How to lift / Episode #5: Power SNATCH & Back SQUAT

How to lift / Episode #5: Power SNATCH & Back SQUAT

One of our guy is flying home today that’s why he will skip last two sessions and we decided to do maximum weight lifting when another athletes will do warm-up he will perform C&J! We’ll see! Teemu has pain in lower back so it’s not comfortable to him to catch the bar. He can’t move his pelvis to the right position that’s why we will cut our todays program. Vova, come on! More detailed about today’s session. Pulls up to 50% are needed to work on angles. Because in flat footed SNATCH pull you can control the angle. Because this position is very important in SNATCH. If you look at the load of the session we try to finish technique work at 50% and start the main part from 50%, 60%, 70% and more. Of course, back squat at the end from 50% to 90% from the best JERK. Up to 90% for 1 rep to activate our muscles and get some impulse for evening session. Something has been proven long time ago is that weightlifting for ladies is mentally harder so all female weightlifting plans are based on higher intensity than for male athletes. To lift heavy weights more often and to prove to themselves everyday that they can LIFT that kilos! They have to know that weight on the bar that’s why intensity for boys is always less than volume! А теперь приседаем! Our session was calm today, emotional state is below average because we have to save our energy and power for second session. That’s why everybody is more calmer, slow focused on something!

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  1. Безумно интересно смотреть за прогрессом этих людей,за наставлением Торохтия

  2. I love the way you emphasize position and fluid movement. I think a lot of us need to be reminded to stick the form before increasing weight.

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