what is going on you see gentlemen Chris head we're coming back at child with another bid the mob blog reads in the mall Monday morning it's a little dead up in here but you know I actually like that way that way I could do things I got to do don't little crazy from the cameras kids won't be jumping in my shots and all that but anyways crazy week coming up a lot of stuff is going on first things first if you guys did you guys take that ill this morning because I sure as hell did we're talking about those off-white Kruger's triggers triggers up like riggers whatever whatever it is I took a big ol hell so took a L on that but this coming weekend is gonna be those gym red ones it's coming out make sure you guys do your footwork because if you guys haven't noticed man the market is a little crazy right now everything's going on one pipe shoots everything is like the highest peak point this is the time where I believe you kind of want to sell because no out let me know if you guys want me to get more in depth into what this market is doing and what my take is comment down below I will make a separate video but I did make a bit about the Travis Scott's but I didn't notice that everything else is going up too and I believe there's a reason why but like I said I'll get more in depth in that if you want me to hear it a cool man I mean like I said it's a porn no no I'm just playing it's is it no else without the wording in the leathers a little more shinier in the leathers not as good but still this is something cooler walkways so if I'm able for retail I'll be happy so what we do today we're gonna do a couple check-ins there's some jams footlocker also finish line foot action and also let's not forget about hibbott so while we're on the topic of hits let's go ahead and just jump into that raffle then that were quick and then was just entering the rap bam bam I read jumped into hippest as well toy I forgot about that but anyways so that's cool so I got also GSP hopefully that misses my lunch I get these things I know that I can just go ahead get get rid of him but anyways we're gonna go oh and also finish time we'll find out later today if I went here in about one hour countdown hits on we got about two hours so we're gonna do that but in the meantime we're gonna go ahead and do some couple check-ins in Foot Locker and champs and all that good stuff so let's go ahead jump into this walkthrough stores let's go first I'm fine countdown and let's do this two minutes oh good you can also do the GS pairs I'm gonna GS pairs let's go ahead and get it it sounds good bamm-bamm may I have the coke please thank you this is why we ask for the codes because we can 1007 SC man alright thank you so much cold please all right thank you go enter in this one BAM only two stores get that and get my size damn down nice and also before you enter in the ten minutes you want to get into gspr too so you can get hit two birds with one stone so 200 they're all getting it nice so go for the missus sighs yes good to go all right now we just need the code 55 oh there we go damn thank you what's the rule what's the rule of you can't have black Air Force Ones someone said you told me that I didn't know the rules if you were white Air Force Ones you don't wanna get a Dottie you know there's another Noelle's the la susa's put on display and these are the mids and these are they I I don't know I just don't know how but this little cheerio check out this new buck all through out even new bucket through here new bug toe box new ever this whole damn thing is new box make sure you guys use that spray that we're shooting there spray use my discontentment Chris I'm really cool I don't know this colors a little more bright than idolatry but yeah wish that my Damus ass okay they got my size Oh Tin Tin a half are up so never mind yeah these things can you guys believe these things went up crazy guys especially in the small sizes like it's been a little insane it says hey look at that hmm interesting not we still got the reflective 6s which speech we'll probably most likely hit outlets if not get on discount because this is 220 it's cool though I guess well I thought we were done with enemies and they are bringing it back kinda these are maybe two years ago if I would have definite but I got so many enemies and a white one this is Lester okay for real but they should just go ahead and kill off this model for short they beat this down up so we got another ten minutes here so and so the next stop is gonna have to be foot action and I'm not to show you guys how to do that real quick especially if you're not you don't have one in your ear so you can go ahead and switch out your zip code and then switch it back of course so then what you wanna do is of course you want to check in only one place give these things okay always a GSI my bad my bad so go ahead and confirm that and then oh then you want to do the men's sizes as well go ahead and check and then you wanted your 10 minutes hold up I'll get a go on by this little code in Twitter they all check out this which wanna do don't enter in the zip in that code right there and you should be pretty good on that so the code just gonna be fine but there and there you go 10-minute head start are we good at all my 10-minute head start which is what I will be saying in the halaqaat video then we're gonna check to see what we can win that finish line so