hello friends welcome Fitnationzone. In the first ever video we are going to learn how to start a workout
whatever type of you workout you do, it is necessary that a couple of exercises
are taken up for warmup and for beginners it is to be continued for few days. The
exercise of this workout consists of one circuit and three sets for shoulders
let’s begin with circuit which includes four different exercises out of which
the first exercise is jumping here we need to loosen up your body and jump on
30 seconds count from 1 to 30 in your mind.
After completing 30 seconds and relax. after jumping comes
jumping with hand raise which is also known as jumping jack. Here you need to
raise your hands while jumping for 30 seconds followed by 10
seconds of rest next comes twisting. Now friends, the
position for twisting is very much important so please pay attention.
Your legs should be shoulder width, neither facing inwards nor facing out, it should be exactly straight stomach squeeze just brought now
increase in such a way that your abdomens are stretched for 30 seconds
followed by 10 seconds of rest and finally comes the last exercise of the
circuit that is site using the position will be the same but you need to twist
side by side for 30 seconds. This comprises of one
circuit. You need to carry of this circuit for 3 times taking 10 seconds of
rest between each set. Let me repeat the whole exercises for you. First was jumping followed by jumping jack, third was twisting and finally side twisting. You need to
perform three circuits. now moving towards
weights, whatever exercise you carry out if your shoulders are not strong, it
might lead to injuries so we’ll try to strengthen our shoulders in the next
exercises. The first exercise is Dumbbell Front Raise. You need to hold the
dumbbells in front of you and raise your arms up to your shoulder for ten repetitions over each hand. After completing one set,
drop the dumbbells and take 30 seconds of rest. You need to perform 3 sets of Dumbbell front raise. Do perform this
exercise for 3 times. Next comes Dumbbell Side Raise With same position, raise your Dumbbells
up to the shoulders side by side You can either perform
it single handedly or with both hands together. 3 sets with 30 seconds of rest. So guys, these were the 2 exercises
for shoulder. First was dumbbell front raise and secong, dumbbell side raise. One more
thing I would like to add up on here is you can bring drink water in between your
sets but – then it should be just a sip.I’ll show you……. that’s it you can drink water in very small
quantities I’m moving towards the last exercise
final exercise of our shoulder workout that is the Dumbbell shoulder press. Pay
attention over the position. your hand should be in this
position that is elbow to wrist vertical elbow to shoulders is horizontal. Perform 3 sets with thirty seconds of rest. So guys,
this is how we will sum of a workout. It is enough for a beginner to start
exercise. If you are a regular gym going person, you can perform it while the
beginning and then carryover your exercises. The weights that are taken here are just for example purpose. You can either increase it or decrease it according to
your own capacity. Do let us know how did you like our first video and keep
sharing your opinions and feedback in the comments section thank you very much
for watching the video. Thanks again see you later

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  1. I have seen many videos regarding workouts and diet …. but never got a clear version of it … some trainers just talk about it .. some show with pictures …. but bro your awesome… definitely your going to be famous one day.. definitely… anyways I got the information needed for my diet and workouts.. thank you.. all the best from Australia💪

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