How to Get Toned Abs (IN ANY LIGHTING!)

How to Get Toned Abs (IN ANY LIGHTING!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So if you’re looking to tone up your abs then
we’ve got to start by defining what “toned” really is. See, “toned” by the general definition means
“Being able to see a muscle more”, right? If I have a muscle that I’m holding out here
and then I flex it, it looks more toned. Somebody might say that I have a harder looking
muscle, or more toned looking muscle. Okay, that’s good, but that’s not the exact definition
of “toned”. Especially as a physical therapist when we
deal with people that have medical conditions that limit the amount of tone that they can
have or “tonicity” they could have in their muscles then we want to start defining it
the right way. What that is, is basically the resting level of activity, or the resting
level of tension or contraction in a muscle. Again, if my muscle at rest looks like this
– a little bit loose – it wouldn’t look as good as somebody that had a resting level
of tension like that, right? If there was a level of tone. Now, tone could be a pathological
thing. You could be in a state of high tone and not
be in a good state because diseases can lead you to have increased tone all the time, which
becomes very problematic. But when you’re training, if you want to get increased muscle
tone the first way, by having something that looks more visibly toned and in shape; that’s
going to be diet. Diet always. You’re going to want to make sure that you’re
cutting down the level of body fat that you have that’s hiding the shape of the muscle
that’s beneath. The shape of the muscle gets improved by working out, but it gets revealed
by getting rid of some of the body fat, to show more muscle tone. If you want to increase your tone though,
where you’re already at a lower level, there’s two things you can do from an ab standpoint.
Number one: you want to start to get up here on the bar and doing lots of hanging leg raises
and different variations of ab movements from the bar, for two reasons. Tone can be increased by the level of stretch
in a muscle. So when we’re up here on the bar we get much more stretch – I’ll turn
here to the side so you could see. Much more stretch in the bottom than we would from a
floor based ab movement. The reason why stretch works is, you think
about what tone actually does in your body. One of its functions is to protect us. If
we’re falling asleep like this and it snaps us back because it feels the stretch in front
of the neck it stretches us back to the front. You can increase resting tone, resting level
of activity in a muscle by doing more stretch loaded exercises. So that’s the number one
benefit. Number two: go to the hard exercise. When you’re up on a bar there’s a lot more
activity and effort that must be exerted here on these exercise than a lot of floor based
crunches or planks and things like that. Again, it goes back to the idea that waking
up the muscles, getting the muscles to become more activated, increasing the level of contribution
of the muscle fibers to an activity makes it more toned in the long run. Start opting for harder versions to involve
more effort and involve more activity from all the muscles in your core and you’ll start
seeing more resting tone and you’re got to make sure you’re working on that diet too. If you want to look good on the general definition
of “tone” then get rid of all that fat that’s covering up your hard work, okay? If you’re looking for exercises and a meal
plan to kind of hit you and give you that one-two combination then head to
right now and get our Athlean-X training system that comes with our Athlean-X Factor meal
plans and everything included all in one spot. I’ll be back here again in just a couple days.
Make sure you leave your comments and your requests down below and I’ll do my best to
bring those videos to you here each and every week. I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “How to Get Toned Abs (IN ANY LIGHTING!)

  1. Always wanted to know. For people who are ripped, does that make it easier to hurt them if someone was attacking them with a sharp object and they got cut because they don’t have as much a layer of fat as someone who not as ripped?

  2. The problem is that I don't usually have access to a (gym or) bar, so are there any exercises you recommend which will tone my abs more than floor leg raises (I'm looking for one which will do its work with fewer reps and more effort required, preferably)?

  3. What should i do if my arms are not strong enough to stay hanged for lobg? Are there any alternatives while in working on my forearms?

  4. When you put any lighting on the title… I knew then, this guy know what he is talking about…. Good stuff…

  5. I think I'm doing too many core focused exercises. If I wanted a build like yours what might I do? I don't have any weights and the closest thing I have to a pull up bar is a tree branch, but I've been working for about a year now and all I've managed to do is burn fat and gain muscle. I could do with more muscle, but tone is what I'm looking for. I also don't have the greatest diet. Spaghetti and meatballs, rice and broccoli, protein bars for about the first half of the month. Long story short, not a lot of protein. I'm not sure what it is, though. Likely a MX of both, but I think I'd still see a pretty good outline of my abs, even if it were ly diet… No clue, I'm lost, halp

  6. i dont think have prefect tight abs is possible for me because my skin is a tiny bit loose from 70 pound weightloss. but its been filled in with muscle and it now firm and looks toned. but its still not as tight as it should be.

  7. Jeff im following ur 6 packs abs promise for weeks i have devoloped some muscle but can u recommend me some indian diet for 6packs.

  8. I don't like having toned abs. Something between untomed and toned looks better in my opinion

  9. Hi
    My abs are not tight
    When I keep my stomach tight then the abs are visible
    Can you plz tell me How can i make my abs tight without keeping my stomach tight

  10. I have an extremely low body fat but can't seem to have visiblr abs or atleast toned abs.I have been training my abs really hard for 5 months now(from hanging leg raises to planks from planks to vacuum) and I still can't see almost anything.

  11. I am a very skinny guy. 5'9'' and 120 lbs. I did crunches for about 25 days and got abs. But problem is that they show up through certain angle of lighting. This video didn't help quite well. Can anyone help me?

  12. Dr. Michael Colgan always preached hanging leg raises while pulling the pelvic floor inward… this works the transverse abdominal muscle which helps create a flatter stomach.. Not many ppl talk about the transverse abdominal muscle..

  13. Eat healthy the normal food for a human is all the healthy food we now if you see it that way it's better like it is….Fact! Good luck guys and girls :')……Follow Jesus 🙂

  14. The thumbnail is total bollocks. Pic on the left is untoned? Fuck off….no wonder body issues are a problem in today’s world

  15. I woke up last week with abs and I felt so good because my goal was to lose weight and that it. Now my abs are a bigger then they use too and I'm no longer fat.

  16. Is toned abs even healthy for every person. You can restrict your breathing method if you tighten your abs too much they should be nice abs loos you shouldn't hold them tight all day for some stupid aesthetics

  17. Best training programs ever created! True training real results! If you want to workout seriously but most importantly learn how to wo defenetly purchase one of the Ax programs you won t regret it!!
    Ps: Jeff didn t pay me to say this… Ahahahah

  18. I wrestled and ended up gaining weight which made my abs look less defined as they used to be, I’m shredded but I’m not done grinding

  19. Love the “in any lighting” because I can never tell if I look good or it’s just my godly bathroom lighting

  20. It kind of stinks because I have diabetes so every time I exercise too hard I have to have candy and I’m trying to have abs 🙁

  21. Excellent channel!!!! Highly intelligent sports trainer; far better than many I’ve came across over the years!!!


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  23. Man i look the whole year great and evry time summer comes i let my focus slip on my diet and workout routine and now i can't show them ladys my full potential :'D

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