Full UC Healing Timeline Explained | Why I Quit the Vegan Diet

Full UC Healing Timeline Explained | Why I Quit the Vegan Diet

I was amped up I felt good I was sure I
was healed. So I gave the most positive gung-ho pro vegan diet interview I
possibly could have because I thought that a whole food plant-based vegan diet
had healed me from ulcerative colitis. And it was a mistake My name is Kenny Honnas and I’ve been
able to fully heal myself from a very severe case of ulcerative colitis by
nutritionally optimizing my gut microbiome. My healing timeline has
gotten a little confusing due to the order I’ve decided to make videos in, so
this video is all about setting the record straight. I’m going to start at my
diagnosis and walk entirely through my timeline. Explaining what I did what my
thought process was and what ultimately allowed me to heal. I was diagnosed with
ulcerative colitis in 2014. After a two-week hospital stay in which I had four blood transfusions, heavy doses of corticosteroids, thirty pound weight loss
I was eventually able to go home. I did not believe that healing this disease
was possible. But my mother did. My mother encouraged me every day to keep fighting and keep trying to find a way to heal. She discovered a guy named Michael Hurst
who was able to heal himself using fecal microbial transplants. Or also known as
FMTs. She convinced me to give FMTs a try. So we did several home treatments of FMTs and they were all unsuccessful. I now believe they were unsuccessful
because I made no dietary changes whatsoever and I was also still taking
the medication Lialda at the time which our GI later told us was known to
cause diarrhea in certain people. I went back to school at Wheaton College
starting January of 2015. I was taking large doses of prednisone and a ton of natural herbs supplements and anti-inflammatories that we were hoping would heal me. None of that worked. I continued to flare on and off the whole semester and my skepticism of ever healing continued to grow. Towards the end of the semester I was in utter physical and emotional turmoil. I knew I couldn’t live like this for the rest of my life. I knew there had to be some way to
fix this. So when school was out for the summer something just clicked. I had a total shift in mentality. I decided I was going to dedicate myself to healing and exhaust any and every possible way I could think of in an attempt to heal. That’s when I discovered a video on YouTube that claimed drinking 32 ounces of cabbage juice per day could heal ulcerative colitis in just one week. So I
quit all medication and then started juicing immediately. I had been flaring
for two months at the time that I began juicing. My symptoms increased and got
worse the first three days, but on the night of the third day I had my first
saw form stool in two months. Still bloody and painful but it had
form. It didn’t heal me in one week but I was so convinced by the positive
results I was seeing that I continued juicing for 30 days and saw a
significant decrease in bleeding urgency mucus and frequency. I felt almost 70%
better for the first time since my diagnosis. At this point I was sold on
the idea that plants were the answer to healing IBD. So when I discovered high
carb health on YouTube I reached out to them and signed up for their program at
the end of June 2015. Around the same time I also had some blood work done the
results of which dealt another devastating blow to my health. My testosterone levels had significantly dropped. I assume this was due to the heavy doses of corticosteroids I had received while in the hospital as well
as the chronically elevated inflammation cortisol and general stress levels. I was
now fighting two battles one against ulcerative colitis and the other to
increase my testosterone levels. I wanted to be aggressive on both fronts. I did not want to take testosterone replacement therapy but I was open to
taking HCG in the hopes of jump-starting my own natural testosterone production.
So I began following high carb Health’s vegan diet protocol as well as taking
HCG and some powerful estrogen blockers. I was in pretty good shape because of
the cabbage juice so the transition from my cabbage juice protocol to the vegan
diet was relatively smooth. High Carb Health explained that their clients typically go through a worsening of symptoms when beginning the vegan
protocol and this can last for weeks or months before things start to improve. I
did not experience this. Because I had just finished using cabbage for so long
I had already undergone significant healing that made my transition to the
vegan diet almost effortless. There were a few rocky patches here and
there for the first few weeks but no significant flare-ups or increase of
symptoms. In fact those lingering mild symptoms I was still having that I could
