How to NOT Lose Muscle while Cutting

How to NOT Lose Muscle while Cutting

you weight loss is not the same thing as fat loss losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean your body composition is improving that is because some of that lost weight may actually be muscle mass and I’m sure you don’t want that you don’t want to end up skinny fat so to maintain muscle mass during a cut here are four things that you need to do number one you need to have a moderate calorie deficit number two you need to maintain training intensity number three you need to get enough protein and number four do only a moderate amount of cardio will address each of these points one by one first of all let me show you the cutting hierarchy of importance here it is as you can see at the very base of the pyramid is your calorie intake that is most important because that is what determines how fast to lose weight a well set calorie deficit restricts only enough energy to force your body to burn body fat but not enough to interfere with muscle recovery and grow that usually means a deficit between 20 and 25 percent under maintenance there is an exception to this however overweight beginners can use a larger deficit and still gain muscle during the cut so training age makes a big difference but if you already have well-developed muscle mass you can’t afford to have a deficit that is larger than 25% it will negatively affect protein synthesis and will reduce your strength in the gym which brings us to the next point strength training strength training is the most important factor for maintaining muscle mass during your cut lifting weights signal that muscle needs to be retained even if you’re in a bigger redeposit and have a low protein intake intensity the weight on the body is what matters most your muscles were forced to adapt to the current level by lifting heavy weights so if you remove or reduce the stimulus that caused the adaptation the growth of your muscles you will also lose the adaptation according to Lila McDonald you can maintain all your muscle mass even if you reduce volume by two-thirds as long as you keep intensity the same put another way you could maintain volume in frequency at the same level but if you cut intensity you will lose some muscle mass this is why doing high rep training while cutting is a mistake so here are the recommendations for strength training number one if you don’t currently lift weights start not only will you be able to maintain muscle mass you will also gain muscle and number two if you’ve been lifting for a few months or years keep your training as it is there is no need to make adjustments while cutting unless your strength goes down all right next point get adequate protein if you want to go Greg and I see the video with Eric counts he started protein requirements for lean athletes in a deficit that means you and me he discovered that the range of 1 to 1 point 3 grams of protein per pound of body weight or 2.2 2.9 grams per kilogram is ideal for cutting of course you would be able to maintain or gain muscle using a lower protein intake but probably not as well as you could and the final point don’t do a lot of cardio now I am really not a fan of cardio my conditioning sucks actually the only form of cardio I – is walking but now during the winter I don’t even do that consistently the truth is you can lose fat without doing any cardio you just need to have that calorie deficit in place however expanding some energy to cardio allows you to beat slightly more so it can be very useful women and guys who are shorter need to eat very little if they create a calorie deficit only total diet so doing some cardio for them is very helpful when cutting I recommend doing between two and three hours of cardio per week maximum for doing more than that can interfere with your recovery affecting your strength progression and that’s it to maintain muscle mass for cutting you need to don’t starve yourself lift some heavy weights eat some protein and get some good rest it’s not exactly rocket science you

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  1. Even with doing everything right some guys think that they are losing muscle. That's because they lose a lot of size.

    You would be amazed how much of our size is actually fat. When I got down to 8% body fat last summer I was completely scrawny. We always underestimate how much fat we have and overestimate how much muscle we have.

    When cutting if you maintain or gain strength you're not losing muscle.

  2. salut radu poti sa ne explici sau sa ne arati ce putem face ca sa putem face cm in plus pentru cei care avem probleme cu inaltimea

  3. Salut. Am 14 ani si vreau sa slabesc. Am destule kg. Dar ce mi-ai recomanda sa fac sa slabesc cat mai repede ? Sa ma apuc de sala sau sa nu fac sala si regim alimentar strict ? Daca ma apuc de sala o sa am si un regim dar nu chiar asa de strict ca fara sala.

  4. Great video. 1 question, if i lost my muscle, the range of time to get earn back the loss of muscle much quicker than the past right?

  5. Radu I've noticed you do shoulders and chest in the same workout – I've just switched to this recently, based on your recommendation in some older vid.. but I'm considerably weaker on the 2nd exercise.. e.g. my bench is worse after doing shoulders first.

  6. I've found training with a mixture of heavy load low reps and medium load higher reps (hypertrophy) very good for strength and muscle gains. Utilising reverse pyramid training without going to failure enables me to lift heavy and I can also incorporate volume without burning out and recovering enough for my next gym workout.

  7. Great content man. I'm back in a deficit after getting overestimating about my lean bulk capabilities, so these have been great! Will you be tracking macros in Milan next week? I think a video on dieting and travel would be awesome!

  8. Great video, love them all.
    I do have one question. Greg recommends reducing an exercise's sets from 3 to 2 while cutting. What's your take on it?'

  9. Awesome Content man, been watching a lot of your vids after seeing your interviews with Greg, also, I was curious as to what your height is?

