for now we are going to keep our wrists like this and we are going to roll them and keep our arms by our ears here When you start doing more bigger swing for advanced swing for giants or bigger dislocates we are actually going to turn the rings like this and we are going to start pressing back like this If you have a boys team at your gym you want to put chalk on your hands so the boys team doesn’t rip off later on when they do bigger stuff. So for out swing we are going to keep our legs nice and tight and we are going to try and relax in our shoulders and just kick your legs up in the front and drive your heels up in the back Nice and easy like this and try and go wide, thumbs down wide, thumbs down If you have ring grips you are going to swing a lot bigger of course These go on the 2 middle fingers and it has a pretty big dowel Bigger than the dowel on the men’s high bar grip or even the dowel on the women’s uneven bar grips. If you feel comfortable with your swing like this and you want to start turning your hands like this for your front swing, you can which will help when you start doing bigger swing and giant work.

7 thoughts on “HOW TO SWING ON RINGS – STILL RINGS TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Tutorials and Lessons

  1. every time I do swings on rings my lower back hurts, it feels as if my lower body is yanking apart and I have to stop I hate it b/c I want to practice certain tricks but cant due to my lower back, I cant get my back up rise b/c of that so I just do a muscle up on it. Is it possible I am swinging wrong can I prevent this?

  2. hey I did this where the rings were actually swinging do you know where I can do that or if it is called difrently in English I only know the german word

  3. I'm still having trouble with my swings. I can't get high enough on the back to do a inlocate. I just don't know what to do fix it. Any help? I uploaded a video onto my channel I would really appreciate it if you critique it for me to improve my swing. Here's a link:

  4. Not bad but it makes more sense to turn the rings on your front swings so that way when you start bailing from handstand, it’ll be less likely for you to peel off.👍🏼

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