not get rid of with the cabbage juice were slowly starting to fade. Roughly one
month into the vegan diet I felt amazing three solid bowel movements a day which was normal for me before my diagnosis and no other symptoms. I was thrilled. At the end of the summer I headed back to Wheaton feeling healthy and confident that I had
found the answer. I also felt as if my testosterone was improving with the help
of the HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. Around this time I took
this photo that showed how much my health had improved
since I was released from the hospital in October of 2014. And then things
started rolling downhill. Three days after I started school again I started noticing symptoms returning. I could not figure out why this was happening because I was following the vegan healing diet very strictly with almost
zero deviation outside the guidelines. Soon I was in a full-fledged flare that
I could not get under control. Multiple bowel movements throughout the day. Bloody diarrhea, urgency, frequency and I was sprinting to the toilet two to three
times per night. I stopped venturing outside my dorm except for when I absolutely had to because I was afraid I was going to poop myself in public.
Around this time I also decided to stop injecting myself with HCG and stop
taking other medications and supplements that I was using to boost my
testosterone levels. The flare raged on for three weeks before I finally realized what had changed since coming back to school. Water. I went from drinking clean well water from my home in Texas to drinking
heavily chlorinated tap water. I had been drinking three liters of this tap water per day at least. A quick Google search seem to suggest that drinking heavily
chlorinated water can wreak havoc on the gut microbiome which I did not know much
about at this point and it could cause a flare-up. I immediately ordered a
countertop reverse osmosis water purifier. I drank with that water and I cooked without water exclusively from then on. I
was able to calm the flare down somewhat but I could already tell that I had undone
all of the healing I had achieved that summer. I half-heartedly juiced cabbage
on and off again for a few weeks while also continuing to adhere to high carb
health’s vegan diet but I did not have the discipline to drink 32 ounces of cabbage
juice per day like I did the first time over the summer. I was finally able to get the flare to subside around a month after I changed the water I was drinking
but I did not feel as good as I did before the flare. The bleeding had
stopped my stools were sometimes formed but there was still urgency,
increased frequency at around six bowel movements per day. And I felt like this
level of health was fragile. As if I could spiral out of control into a flare
again if I ate the wrong thing. At the end of the fall semester I took another
turn for the worse. Ever so often less than once per month I
would allow myself to have a cheat meal from Chipotle. I didn’t do this while
flaring but if I felt okay I would treat myself to a vegan bowl that contained
white rice beans veggies salsa and guac. I loved it so much. It helped keep me
sane since I typically ate the same thing every day. Unfortunately fall of
2015 was when there was the big outbreak of e.coli in several Chipotle chain
restaurants in several different states and there were reported cases in
Illinois the state I was going to school in. I can’t verify this for sure because
it was not confirmed by a doctor or any kind of test but I remember eating
Chipotle as a celebratory meal at the end of the semester before going home. When I got home I started experiencing one of the most horrible flares of my
life. It was different than my previous flares in the past my worst symptoms
when flaring were bleeding and excessive diarrhea. However, this time I had very
minimal bleeding but the diarrhea seemed even more excessive than in the past and
the pain was unbearable. I’m convinced that I was a victim of the Chipotle E. coli outbreak and that it triggered the intense flare. For three weeks during
the Christmas break I barely ate. I isolated myself in in my room, but I had to frequently sprint to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet in mental and physical
agony for hours every day too scared to eat more than a few bananas per day. I was afraid to drink cabbage juice and really I was afraid to try anything. After the Christmas break ended, I started the spring semester at a new school; still feeling horrible. I started trying
to eat more and trying to heal once again but it just seemed to make things
worse. I could not sleep well at all because I kept having to wake up and
sprint to the toilet. So I decided to try something extreme. I did a seven-day water fast which I do not recommend doing extended water fasts without
medical supervision because they can be very dangerous. I ate no food and drank