  10. @Radu Antoniu I'm on Greg's WSP and I get in .88 grams of protein per pound and have still had good results. I don't think its a must to hit 1g/lb when cutting

  11. Your videos are great as always. Do you mind if i ask you your age? I am 19 and have been doing GGP for 8 moths now. I made good strengh progressions. However i haven't reached greek god standards yet. Keep up the good work Radu!

  12. This information may seem simple on the surface, but it is actually quite advanced (and subtle). One of the best videos I've seen this year.

  13. if I'm cutting the standard 1-2 pounds per week how much size should i see be taken off my waist each week in order to make sure i am really losing the weight I want?

  14. Radu I really like your chanell. You and Greg O'Gallagher made me want to change my lifestyle. Lost 15 kg because of your guy's advice. I like your videos, really well edited and full of great information.

  15. Salut, Radu! crezi ca exista vreo legatura directa intre puls si metabolism? am un puls in repaus intre 45-60 iar cand fac miscare creste intre 70-100, depinde de intensitate. Specific ca nu am probleme cu inima sau cu tensiunea. Crezi ca e posibil sa am "slow metabolism"? am 25 de ani, 177cm, 93 de kile si as vrea sa intru intr o perioada de definire pana la vara. Multumesc!

  16. While Cutting(going lean), what would you recommend : more reps with moderate weights or fewer reps with larger weights?

  17. dar tu cand slabesti mentii acelas antrenament aici ma refer la acela ce la publicat de recent pentru musculingin, sau faci mai putine exerciti?

  18. Hey Radu i loved your videos, i have a very basic question to which i did not get an answer in any of your videos, if i am. trying to gain muscle while i am trying to loose fat, how should i time my workout, should that be before my first big meal or between my first and second big meal?

  19. Hey man i love your content, I'm 12 years old and I was hoping to lose bodyfat so I could get my abs to show. I want to do this over the summer, which for me, lasts from June 15 to September 25. Im really hoping you can lead me in the right direction. Thanks and keep up the good work. Also, I am 5'4 and weigh 111 pounds and I think im around 15% bodyfat I want to know if this is possible.

  20. just discovered ur channel and been loving the content. Do u think that muscle loss during a cut is over exaggerated? If someone say is getting 1 gram of pro per lbm and r lifting consistently, do u think think they will lose any muscle at all if they just want to get down to 10-12%?

  21. Wide leg stance for bar bell rows!!! That looks so much more effective and easier on your low back! Why didn't I think of this before??? Thank you Radu!

  22. Are you sure that the maintenance is bw x 33 in kg or x 16 in lbs because there are many bw maintenance calculators on Google and there I always find different answers.Can someone please tell me how to track maintenance calories??? plz ☺☺

  23. I've been fitness training for years, on again off again, and i'm about 18% BF right now, 1.77, 72kg. I got that down to 18% from about 24% i used to be, (i used to be 85.5kg about 4 years ago. Question is, should i bulk up for some months or my BF% is still high enough? I've never tried that, cuz i always thought i still have fat tyo burn, but isn't it wrong to be constantly in a caloric defficit? (Im not like 5 years in a caloric deficit, bet i never tried to bulk up actually, i just had periods of time that i didn't give a fuck what i was eating, and these periods i was off training moslty so that doesnt count as bulk up i guess..) I just dont wanna try to bulk up and gain all the fat i lost, that's why im affraid to try.. I know that it's the internet and you cant have a full picture of the situation but any advice generally?

  24. "You can maintain all your muscle mass even if you cut your volume by 2/3 as long as you keep intensity the same" – what's intensity?

  25. I loved ur video …thanks a lot… respect…

    I am a 19 yr old….I lost strength in weight lifting…I get badly sore and get muscle strain for a long period of time…after each workout …suddenly..any advice ?

  26. Radu I'm 5'6 I'm a small guy how many calories do you think I should take in on a cut? Currently I'm eating about 2000 calories a day. Thanks

  27. Radu, I have a serious question… I cannot eat 1.8g of protein on 1kg of my weight, I can only eat about 1.3-1.5 because of my disease . Also Im only 173cm. It's very hard for me to maintain any gains. Any advices?

  28. i used to be skinny fat, however for the past 2 month i started eating normally and saw a slight difference between now and then. I look slighty leaner (i did a lot of bodyweight exercises at home) Right now, for the past week i started weight training at the gym and tried cutting my calories slighty about 20% of my maintenance calories just to starve the fat but keep muscle growing. I was just wondering if at the right track for getting lean and having a bit of muscle mass, not be huge but just lean and fit.

  29. What video did Radu have that first showed him doing the TRX training? It had some great music over it (Blackmill I think). I'm looking and looking!

  30. of course, you gotta lift still while cutting, duh, not just be cutting. you'll probably lose alot of muscle.or you can just, do a mini cut, losde 4 to5lbs then starting lifting again. or do both. because it's better that way, tbh. you;ll lose fat while building muscle. do cardio 1 to 2days and in those days, don't go all out lol.

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