hopefully we get that W give me the lychee passion black tea punch yeah what hollow jelly I didn't want allegewi cuz you know that's gonna be drinking that bubble anymore no you no I don't trust that so where you're at the key completely I always give my specialty but since okay guys is way better miss West we're about the check out see if we won these raffles on finish line yeah they're gonna finish line I'll never have any good local finish line so I can fill this ill coming up right now where I can just feel it anyway so others seeing everyone this or not my last thing hold on yeah by the cb1 this we're not appeal it did you win I just don't get it like I've never won this unfinished line ever it's actually kind of annoying like it is what it is man what has I mean I feel like it's an urban myth if you actually we don't finish line up like for real geez get back home and just want to talk to you guys real quick about the gym res believe it is gonna be a good cop let me know if you guys gonna be copping or not yes I took that ill and finish line but you know who but I'm in a little dilemma so I am going to sneaker con Dallas this weekend so not sure if I'm gonna do anything like pickups where I'm just gonna be so busy with sneaker con so that's why I'm just gonna say again for my guy so the car makes you guys check him out hopefully again be able to cook may I do something like that if not I'm gonna try to work my magic see what we can do okay but these Jim realize you want to ask real quick by Steve Conte Dallas it should be very exciting weekend I am super excited can't wait let me know if you guys can be coming through if you're gonna be coming down let me know come through man there's gonna be a good time a lot of people's coming up Dallas singer comes to be two-day event I will be there for both days of course I gotta ask y'all Pina real quick what should I wear you know I was thinking us out the bad guys cuz I'm gonna be wearing the the bag I'm gonna bring in the bags of course I got the duffel you guys I don't know check out my put my dude soul premise to use my discount code jumping jumper man Chris save you 30% off this is a duffle bag that holds two pairs okay and inside here and another one here so yeah definitely this is gonna be the duffel bag gotta bring the travel bag alright and that's what one actually what should I wear because so far as sneaker cons this so far here that I've been traveling to I've always try to keep the theme of just Jordan ones especially on day one and of course the second day I usually probably would try to go with some easy so if you guys don't know the backpack this is a smaller red backpack which is dope BAM check it out nice nice with it and you can this one host two pairs and like I said second day I got am a probably most likely gonna rock some Yeezys ok these are the true forms I'm probably most likely going on dsds you know of Dallas New York on you always gotta break out some heat my busting these out of course that Chicago lunch can't go wrong with the og kill away my favorite of all Jordan was in my collection and look at these bad boys man I really think I know not should one dsds and break these out just yet I may be waiting for something like you know when I go back to my hometown in the Bay Area or something like that man something big gotta happen so you guys know gonna have to bust these out most likely you guys let me know what you guys think you know put in the duffel like I said duffel holds two pairs and of course your other essentials that you can put in here you know whatever clothes whatever the case may be and of course the small backpack that holds two pairs of shoes compact lightweight and of course you can get the big bag giant bag that holds five pairs of shoes yo this compartment holds five pairs of shoes so if I really want to Busters I might actually wear this one just because I'm going on two day trip what okay I may also have the the red one of this one too so since I bring the duffle I feel like I gotta bring the small bag you know Anna's compact I can actually wear this all around so anyway Steiger con Dallas is in the bags my birthday week got something big planned I got something something big so please hopefully you guys come through stay tuned if you guys don't mind please hit that thumbs up subscribe for first time here comment down below and please hit that Bell for all the notifications for when I do drop you guys like I'm jumping Chris peace

37 thoughts on “GR OR LIMITED ?? JORDAN 1 "GYM RED" VLOG

  1. Kris! Can you please wear something else other than Jordan 1s and yeezys?! Do it for me please haha. You always wear 1s and yeezys. I wanna see you rock a Jordan 12 or 13

  2. Damn all that money you be spending at finishline and you don’t be winning shit 😂😂😂 I can’t relate

  3. Got 2 Ws of the off-white kiger on SNKRS app. It's all luck really. Don't give up, keep trying. Your time will come. I wanted the TS1 and been on my wishlist but I got an L on SNKRS and all raffles. Eventually, I got some other consolation price – Yeezy Black Reflective and 6 pairs of non-reflective. All raffles. GLTA

  4. Man I’ve lucked out on finish line. Have won the white static’s, clays, and black static’s. Never won a Jordan 1. Keep the faith man, just keep trying and then the W will feel even better when it hits eventually.

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