two to three liters of reverse osmosis water every day. I minimized my physical
activity throughout the day but I still walked to class and took care of my
normal responsibilities that week. After two to three days I was finally able to
sleep through the night because I did not have anything in my system to pass
and nothing that was irritating or exacerbating my inflamed colon. The fast was very difficult mentally but when I finally broke the fast and resumed
the vegan healing diet I noticed that a lot of the symptoms from the possible E. coli
induced flare had dramatically diminished. I was no longer having a
clawing like pain in my stomach the diarrhea had decreased and I was no
longer having to sprint to the bathroom at night anymore. Over the next month I
started to improve again. I simply adhered to high carb Health’s guidelines and follow them day in and day out. I had also decided to start taking HCG and
other medications again in an attempt to jump-start my natural testosterone
production. An odd side effect of these medications was that they caused my face to swell much like prednisone. By late February, early March of 2016 I was feeling very good digestively. I felt pretty much 100%. Three solid bowel movements a day the bleeding had stopped no pain no mucus and no urgency. But I
was still adhering very closely to the vegan healing diet and not venturing far
outside the guidelines. For all intents and purposes I believed I was healed I
thought I had jumped that final hurdle and was where I wanted to be. At around
this time high carb health reached out to me and asked me if I would do an
interview explaining my healing process and the success I was having with the
vegan diet. I was amped up I felt good I was sure I was healed so I gave the most positive gung-ho pro vegan diet interview I possibly could have because
I thought that a whole food plant-based vegan diet had healed me from ulcerative
colitis. And it was a mistake. It was a mistake because I really did not know if I was actually healed because I had not tested it yet. The definition of healed
that I was looking for was to be able to consume a full range of foods without
bleeding mucus urgency or diarrhea to have well-formed solid bowel movements
and to be on no medication. Besides the medication I was taking for my testosterone, I wasn’t taking any medication for IBD purposes. So that was
a check. I was not experiencing bleeding mucus
urgency or diarrhea and I was having well-formed solid bowel movements so
that was a check. But I wasn’t eating a full range of foods. I was only eating foods that were approved on the vegan healing diet. And since I started feeling good I had
not ventured outside of those guidelines so I did not know if I would still be
feeling good if I went and ate out at a restaurant or ate any kind of junk food.
And I had not eaten any animal products yet either so I did not know how those
foods would affect me. And healing to me meant that I would be able to indulge in all of these foods once I had finally healed. It meant that I wouldn’t be
confined to a strict set of rules or a strict diet all the time. And besides
that I had only been feeling good for a few weeks. I hadn’t waited nearly enough
time to know if I had actually healed or not. I didn’t know if I was fully healed
or if I was just in a period of remission after a year of being in and
out of flare-ups. So for these reasons I regret and think it was entirely inappropriate for me to claim that I was fully healed in that interview. I simply
didn’t put enough thought into whether I was actually healed or not, I was just so
excited that I wasn’t having any symptoms and that I was on no medication. One other side note. I chose this photo that I took in August of 2015 to send to high carb health as my transformation picture. Once again this
photo was taken right around the time I was heading back to Wheaton College when I had only been vegan for a little over one month. At the time of this photo I
felt and looked really healthy. Right before I started flaring again due to
the chlorinated water at school. I chose to send high carb health this photo
because it was the one I looked the best in even though I looked nothing like
this at the time of our interview as you can see. This was disingenuous and I wish
I had sent a photo that better represented the level of health I was
at when I participated in the interview. After the interview I wanted to continue
trudging forward and try to get as healthy as I possibly could. Feel even
better than I already did. So something that’s really advocated in the vegan
community is being a raw vegan. I decided I wanted to do 45 days of only eating
raw fruits and vegetables. I finished 45 days of a raw vegan diet and thought I
had finally put UC behind me for good. One week later because I thought I
