How Heavy Should You Go With Loaded Carries

How Heavy Should You Go With Loaded Carries

Loaded carries. How heavy should you go?
Well loaded carries, here’s the rule with loaded carries. Every workout should be
different and unique. You asked about using 224 killed kettlebells and I love
the idea that you’re varying from kettlebell here to here. One thing, never
do double overhead kettlebell carries. You can do cross walks one hand in the
suitcase carry one hand overhead but if you have the equipment to do it,
you can go as heavy as you want. I’ve done double body weight kettlebell carries
for a fairly long way and it is eye-opening how freakishly sore. It feels
like you had an Olympic lifting meet the day before. Since where you use a trap
bar with those heavy ones the deadlift is really nothing so it’s really quite
easy to pick up but just remember you can go really really heavy on loaded
carries, you can go really really really far on loaded carries.
Once every couple of months you can go really heavy really far but most of the
time try to do some kind of swing between those two opposites okay

2 thoughts on “How Heavy Should You Go With Loaded Carries

  1. Hello dan,
    Greetings from India.
    While doing loaded carries in a confined space, is it safe to turn while being loaded?
    Is it also safe to turn while doing prowler and sled work?

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