How David Blaine barfs frogs

How David Blaine barfs frogs

The magician David Blaine was on The Tonight Show recently, promoting his new special. He does 9 minutes of amazing card tricks
FALLON: “This is what i’m talking about, man. What is going on, David Blaine?!” And then he sets up his finale… BLAINE: “100 years ago there’s a guy who
converted his stomach into an aquarium, where he could store live creatures, and then he
could bring them up at will.” Down goes a glass of water… And out comes a live frog. “Yo! Oh my god!” I’ve looked into this trick, and I can say
with fairly high confidence that the secret to how Blaine makes it seem like he’s swallowing frogs… Is that he’s really swallowing frogs. Yeah, the frog thing. There’s no trickery. It’s not hidden in his mouth, there’s
no palming. It’s just there. This is Kieron Johnson, he’s a magician
based in the UK, and one of the handful of people in the world who perform regurgitation
tricks. It’s just like a relaxed thing. So I’m aware the coin is there, traveling
down. And I’m aware it’s there but when I bring
it back, it’s kinda tense. So if I start focusing here, it becomes tense
and then as I get to here to open my throat. Kieron works mostly with coins. He can bring them up on either heads or tails
by feeling the texture of the coin inside his esophagus. And he can regurgitate a stream of water for
over 30 seconds. “Water spouting” is a stunt that dates
back to at least the 1600s. Performers drink dangerous amounts of water
and then spout it out in a controlled, continuous regurgitation. Water spouting was revived in the Vaudeville
days by a performer named Hadji Ali, who pushed it further by purportedly drinking kerosene,
which would sit on top of the water in his stomach. He’d then set a fire with the kerosene and
extinguish it with the water. Regurgitation of live animals is also a rare
but old trick. Scottish performer Stevie Starr has been working
with a goldfish for a while. The performer Blaine mentioned on Jimmy Fallon
was Mac Norton, who was active in the 1910s. He was known as the human aquarium because
he would swallow a dozen creatures — frogs and goldfish — before bringing them back
up one by one. In his 1920 Book, escape artist Harry Houdini
recalled a time when Norton “could not account for the entire flock” after a performance
and “looked very much scared.” With David, he’s absolutely fearless. Absolutely Fearless. Like… incredibly. He has no fear. The thing to understand about David Blaine
is that when he wants to do something with his body, he’ll do it. This is a man who held his breath for 17 minutes. Back in 2010, Blaine was on the show Iconoclasts,
where he showed artist Chuck Close the clip of Hadji Ali’s kerosene trick. He said nobody has done it since. “It’s real but nobody’s been able to
do it since.” Three years later, he was doing it on Jimmy
Kimmel. So he already mastered controlled regurgitation. But swallowing liquids is a lot easier than
swallowing frogs. Our gag reflex pushes unusually large objects
back toward the front of the mouth to prevent choking. Like sword swallowers, Blaine had to learn
through practice to overcome the gag reflex. His new special shows him practicing with
small potatoes. It’s similar to a method described by the
Great Waldo, he was a performer in the 1940s and 50s, who regurgitating goldfish and even rodents.
Which he would drug with cigarette smoke. According to the writer Daniel Mannix in his
1951 memoir, The Great Waldo trained his stomach muscles by swallowing a small potato on a
string. Regurgitators have learned to voluntarily
open the upper esophageal sphincter, a band of muscle at the top of the esophagus that
keeps stuff down, away from our windpipe. At the same time, they contract muscles in
the abdomen to create upward pressure on the contents of the stomach and the lower esophagus. A drink of water can help re-open the channel. And with enough practice, they can control
precisely where the item goes. I can hold things there. I can hold things down here. The thing is I start pointing to things when
I try to explain to a doctor and they think I’m making things up and they go ‘that’s
not even possible.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not a doctor. I just know how it feels.’ The stomach secretes gastric juices that include
hydrochloric acid. Not a great environment for a live animal
that’s already enduring abnormally high temperatures. Maybe Blaine dilutes the acid with water or
other substances, or maybe he keeps the frogs in his esophagus. That’s presumably what the Great Waldo did
to keep the mice alive. But now that he’s proven he can really swallow
and regurgitate a frog… Let’s hope he never does it again.

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  1. Blaine obviously calls forth the power of the devil and the devil responds by opening a microscopic worm hole inside Blaine's mouth which the devil later uses to put inside miniature frogs that grow to normal size once inside Blaine's mouth

  2. lmao isnt magic. as if anything actually is. spells and wizards? and blaine is really hacky cuz all his marks in his specials have been scripted into the act, kudos on his body control though

  3. Regurgitating liquid is not recent. It is ancient yogic practice called gajakriya or kunjal and is done to clean the stomach

  4. David actually learned to do this from a man overseas that he heard about. The man actually trained himself to regurgitate the water from his stomach out of necessity. He lived in a place where it took an extremely long time to get to the water if it was possible for him at all so he started storing the water inside of himself instead of carrying containers around. Blaine initially learned because he wanted to learn how to spit fire by actually swallowing the kerosene and leaving it inside of his stomach and needed to train himself to make sure it all came back out because it could have killed him if it didn't.

  5. What’s the name of the guy that he’s talking about that turned his stomach into an aquarium?

  6. Ummm you know it's a magic trick and he really didn't have a frog inside him right? Guess you didn't. Stevie Star also iis a magicion that just claims to be a regurgitation expert. He uses slight of hand and a clift palet to briefly hide some objects like his lightbulb trick, which has been exposed. he doesn't actually swallow and then barf up anything. he is a very good performmer so his "barfing" like Blain seems legit but isn't. Never forget these are tricks. Look up how Blain does his levitate trick and you will realise how lame it is. None of these people actually swallow animals or objects. .

  7. Could you do a video on how David Blaine held his flipping breath for 17mins and animals that hold there breath for ages? That would be SOO cool!!

  8. Am I the only one that couldn’t stop thinking about the best head they’ve ever got with all of this gag-reflex talk?!

  9. I heard that people eat frogs, but I didn’t think he’d keep them alive in his stomach

  10. David Blaine, Satan's cabana boy. Revelation 16:13… and I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet…

  11. He also has a levitating trick, and can stick needles through his body without worrying about hitting any vital body parts. It’s magic, not trickery…

  12. Revelation 16:13-“And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.”

    Gets his power/magic from demons. Scary stuff to play around with.

  13. Imagine after putting it inside of his mouth then hid it and suddenly said "Okay nevermind I just swallowed it down to my stomach."

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