was healed, I decided that I was going to eat out at a Thai restaurant and get
some awesome vegan stir-fry. It tasted great. I was so happy that I was getting to eat out again and experience the freedom that I wanted so badly. The next day I noticed that my stool wasn’t formed very well and there was visible mucus. Being worried about this I went back to my safe foods from the healing
vegan diet for the next week but I again went out to eat the next weekend to test
whether or not I could venture away from the vegan diet without a return of
symptoms. Because if I couldn’t do that, then that meant I was not healed yet. After eating out the same result occurred. Symptoms started returning blood mucus
and loose stool. I was very frustrated. When adhering closely to high carb
health’s healing vegan diet guidelines, I was fine and had no symptoms. But I could not venture outside of those guidelines without experiencing symptoms. That wasn’t what I was looking for. That wasn’t what I wanted. I was feeling very
dissatisfied and very discouraged. On top of that, I was waking up in the mornings and my hands were on fire they were burning. They were tingly and had this burning sensation early in the morning every time I woke up. For the first few weeks I thought I was sleeping weird and cutting off blood flow to my hands or something. But the pain kept getting worse. After
some quick research I realized these symptoms are commonly caused by a
vitamin b12 deficiency which is an area of concern with the vegan diet. So I megadosed on vitamin b12 and the issue resolved itself in a few weeks. If I had not realized that the pain was caused by a vitamin b12 deficiency
I could have caused myself some serious and even permanent nerve damage. When the semester ended I went home to Texas for the summer with a moderate flare-up of
symptoms urgency diarrhea mild increase in frequency mild bleeding and mucus. For the duration of the summer I had mild to moderate symptoms on and off
again while remaining on the vegan diet. At this time I was also starting to
learn about and study the gut microbiome. I kept reading that patients with IBD
all had characteristic dysbiosis of the gut microbiome compared to normal
healthy subjects. That seemed pretty obvious to me that the gut microbiome
must have something to do with the pathogenesis of IBD. Everything I read
said that patients with IBD had a messed up gut microbiome. So I started thinking that if I could restore my gut microbiome to a healthy state then
perhaps IBD would go away for good and I would truly heal. That is when I finally jumped ship in regards to the vegan diet. While studying the gut
microbiome it was clear that plant foods were a big part of optimizing the gut microbiome. I believe that the vegan diet could be
used to optimize the gut microbiome and heal ulcerative colitis. Dr. David Klein
did it that way Shamiz from high carb health did it
that way and I was so close to doing it twice on the vegan diet. So I thought I could have stuck with the vegan diet and made some modifications to it in order
to aggressively optimize the gut microbiome and finally heal… but I did not want to be vegan. I wanted to have the autonomy and complete freedom to eat every kind of food including animal products. I did not want to confine
myself to only being able to eat plant foods. Not only that but the information
I was reading made me think that I would be able to optimize my gut microbiome
faster if I ate high powered probiotic fermented foods like raw milk kefir. So
while I think that a modified plant-based vegan diet can be a great
way to optimize the gut microbiome and reverse IBD, I chose a different route. I decided I wanted to follow the protocol that gave me the greatest freedom and
the one that I thought would heal me the fastest. So I decided to implement a
targeted gut microbiome optimizing approach that included raw milk, kefir,
fermented vegetables, fruits, tubers, and high quality meats instead of continuing
on with the vegan diet. I began this approach in August of 2016.
I was only experiencing mild UC symptoms at the time. I was not in a bad
flare, so the transition was actually pretty smooth. I also quit taking HCG and
other medications meant to help boost my testosterone as well. It took two full months until I felt completely healed and then I spent a third month testing
my freedom and experimenting with eating out to verify that I actually had healed.
In November of 2016 I finally achieved my goal and definition of healing. I can eat
anything I want to including greasy junk food without any symptoms whatsoever. I’m on no medication. I do not have bleeding urgency, mucus, or diarrhea. And I do have
well-formed solid bowel movements. Two years later in 2018 I had a colonoscopy and a biopsy performed that confirmed I’m in clinical and endoscopic remission. Healing is possible. you

63 thoughts on “Full UC Healing Timeline Explained | Why I Quit the Vegan Diet

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    It takes a big man to admit when they’ve been wrong and go out of their way to spread the truth, and help others.

    This is a greatly put video and edited very well, it kept me really glued and informed.

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  16. I glad you are much better now, sir. I had high cholesterol and went on a whole food-plant based diet. I lowered my LDL bad cholesterol from 120, elevated heart attack risk level, to 65, which Dr. Esselstyn and others believe is virtually heart attack proof. This is what the statistics say of people with a level 65. Further, it turns out I could come off blood pressure medication and did it with doctor supervision of course. I was 120/80, which is normal. In addition, that medication was used for me to correct high resting heart rate, which was over 100 when I first started the med many years ago. Now, without the med I have a heart rate of 75!

    I can make it better but it is so good, I am so happy. My weight is better. Our hard work with diet change works. Many people don't believe it and many of those will never believe. Some can be reached, though. I don't try to preach, though, in my personal life, but live by example..

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  21. Hi Kenny, thank you for making this video, we really appreciate your honesty and genuineness with your videos. We also appreciated this when we were working with you.

    Yes, you are right, you can definitely heal on a plant-based diet. Shamiz has done it, and so have thousands of other people. There were definitely some hiccups on your journey, and the medication you were taking was probably not a good idea, as well as your issues with water quality. We also would have not suggested eating out so soon after you felt better, as you have may not have known what is in the food such as oils and other flavourings which could have created increased symptoms.

    The reintroduction of foods into the diet is something we have worked very diligently with specific people according to their severity of disease in the last couple of years and we now have a really robust post-healing protocol. Once this is followed people are able to choose to eat a wide variety of plant foods, including at restaurants. You know we do not recommend animal foods, but since you do not want to be plant-based you had to try a different approach. We are really happy for you that you seem to have found health mate! Obviously, we are worried about the long term impact of animal products for your health, especially heart disease, diabetes and cancer risk. But we wish you all the best for the future and hope you have the quality of life that you are looking for, long term.

    Also, we were not aware that you felt this way about your testimonial on our channel, if you had told us how you felt earlier, we would have taken it down straight away. I will be taking it off our YouTube channel and website shortly. Wishing you all the best man, stay in touch and take care of yourself.

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    I though for a long time my fistula was healed… and it would close for months at a time but would always come back albeit minor. So earlier this year I had the Ayurvedic Sutra treatment and it finally went away for good. But I held off making videos… until I was able to tolerate starches again.

    Sometimes the fear of public embarrassment pushes us to find the right answers ; )

    You have a lot more food freedom than I do. I can go out and eat junk food but it will catch up to me with very minor symptoms in a week or so…. and Im 100% okay with that. I want to treat my body like a temple and put as many good foods into it as possible. Many of people who have taken our course and eat lots of junk after they heal and still feel great. But even the healthy primitive diets that we model our diet off of… they got sick when going on modern foods in 3-6 months.

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  25. I went through the same thing. I got on Highcarbhealth's program, thought it was working, jumped the gun and made a testimony video way too soon, and then began dealing with symptoms again not too long after that. I found true healing through implementing a nutrient dense, ancestral diet with ton of fermented foods and bone broth. I regret making a testimony video for Highcarbhealth because I no longer believe the vegan diet is the way to go, especially for someone with IBD. It put me through a hell that probably could have been avoided but they claim has to happen as part of the detox. I needed animal products to fully heal.

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  32. Hi Kenny, thank you so much for sharing your UC time table. This is great. My UC story is so similar to yours, only except I wasn’t able to heal myself yet. I was diagnosed in 2014, went to college with UC symptoms on and off, did no pills or RX meds for 6 years to control UC, but after ending up in hospital 6 times within last two years, I am now on Rx meds to control it. But my plan is to hopefully be able to put together all the missing pieces of the natural healing approach and not rely on Rx meds as much.

    So a diet that promotes healthy gut microbiome? Makes a lot of sense to me.

  33. This is extremely inspiring, I've managed to take myself off of humira and halved my dosage of imuran after being on them for 9 years straight, my dr was concerned, but I've had enough toxicity! I've had 3 mild flare ups after that and had to go on a short period of prednisone for 2 of them, which for me actually highers testosterone in my body! Perhaps it has the opposite effect on males. I started another one a month ago, but I've noticed it improving without needing to jump on steroids again. I'm so keen to get off imuran completely so I can start drinking and eating fermented foods and have no risk of infection.

    I'd like to ask a couple questioms if you don't mind, I'm on the cabbage juice everyday, but I'm using Chinese cabbage, is there a specific cabbage that is better?
    Also, I'm still on (nsaids) anti-inflamatories, I don't think I'll be able to jump off them yet, but I don't think they will effect my immunity since they're only for inflammation, would it be a risk to consume fermented foods while on those? I can't ask the Drs these questions because they really just push the medication route.

    Thank you so much for your videos, you are truly an inspiration for us all! I wish the best to you always.

  34. Testosterone is a strong anti-inflammatory. Increasing your testosterone more than likely has an effect on inflammatory bowel disease. This is the first time I have heard you mentioning that you took HcG, it would have been good to have known this a while ago in all honesty.

  35. A vegan diet did not work for me as well, however a vegetarian diet was fine. Kefir is what made the big difference. I was mostly healed however always still had a burning sensation in my rectum which I never could heal. Note however that I was never even as close as strict with diet as you are! I tried completely raw vegan, however only for a week.

    After a year of no Kefir my symptoms are slowly returning, first as irritable bowel syndrome and I know what is coming next. Time to get some Kefir again!

    For all the vegans out there. Use Kefir like medicine. It works. If you can stomach it (I hate animal products), drink it every day for the rest of your life. It seems like some people have a genetic predisposition to accumulate bad bacteria in the gut. I'm definitely one of them.

    For Kenny, great channel and thanks for sharing your road to health with the world. I should mention however that I don't believe adding red meat to your diet is neccessary. All the blue zones (above average lifespan) are mostly vegan. However for IBD sufferers, Kefir is the key to fast recovery. I honestly think that was your major breakthrough. Not even fermented veggies has the same healing power (I tried that before I tried Kefir. Marginal results).

  36. Kenny Honnas–I love your videos and believe they're highly informative. Summer 2014–I had something go very wrong with my digestive system. I got a massive hemorrhoid. I got hives all over my body and have had very little hunger sensation since. I'm on the way to restoring my digestive system thanks to your videos; however, I'm 32 years old and my testosterone is very low. For some years, I ate very little every day(chicken & some tacos as well as a spinach/cauliflower shake). I don't know if the decreased calorie consumption has caused my low-T or what, but I'm looking to re jumpstart my low Testosterone–particularly my free Testosterone. I actually live very close to College Station TX and was interested to know which doctor you used to prescribe you HCG as I've heard many doctors won't prescribe it. Thank you!!! You're a cool dude man!

  37. Thank you for the well made video spelling out your time line. I share in your joy. I tried Vegan last summer and it didn’t work for me, in fact I think it may have made my UC worse. I then turned to Mike the Heal Your Gut Guy and followed his Ancestral approach. I think I am now healed. Solid bowels, put my weight back on, feel great and am in such a better place. I will get a colonoscopy in October and see how I’m really doing.

  38. Hi Kenny, thanks for this video. Want to ask what do you think of water kefir, kind a hard to find raw milk, thanks!

  39. I am 30 years old, I became vegan when I was 20. So it's 10 years now. I check my blood once a year and I am in perfect health.

  40. I love your videoes so much! Get me so amped up and hopeful that I can achieve the same remission as you 🙂 thank you and so happy for you!

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